Definition of Beliefs:

  1. Acceptance of whether something is true or not, especially without proof.

  2. Assumptions and beliefs that an individual or group imagines to be true about ideas, events, people and things.

  3. Believe, believe or believe (someone or something).

Synonyms of Beliefs

Suspicion, Surmise, Speculation, Trust, Faith, Belief, Notion, Hypothesis, Fancy, Reliance, Supposition, Credence, Presumption, Confidence, Theory, Guess, Postulation, Freedom from doubt, Assumption

How to use Beliefs in a sentence?

  1. Believe in democratic politics.
  2. Maintaining your beliefs is not always easy, but most of the time it will help you make the right decisions.
  3. Your belief in the afterlife.
  4. If you strongly believe in a decision, express it, but also know that if you make a mistake, you will get hurt.
  5. Church members have a lot of beliefs about life after death and who Jesus was when he was alive, which makes me feel bored.

Meaning of Beliefs & Beliefs Definition

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