Definition of Imperfection:

  1. A fault, blemish, or undesirable feature.

  2. Departure of a quality characteristic from its intended level or state. An imperfection, however, does not affect the conformance of the product or service with its specifications or usability. See also blemish, defect, and non-conformity.

Synonyms of Imperfection

Absence, Arrear, Arrearage, Arrears, Bad habit, Baseness, Beggary, Besetting sin, Blemish, Bug, Catch, Crack, Damage, Decline, Defalcation, Default, Defect, Defection, Defectiveness, Deficiency, Deficit, Delinquency, Demerit, Deprivation, Destitution, Drawback, Drought, Error, Failing, Failure, Fallibility, Falling short, Famine, Fault, Faute, Fewness, Flaw, Foible, Frailty, Hole, Impoverishment, Inadequacy, Incompetence, Incompleteness, Inferiority, Infirmity, Insufficiency, Kink, Lack, Little problem, Littleness, Maladroitness, Meanness, Mediocrity, Moral flaw, Need, Omission, Peccadillo, Pettiness, Problem, Rift, Shabbiness, Short measure, Shortage, Shortcoming, Shortfall, Sin, Slump, Smallness, Snag, Something missing, Starvation, Subnormality, Taint, Triviality, Underage, Unskillfulness, Vice, Vulgarity, Vulnerable place, Want, Wantage, Weak link, Weak point, Weak side, Weakness, Defect, Fault, Flaw, Deformity, Discoloration, Disfigurement

How to use Imperfection in a sentence?

  1. The imperfections and injustices in our political system.

Meaning of Imperfection & Imperfection Definition