Definition of Recipient:

  1. People who receive something from a donor. For example, the recipient may receive a variety of items. B. Get a letter, phone call, message, some money or even a physical hug.

  2. Being able to accept or accept something.

  3. A person or thing that receives or receives.

Synonyms of Recipient

Payee, Receptive, Receptible, Spectator, Admissible, Viewer, Admissory, Looker, Taker, Heir, Invitatory, Beneficiary, Giftee, Audience, Trustee, Hospitable, Procurer, Receivable, Heiress, Legatee, Open, Receiver, Receiving, Beneficiary, Inviting, Addressee, Hearer, Legatee, Imbibitory, Ingestive, Intromittent, Admissive, Receiver, Holder, Listener, Donee, Accepter, Consignee, Auditor, Getter, Beholder, Acquirer, Intromissive, Welcoming, Obtainer

How to use Recipient in a sentence?

  1. Jenny won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1990 for her discovery in genetic engineering.
  2. The winner is happy to receive it, but even happier that his teammates recognized him for his outstanding services.
  3. I sent the letter to the recipient, but he claimed he had never received it. Fortunately, in this case, I asked him to sign the package as proof.
  4. Nobel Peace Prize winner
  5. Receiving the country.

Meaning of Recipient & Recipient Definition

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