Definition of Confession:

  1. A formal statement admitting that one is guilty of a crime.

  2. Written or oral statement wholly or partly adverse to its maker and including an acknowledgment of guilt. A court may reject a confession if it is involuntary, or obtained by oppression or in circumstances that may render it unreliable. Facts discovered as a result of a confession are admissible as evidence even if the confession is not.

  3. A statement setting out essential religious doctrine.The religious body or Church sharing a confession of faith.A statement of ones principles.

Synonyms of Confession

Abject apology, Acceptance, Acknowledgment, Adherents, Admission, Agape, Allowance, Apology, Appreciation, Asperges, Aspersion, Auricular confession, Avowal, Bar mitzvah, Bas mitzvah, Breast-beating, By-line, Celebration, Church, Circumcision, Citation, Class, Communion, Concession, Confession of faith, Confirmation, Contrition, Credit line, Declaration, Declaration of faith, Denomination, Disciples, Excuse, Faith, Followers, High celebration, Incense, Invocation, Invocation of saints, Ism, Kiss of peace, Lesser litany, Litany, Love feast, Lustration, Mea culpa, Order, Owning, Owning up, Pax, Penitence, Persuasion, Processional, Profession, Reciting the rosary, Recognition, Reference, Regrets, Rite of confession, School, Sect, Shrift, Signature, Telling of beads, The confessional, The confessionary, Trademark, Tribute, Unbosoming, Admission, Owning up, Acceptance of blame, Acceptance of responsibility, Acknowledgement, Profession, Revelation, Disclosure, Divulgence, Exposure, Avowal, Unbosoming, Declaration, Affirmation, Statement, Announcement, Proclamation, Assertion, Avowal, Vow, Claim, Allegation, Protestation

How to use Confession in a sentence?

  1. A Protestant confession of faith.
  2. He signed a confession to the murders.

Meaning of Confession & Confession Definition