Definition of Honor:

  1. Banking: Acceptance of a check or a credit card transaction by a bank for payment, depending on the amount of funds or credit available in relation to the payment amount.

  2. High respect; great esteem.

  3. Something regarded as a rare opportunity and bringing pride and pleasure; a privilege.

  4. International trade: (1) Acceptance of a bill of exchange by signing it on its presentment, and/or (2) its payment on or before its due date.

  5. An ace, king, queen, or jack.

  6. Fulfill (an obligation) or keep (an agreement).

  7. Regard with great respect.

  8. Adherence to what is right or to a conventional standard of conduct.

Synonyms of Honor

Abide by, Accept, Acclaim, Accolade, Accord respect to, Account, Accounting for, Acknowledgment, Acres, Adhere to, Administer, Admiration, Admire, Adoration, Adore, Adorn, Adulate, Adulation, Aggrandize, Amortize, Answerability, Apotheosis, Apotheosize, Application, Appreciate, Appreciation, Approbation, Approval, Approve, Arrogation, Ascription, Assignation, Assignment, Assured probity, Attachment, Attribution, Audition, Award, Awe, Badge, Bays, Beat the drum, Bepraisement, Bestow honor upon, Blame, Blamelessness, Blessing, Blotlessness, Blow the trumpet, Blue book, Breathless adoration, Carry out, Carry through, Cash, Celebrate, Celebrity, Character, Charge, Chastity, Chattels real, Cite, Cleanliness, Cleanness, Clear, Commemorate, Complete, Compliment, Confer distinction on, Congratulation, Connection with, Consideration, Courtesy, Credit, Crown, Crown with laurel, Decency, Decorate, Decoration, Defer to, Deference, Deification, Deify, Delight, Demesne, Derivation from, Devotion, Dignify, Dignity, Discharge, Distinction, Distinguish, Do honor, Do service, Domain, Dress ship, Duty, Effect, Effectuate, Eloge, Eminence, Encomium, Enforce, Ennoble, Entertain respect for, Erect, Erectness, Esteem, Estimableness, Estimation, Etiology, Eulogium, Eulogize, Eulogy, Exaggerated respect, Exalt, Exaltation, Exam, Examen, Examination, Excessive praise, Execute, Fairness, Fame, Favor, Fill out, Final, Final examination, Fire a salute, Flattery, Fulfill, Glorification, Glorify, Glory, Good character, Goodness, Grace, Great go, Great respect, Greatness, Grounds, Hail, Hallow, Handle, Hearing, Hero worship, Hero-worship, High ideals, High principles, High regard, High-mindedness, Hold in esteem, Hold in reverence, Hold jubilee, Homage, Hommage, Honesty, Honorableness, Honorific, Honors, Idolatry, Idolization, Idolize, Idolizing, Illustriousness, Immaculacy, Immaculateness, Implement, Imputation, Incorruption, Innocence, Integrity, Irreproachability, Irreproachableness, Joy, Jubilate, Jubilize, Justice, Justness, Keep, Kudos, Land, Landed property, Lands, Laud, Laudation, Laurels, Lift, Lionizing, Liquidate, Live up to, Look up to, Lot, Lots, Maffick, Magnification, Magnify, Maintain, Make, Make accounts square, Make merry, Make out, Manor, Mark, Meed of praise, Meet, Memorability, Memorialize, Messuage, Midsemester, Midterm, Moral excellence, Moral strength, Morality, Nobility, Notability, Noteworthiness, Obeisance, Observe, Oral, Oral examination, Overpraise, Paean, Palaetiology, Panegyric, Parcel, Pay, Pay homage to, Pay in full, Pay off, Pay regard to, Pay the bill, Pay the shot, Pay tribute, Pay up, Placement, Plat, Pleasure, Plot, Praedium, Praise, Prelim, Prestige, Principles, Privilege, Prize, Probity, Prominence, Promulgate, Property, Prosecute, Pureness, Purity, Put in force, Put through, Quadrat, Quiz, Real estate, Real property, Realty, Recognition, Rectitude, Redeem, Reference to, Regard, Remarkableness, Render, Render honor to, Renown, Reputability, Reputation, Repute, Respect, Respectability, Responsibility, Retire, Revere, Reverence, Reverential regard, Righteousness, Saddling, Salience, Salute, Satisfy, Settle, Sexual innocence, Signalize, Snowiness, Solemnize, Solemnly mark, Sound a fanfare, Spotlessness, Square, Square accounts, Stainlessness, Strike a balance, Sublime, Taintlessness, Take up, Take-home examination, Tenements, Test, Think highly of, Think much of, Think well of, Title, Toft, Transact, Trial, Tribute, Tripos, Unblemishedness, Unblottedness, Uncorruptness, Undefiledness, Unimpeachability, Unimpeachableness, Unsoiledness, Unspottedness, Unstainedness, Unsulliedness, Untaintedness, Uprear, Uprightness, Upstandingness, Value, Venerate, Veneration, Virginity, Virtue, Virtuousness, Viva, Whiteness, Worship, Worth, Worthiness, Written, Written examination, Hold in great respect, Hold in high esteem, Have a high regard for, Esteem, Respect, Admire, Defer to, Look up to, Think highly of, Fulfil, Observe, Keep, Discharge, Implement, Perform, Execute, Effect, Obey, Heed, Follow, Carry out, Carry through, Keep to, Abide by, Adhere to, Comply with, Conform to, Act in accordance with, Be true to, Be faithful to, Live up to, Distinction, Privilege, Glory, Tribute, Kudos, Cachet, Prestige, Fame, Renown, Merit, Credit, Importance, Illustriousness, Notability, Privilege, Pleasure, Pride, Satisfaction, Joy, Compliment, Favour, Source of pleasure, Source of pride, Integrity, Honourableness, Honesty, Uprightness, Ethics, Morals, Morality, Principle, Principles, High principles, Righteousness, Rectitude, Nobility, High-mindedness, Right-mindedness, Noble-mindedness

How to use Honor in a sentence?

  1. They honore their parents in all they did.
  2. His portrait hangs in the place of honor.
  3. I must as a matter of honor avoid any taint of dishonesty.
  4. There are five honours, viz: - Ace, King, Queen, Knave and Ten, if trumps are declared.
  5. Make sure the franchisees honor the terms of the contract.
  6. The great poet of whom it is my honor to speak tonight.

Meaning of Honor & Honor Definition