How Do You Define Declare?

  • Allow payment of dividends to a specific date of the company's board of directors.

Meanings of Declare

  1. Say something serious and firm.

  2. Property Identification (Taxable Income or Taxable Assets)

  3. Declare that you have a deck of cards (some combinations of cards).

Sentences of Declare

  1. "I was under a lot of pressure," he said.

  2. If you have something to declare, the customs officer will tell you the payment obligation.

  3. After each person announces their desired combination, the player who stays at the dealer leads the first round.

Synonyms of Declare

circulate, pronounce, talk about, make known, trumpet, communicate, broadcast, voice, mention, blazon, proclaim, set forth, publicize, disseminate, publish, express, vent, raise, divulge, state, articulate, moot, reveal

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Definition of Declare:

  1. You can define Declare as, DIVIDEND payments, on a specific date, allow the company's board of directors to process.

Meanings of Declare

  1. Say something serious and strong.

  2. Recognizes property (taxable income or taxable property)

  3. Closing one round before the entire wicket falls

  4. Indicates that you have a deck (a specific set of cards).

Sentences of Declare

  1. The Prime Minister said that the austerity program was over.

  2. Pakistan declared 446 as four.

Synonyms of Declare

preconize, announce, make public, air, come out with, promulgate, shout from the rooftops, blazon abroad, bring into the open, noise abroad