Definition of Recipient:

  1. One who receives something from a giver. A recipient can receive a wide variety of things, including a letter, a telephone call, a message, a sum of money, or even a physical embrace.

  2. Receiving or capable of receiving something.

  3. A person or thing that receives or is awarded something.

Synonyms of Recipient

Accepter, Acquirer, Addressee, Admissible, Admissive, Admissory, Audience, Auditor, Beholder, Beneficiary, Consignee, Getter, Hearer, Heir, Heiress, Holder, Hospitable, Imbibitory, Ingestive, Intromissive, Intromittent, Invitatory, Inviting, Legatee, Listener, Looker, Obtainer, Open, Payee, Procurer, Receivable, Receiver, Receiving, Receptible, Receptive, Spectator, Taker, Trustee, Viewer, Welcoming, Beneficiary, Receiver, Donee, Giftee, Legatee

How to use Recipient in a sentence?

  1. Jenny was the recipient of the nobel peace prize in 1990 due to her inventions in the area of genetic engineering.
  2. The recipient of the award was happy to receive it but he was even happier to be acknowledged by his peers for his excellent service.
  3. I sent the letter to the recipient but they claim they never received it, fortunately I had them sign for package as evidence in this case.
  4. The recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.
  5. A recipient country.

Meaning of Recipient & Recipient Definition