Definition of Flexibility:

  1. The ability of a system, such as a manufacturing process, to cost effectively vary its output within a certain range and given timeframe.

  2. The quality of bending easily without breaking.

Synonyms of Flexibility

Renaissance man, Renaissance versatility, Accommodation, Accord, Accordance, Acquiescence, Adaptability, Adaptation, Adaption, Adjustability, Adjustment, Agreeability, Agreeableness, Agreement, All-roundedness, Alterability, Ambidexterity, Amenability, Bendability, Biddability, Bounce, Bounciness, Buoyance, Buoyancy, Changeability, Changeableness, Changefulness, Compliableness, Compliance, Conformance, Conformation other-direction, Conformity, Congruity, Consistency, Convenience, Conventionality, Correspondence, Docility, Ductibility, Ductility, Elasticity, Extendibility, Extensibility, Facility, Feasibility, Fictility, Flexility, Flexuousness, Fluidity, Formativeness, Give, Handiness, Harmony, Impermanence, Impressionability, Keeping, Limberness, Line, Litheness, Liveliness, Malleability, Manageability, Manageableness, Maneuverability, Many-sidedness, Mobility, Modifiability, Moldability, Movability, Mutability, Nonstrictness, Nonuniformity, Obedience, Observance, Orthodoxy, Permutability, Plasticity, Pliability, Pliancy, Practicality, Rebound, Receptiveness, Reconcilement, Reconciliation, Resilience, Resiliency, Responsiveness, Rubberiness, Sensibility, Sensitiveness, Sequacity, Servility, Snap, Spring, Springiness, Stretch, Stretchability, Stretchiness, Strictness, Submissiveness, Subservience, Suppleness, Susceptibility, Tensileness, Tensility, Tone, Tonicity, Tonus, Tractability, Tractility, Traditionalism, Transience, Transitoriness, Unaustereness, Undemandingness, Unharshness, Uniformity, Unsevereness, Unsternness, Unstrictness, Untroublesomeness, Versatility, Wieldableness, Wieldiness, Willowiness, Yieldingness, Pliability, Suppleness, Pliancy, Malleability, Mouldability, Stretchability, Workability, Limberness, Ductility, Plasticity

How to use Flexibility in a sentence?

  1. The company was renowned for exhibiting extreme flexibility when attempting to satisfy customers needs, which lead to it receiving several awards for customer service.
  2. The company demonstrated its good use of flexibility when it increased its output of snow shovels beginning in December when a harsh winter was predicted the Northeastern region.
  3. The young woman took yoga and pilates to keep her flexibility so she would be spry in her old age.
  4. Players gained improved flexibility in their ankles.

Meaning of Flexibility & Flexibility Definition