Definition of Satisfaction:

  1. Customer level of approval when comparing a products perceived performance with his or her expectations. Also could refer to discharge, extinguishment, or retirement of an obligation to the acceptance of the obligor, or fulfillment of a claim. While satisfaction is sometimes equated with performance, it implies compensation or substitution whereas performance denotes doing what was actually promised. See also accord and satisfaction.

Synonyms of Satisfaction

Acceptance, Accordance, Acquitment, Acquittal, Acquittance, Adequacy, Adequate supply, Adequateness, Adherence, Affair of honor, Amends, Amortization, Amortizement, Amusement, Animal pleasure, Atonement, Balancing, Bare minimum, Bare sufficiency, Bellyful, Binder, Blood money, Bodily pleasure, Care, Carnal delight, Carrying out, Cash, Cash payment, Clearance, Comfort, Commutation, Compensation, Competence, Competency, Compliance, Composition, Composure, Compromise, Conformance, Conformity, Consideration, Content, Contentedness, Contentment, Correction, Counteraction, Counterbalancing, Coziness, Creature comforts, Damages, Debt service, Defrayal, Defrayment, Delight, Deposit, Disbursal, Discharge, Doling out, Down payment, Duel, Earnest, Earnest money, Ease, Endpleasure, Engorgement, Enjoyment, Enough, Entertainment, Entire satisfaction, Euphoria, Exact measure, Execution, Expiation, Expiatory offering, Fill, Fixing, Forepleasure, Fruition, Fulfillment, Fullness, Fun, Glut, Gratification, Great satisfaction, Guerdon, Gusto, Happiness, Hearty enjoyment, Heed, Heeding, Hire purchase, Hire purchase plan, Honorarium, Indemnification, Indemnity, Installment, Installment plan, Intellectual pleasure, Interest payment, Joie de vivre, Joy, Just enough, Keen pleasure, Keeping, Kicks, Lex talionis, Liquidation, Luxury, Making amends, Making good, Making right, Making up, Meed, Mending, Minimum, Monomachy, Monthly payments, More than enough, Never-never, Observance, Observation, Offsetting, Overhaul, Overhauling, Paying, Paying back, Paying off, Paying out, Paying up, Payment, Payment in kind, Payoff, Peace of mind, Peace offering, Performance, Physical pleasure, Piaculum, Pleasure, Practice, Prepayment, Price, Propitiation, Quarterly payments, Quiet pleasure, Quittance, Reclamation, Recompense, Reconcilement, Reconciliation, Rectification, Redemption, Redress, Refund, Regular payments, Reimbursement, Relish, Remedy, Remittance, Remuneration, Repair, Repairing, Reparation, Repayment, Repletion, Requital, Requitement, Resignation, Respect, Restitution, Retaliation, Retirement, Retribution, Return, Revenge, Reward, Right amount, Salvage, Satiation, Satiety, Satisfactoriness, Satisfactory amount, Saturatedness, Saturation, Saturation point, Self-gratification, Self-indulgence, Sensual pleasure, Sensuous pleasure, Settlement, Sexual pleasure, Single combat, Sinking-fund payment, Skinful, Smart money, Snootful, Solatium, Spot cash, Squaring, Substitution, Sufficiency, Sufficientness, Supersaturation, Surfeit, Sweetness of life, Titillation, Troubleshooting, Vindication, Voluptuousness, Weekly payments, Well-being, Wergild, Zest

How to use Satisfaction in a sentence?

  1. Being able to keep a good level of customer satisfaction should have them returning to your store often and be great for your bottom line.
  2. He received a lot of satisfaction , knowing that he was right and there would be snow cones at the ball game.
  3. Considering the other poorly functioning products which that company has produced, he showed satisfaction with the latest products great functionality.

Meaning of Satisfaction & Satisfaction Definition