Definition of Partner:

  1. Individual who joins with other individuals (partners) in an arrangement (partnership) where gains and losses, risks and rewards, are shared among the partners.

Synonyms of Partner

A party to, Accessory, Accompanier, Accompanist, Accompanyist, Accomplice, Accumulate, Ace, Act in concert, Act together, Affiliate, Agglomerate, Aggregate, Aggroup, Ally, Alter ego, Amalgamate, Amass, Amigo, Assemble, Assistant, Associate, Attendant, Band, Band together, Batch, Be in cahoots, Be in league, Bedfellow, Bedmate, Better half, Birthmate, Bosom buddy, Bring together, Buddy, Bulk, Bunch, Bunch together, Bunch up, Bunkie, Bunkmate, Butty, Cabal, Camarade, Cement a union, Centralize, Chamberfellow, Chum, Classmate, Club, Club together, Clubmate, Clump, Cluster, Coact, Coalesce, Cohort, Collaborate, Collaborator, Colleague, Collect, Colligate, Collocate, Collude, Comate, Combine, Come together, Companion, Companion piece, Company, Compare, Compeer, Compile, Comrade, Concert, Concord, Concur, Confederate, Confrere, Conglomerate, Consociate, Consolidate, Consort, Conspire, Cooperate, Copartner, Copemate, Copesmate, Corral, Cotenant, Couchmate, Couple, Cradlemate, Crony, Cumulate, Cupmate, Dig up, Do business with, Draw together, Dredge up, Drive together, Federalize, Federate, Fellow, Fellow student, Friend, Fuse, Gang, Gang up, Gather, Gather in, Gather together, General partner, Get heads together, Get in, Get together, Girl friend, Go in partners, Go in partnership, Go partners, Gossip, Group, Hang together, Harmonize, Helper, Helpmate, Helpmeet, Hold together, Hook up, Hook up with, Husband, Jailmate, Join, Join forces, Join fortunes with, Join in, Join together, Join up with, Join with, Juxtapose, Keep together, League, League together, Lump together, Make common cause, Make up, Marry, Mass, Match, Mate, Merge, Messmate, Mobilize, Muster, Old crony, Organize, Pair, Pair off, Pal, Pard, Pardner, Partaker, Participant, Participator, Party, Pewmate, Play ball, Playfellow, Playmate, Pull together, Put heads together, Put together, Raise, Rake up, Rally, Reciprocate, Roommate, Round up, Schoolfellow, Schoolmate, Scrape together, Secret partner, Shareholder, Sharer, Shelfmate, Shipmate, Shopmate, Side partner, Sidekick, Sidekicker, Silent partner, Sleeping partner, Special partner, Spouse, Stand together, Stand up with, Tablemate, Take up, Team up, Team up with, Team with, Teammate, Tentmate, Throw in together, Throw in with, Tie in, Tie in with, Tie up, Tie up with, Unionize, Unite, Unite efforts, Unite with, Watchmate, Waymate, Wed, Whip in, Wife, Work together, Workfellow, Yokefellow, Yokemate

How to use Partner in a sentence?

  1. The law firm threw a big dinner party at the Italian restaurant to celebrate its newest lawyer being made a partner of the firm.
  2. We decided to bring in another partner to alleviate some of our financial concerns and he also had previous experience in the industry.
  3. I really liked this girl and I thought she was a great partner to have in reading class because she tried really hard and made it fun.

Meaning of Partner & Partner Definition


What is The Definition of Partner?

  1. Partnership members or companies that have formed a business partnership with other people and are fully involved in the company's profits, losses and management and are personally responsible for the insurance company's partner's debts which are general liability Insurance (GLC). Insurance is considered.

  2. A fellow member

Meanings of Partner

  1. Or two people involved in the same activity together.

  2. Married spouse or member of an established couple.

  3. Having sex with someone, a lover.

  4. Become a member of

  5. The wooden structure that holds and strengthens the wooden deck of the boat around the holes through which there are masks, winches, pumps, etc.

Sentences of Partner

  1. Join the kids so everyone has a partner

  2. A young farmer who brings Isabel to the village dance

Synonyms of Partner

show someone the way, follow, steer, conduct, go along with, escort, lead, show, usher, see, tag along with, convoy, husband and wife, twosome, keep someone company, go with, travel with, chaperone, guide, pilot