Definition of Equipment:

  1. Solid assets (other than land or buildings) are used for business operations. Examples of tools are tools, machines, implements and vehicles.

  2. Items needed for a particular use.

Synonyms of Equipment

Things, Log, Qualification, Oscilloscope, Procurement, Materials, Planning, Purveyance, VTVM, Boss, Habiliments, Grappling iron, Pretreatment, Strong point, Blanket, Thermograph, Preliminaries, Matrix, Flash tube, Outfitting, Guide, Form, Grid-dip oscillator, Kit, Finding, Case, Gutter, Appurtenances, Forte, Instinct, Milliammeter, Long suit, Natural gift, Prepping, Reinforcement, Pulse generator, Stock-in-trade, Preparatory study, Hawse bag, Lens cover, RC oscillator, Facilities, Munition, Turtle, Resupply, Lecher wires, Belongings, Ohmmeter, Dower, Treatment, Appointments, Plant, Natural endowment, Compass, Armament, Supplying, Hygrograph, Signal generator, Sweep generator, Viewfinder, Photometer, Rig, Photoflash, Logistics, Apparatus, Provision, Articles, Talents, Bevel, Capacity, Paraphernalia, Accouterment, Shutter, Providing, Flashbulb, Victualing, Retailing, Tackling, Developing tank, Darkroom, Fixtures, Furnishings, Stroboscopic light, Output indicator, Wavemeter, Prerequisite, Impedimenta, Faculty, Accessories, Subvention, Briefing, Filter, What it takes, Bump, Paraphernalia, Catering, Installations, Caulking iron, The goods, Ratchet, Familiarization, Timer, Ability, Bilge pump, Duffel, Drawsheet, Machinery, Clearing the decks, Makeready, Tripod, Gear, Furnishing, Footstick, Processing, Rigging, Enablement, Basic training, Holystone, Endowment, Powers, Electric meter, Lens, VOM, Facility, Provisioning, Subsidy, Barometer, Quoin, Underlay, Incident light meter, The stuff, Flashgun, Impedimenta, Resonance indicator, Subsidization, Power, Frequency meter, Easel, Talent, Preparation, Preliminary, Galley, Tack, Gift, Grid-dip meter, Tryout, Groundwork, Fid, Fisheye lens, Manufacture, Barograph, Pump, High-voltage probe, Finder, Making ready, Fit, Boat hook, Readying, Caulking cotton, Exposure meter, Selling, Materiel, Furniture, Dowry, Chandlery, Diaphragm, Replenishment, Fitting, Apparatus, Fittings, Reflector, Provisions, Prep, Furnishment, Tackle, Arrangement, Strong flair, Grapnel, Platen, Preliminary act, Foundation, Metier, Capability, Prearrangement, Drying blotter, Hawse hook, Flashlight, Anemoscope, Utensils, Fixing, Toggle, Speciality, Bed, Makings, Enlarger, Potential, Burning-in tool, Fitting out, Appliances, Parts, Conveniences, Warm-up, Gadget bag, Changing bag, Spadework, Photoflash lamp, Burr, Anemometer, Attachments, Adaptation, Field-strength meter, Mobilization, Box, Ammeter, Varifocal lens, Telephoto lens, Investment, Outfit, Composing stick, Dodging tool, Overlay, Electronic-flash unit, Trappings, Preliminary step, Preparing, Dryer, Traps, Voltmeter, Chase, Flashcube, Supply, Munitions, Tympan, Plumbing, Appliances, Baggage, Light meter, Lens hood, Equipage, Binnacle, Genius, Tuning, Range finder, Adjustment, Frame, Sounders, Zoom lens, Caliber, Accouterments, Bearer, Clobber, Marlinespike, Training, Conditioning, Propaedeutic, Flair, Closeup lens, Trial

How to use Equipment in a sentence?

  1. Walter believes that with the arrival and installation of new equipment at the factory, production activity will increase dramatically.
  2. I couldn't play because I forgot something about my team at home and there was nothing left.
  3. office equipment.
  4. Having the right equipment for the job speeds up the process and helps you work more efficiently.

Meaning of Equipment & Equipment Definition