Definition of Satisfaction:

  1. Customer approval level, when the expected performance of a product is compared to their expectations. It may also be related to the waiver, termination or repayment of the obligation to accept creditors or to enforce the claim. While satisfaction is sometimes synonymous with success, satisfaction involves compensation or compensation, while success means doing what is actually promised. See also approval and satisfaction.

Synonyms of Satisfaction

Sensuous pleasure, Interest payment, Fulfillment, Correction, Zest, Minimum, Animal pleasure, Carnal delight, Bodily pleasure, Installment plan, Atonement, Keen pleasure, Self-gratification, Sweetness of life, Creature comforts, Voluptuousness, Compliance, Kicks, Counteraction, Acquittal, Observance, Skinful, Installment, Lex talionis, Indemnification, Making good, Exact measure, Cash payment, Acceptance, Conformity, Sensual pleasure, Monomachy, Keeping, Retirement, Retribution, Fruition, Rectification, Satiety, Monthly payments, Troubleshooting, Amusement, Gratification, Resignation, Well-being, Adherence, Reward, Guerdon, Duel, Bare sufficiency, Repairing, Right amount, Down payment, Engorgement, Making amends, Piaculum, Expiatory offering, Physical pleasure, Quiet pleasure, Weekly payments, Expiation, Carrying out, Heed, Sinking-fund payment, Bare minimum, Heeding, Saturatedness, Damages, Solatium, Fill, Defrayment, Adequacy, Contentedness, Deposit, Propitiation, Reparation, Accordance, Making up, Observation, Remedy, Joy, Endpleasure, Indemnity, Repayment, Amortization, Prepayment, Performance, Substitution, Paying off, Competence, Debt service, Contentment, Affair of honor, Fixing, Earnest, Redress, Satiation, Ease, Compromise, Snootful, Payment in kind, Paying back, Coziness, Settlement, Compensation, Intellectual pleasure, Honorarium, Paying out, Composition, Composure, Entertainment, Euphoria, Overhaul, Sexual pleasure, Single combat, Competency, Reconcilement, Price, Refund, Doling out, Adequate supply, Comfort, Wergild, Bellyful, Binder, Delight, Mending, Never-never, Luxury, Quittance, Glut, Blood money, Retaliation, Reconciliation, Return, Fullness, Disbursal, Quarterly payments, More than enough, Satisfactory amount, Clearance, Salvage, Self-indulgence, Meed, Overhauling, Earnest money, Making right, Enough, Recompense, Supersaturation, Repletion, Remuneration, Requital, Hire purchase, Paying up, Acquitment, Joie de vivre, Requitement, Pleasure, Gusto, Forepleasure, Squaring, Defrayal, Offsetting, Sufficiency, Practice, Repair, Entire satisfaction, Vindication, Happiness, Balancing, Reclamation, Relish, Restitution, Sufficientness, Amends, Execution, Enjoyment, Peace of mind, Hearty enjoyment, Reimbursement, Amortizement, Redemption, Acquittance, Satisfactoriness, Commutation, Surfeit, Titillation, Payoff, Great satisfaction, Care, Content, Counterbalancing, Cash, Fun, Adequateness, Hire purchase plan, Conformance, Saturation, Revenge, Discharge, Consideration, Saturation point, Payment, Liquidation, Peace offering, Paying, Regular payments, Spot cash, Remittance, Respect, Just enough, Smart money

How to use Satisfaction in a sentence?

  1. To be able to maintain a good level of customer satisfaction, they should return to their business often and be the best for the results.
  2. He was happy because he knew he was OK and there would be ice cones on the football field.
  3. Considering another low-performance product from this company, they are happy with the latest feature of the latest product.

Meaning of Satisfaction & Satisfaction Definition