Definition of Assistance:

  • Assistance can be defined as, Provide immediate practical assistance (such as providing medical assistance abroad / arranging road repairs) to the policyholder's problem through the insurance company or service company.

  • Assistance means, Medical, technical or financial services under the insurance contract for passengers in the event of an insurance incident: injury, illness, etc. These include benefits for healthcare professionals, special transport to the hospital, accommodation, transportation to the residence, and more. Services are usually provided by specialist support companies. There are many companies that specialize in helping and working with insurance companies.

Meanings of Assistance

  1. Helping someone with a job or work.

Sentences of Assistance

  1. The work is done with the help of carpenters

Synonyms of Assistance

help , furtherance , boost , aid , compensation , service , hand , benefit , helping hand , assist , cooperation , collaboration , abetment , sustenance , lift , backing , reinforcement , facilitation , comfort , support , relief