Definition of Honor:

  1. Bank: The acceptance of a check or credit card transaction by a bank for payment depends on the amount available or the amount of credit available in relation to the payment amount.

  2. Very respectful, great compliment

  3. Something that is seen as a lifelong opportunity that brings pride and joy as a privilege.

  4. International Trade: (1) Sign and accept payment orders when submitting and / or (2) Pay by due date.

  5. Ace, King, Queen or Jack.

  6. Compliance (responsibility) or maintenance (contract).

  7. Look with respect

  8. Traditional patterns of observing the right thing.

Synonyms of Honor

Make, Source of pride, Think highly of, Credit, Right-mindedness, Integrity, Hold in reverence, Trial, Effect, Recognition, Liquidate, Favor, Final examination, Obeisance, Make out, Great go, Illustriousness, Enforce, Blue book, Devotion, Conform to, Worship, Midterm, Etiology, Observe, Memorability, Congratulation, Rectitude, Tribute, Award, Importance, Mark, Abide by, Reverential regard, Live up to, Reverence, Satisfy, Unsulliedness, Aggrandize, Respect, Esteem, ■■■■, Implement, Adorn, Apotheosis, Admire, Approbation, Nobility, Pay regard to, Exaggerated respect, Badge, Meed of praise, Pay the shot, Great respect, Commemorate, Honors, Jubilize, Lot, Follow, Renown, Carry through, Deification, Laudation, Effect, Clear, Realty, Idolize, Integrity, Render, Appreciation, Eloge, Make accounts square, ■■■■■■■, Put in force, Eulogy, Breathless adoration, Crown with laurel, Real estate, Undefiledness, Taintlessness, Celebrate, Respect, High principles, Innocence, Value, Deify, Hold in high esteem, Privilege, Keep, Pay homage to, Application, Do honor, Pleasure, Bays, Justness, Think highly of, Blamelessness, Chastity, Adore, Pay up, High regard, Grounds, Accolade, Acknowledgment, Principles, Uprightness, Derivation from, Maintain, Lots, Esteem, Sublime, Deference, Jubilate, Fire a salute, Righteousness, Honorableness, Prominence, Audition, Decency, Implement, Take up, Magnify, Unspottedness, Unblemishedness, Erectness, Idolatry, Laud, Final, Live up to, Ethics, Morality, Obey, Fame, Salience, Charge, Glory, Prosecute, Land, Put through, High-mindedness, Irreproachableness, Irreproachability, Justice, Adulate, Exaltation, Fame, Untaintedness, Rectitude, Examen, Panegyric, Morality, Renown, Fill out, Blame, Approve, ■■■■■, Noble-mindedness, Distinguish, Real property, Beat the drum, Blessing, Nobility, ■■■■■■■, Ascription, Virtue, Joy, Compliment, Accept, Eminence, Quiz, Pay tribute, Responsibility, Written examination, Dress ship, Estimableness, Compliment, Effectuate, Take-home examination, Virginity, Pay the bill, Praedium, Hero-worship, Amortize, Crown, Celebrity, Noteworthiness, Consideration, Arrogation, Snowiness, Fulfill, Account, Dignify, Bepraisement, Midsemester, Carry through, Kudos, Chattels real, Adulation, High ideals, Exalt, Saddling, Privilege, Flattery, Approval, Hold in esteem, Square accounts, Venerate, Admire, Do service, Glory, Solemnly mark, Delight, High-mindedness, Adhere to, Prize, Joy, Immaculateness, Distinction, Demesne, Viva, Promulgate, Accounting for, Toft, Cachet, Duty, Homage, Think much of, Cleanliness, Unsoiledness, Distinction, Morals, Confer distinction on, Honorific, Administer, Honesty, Probity, Fulfil, Decoration, Upstandingness, Hail, Laurels, Apotheosize, Assured probity, Unblottedness, Plat, Encomium, Notability, Sexual innocence, Observe, Imputation, Purity, Examination, Kudos, Merit, Adhere to, Uncorruptness, Adoration, Connection with, Placement, Lionizing, Praise, Reputation, Incorruption, Magnification, Admiration, Eulogize, Perform, Transact, Excessive praise, Cleanness, ■■■■ the trumpet, Complete, Memorialize, Square, Cite, Exam, Unimpeachableness, Hold in great respect, Redeem, Overpraise, Repute, Glorify, Grace, Prestige, Principles, Veneration, Dignity, Acres, Written, Maffick, Idolization, Tripos, Tribute, Meet, Lift, Hero worship, Messuage, Entertain respect for, Pride, Prelim, Salute, Keep to, Reputability, Spotlessness, Landed property, Hold jubilee, Hommage, Unimpeachability, Keep, Hearing, Carry out, Manor, Glorification, Blotlessness, Settle, Palaetiology, Look up to, Regard, Be faithful to, Remarkableness, Sound a fanfare, Worth, Stainlessness, Pay, Retire, Ennoble, ■■■■ examination, Hallow, Good character, Defer to, Attribution, Estimation, High principles, Acclaim, Plot, Make merry, Principle, Appreciate, Courtesy, Heed, Comply with, Think well of, Worthiness, Accord respect to, Carry out, Handle, Virtuousness, Righteousness, Goodness, Discharge, Credit, Tenements, Pureness, Lands, Act in accordance with, Attachment, Greatness, Revere, Signalize, Test, Title, Decorate, Be true to, Unstainedness, Solemnize, Respectability, Parcel, Satisfaction, Assignment, Defer to, Quadrat, Look up to, Awe, Reference to, Favour, Assignation, Honourableness, Prestige, Pleasure, Pay in full, Privilege, Honesty, Idolizing, Illustriousness, Have a high regard for, Character, Render honor to, Uprear, Eulogium, Abide by, Domain, Fairness, Immaculacy, Uprightness, Source of pleasure, Bestow honor upon, Moral excellence, Answerability, Whiteness, Strike a balance, Paean, Notability, Discharge, Moral strength, Property, Cash, Pay off

How to use Honor in a sentence?

  1. Respect your parents in everything they do.
  2. Your picture in the place of honor.
  3. As a matter of honor, I should avoid the stain of dishonesty.
  4. There are five awards, such as: Ace, King, Queen, Villain and Ten When You Announce the Trump Card.
  5. Make sure the franchisor complies with the terms of the agreement.
  6. I can talk about the great poet tonight.

Meaning of Honor & Honor Definition

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