Definition of Confidence:

  1. Reliance on anothers words, integrity, or discretion in a relationship of trust.

  2. The feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust.

Synonyms of Confidence

Acceptation, Acception, Acquiescence, Anticipation, Aplomb, Arcanum, Arrogance, Aspiration, Assumption, Assurance, Assured faith, Assuredness, Balance, Belief, Boldness, Brashness, Brass, Cabala, Certainty, Certitude, Cheek, Cheerful expectation, Classified information, Cocksureness, Confidential communication, Confidentially, Confidentness, Contemplation, Conviction, Coolness, Courage, Credence, Credit, Credulity, Crust, Dauntlessness, Dependence, Desire, Doomed hope, Enigma, Equability, Equanimity, Equilibrium, Esoterica, Expectancy, Expectation, Face, Fair prospect, Faith, Fearlessness, Fervent hope, Gall, Good cheer, Good hope, Great expectations, Guarded secret, Hermetics, High hopes, Hope, Hopeful prognosis, Hopefulness, Hopes, Hoping, Hoping against hope, Hubris, Imminence, Impudence, In confidence, In privacy, Intimately, Level head, Levelheadedness, Mettle, Mystery, Mystery of mysteries, Nerve, Overconfidence, Oversureness, Overweening, Overweeningness, Personal matter, Poise, Pomposity, Positiveness, Possession, Prayerful hope, Presence of mind, Presumption, Pride, Private matter, Privately, Privileged communication, Privity, Probability, Profound secret, Promise, Prospect, Prospects, Reception, Reliance, Reliance on, Resolution, Restraint, Restricted information, Sanguine expectation, Sealed book, Secret, Security, Self-assurance, Self-command, Self-confidence, Self-control, Self-importance, Self-possession, Self-reliance, Self-restraint, Settled belief, Spirit, Stock, Store, Subjective certainty, Sureness, Surety, Suspension of disbelief, Tenacity, The occult, Thought, Trust, Unafraidness, Unapprehensiveness, Unastonishment, Unbashfulness, Undauntedness, Unfearfulness, Unfearingness, Unshrinkingness, Unshyness, Untimidness, Well-grounded hope, Well-regulated mind, Trust, Belief, Faith, Credence, Conviction

How to use Confidence in a sentence?

  1. We had every confidence in the staff.

Meaning of Confidence & Confidence Definition

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