Definition of Force:

  1. Mental or moral strength or power.

  2. Right: force, coercion or violence, usually of an illegal nature, directed against someone or to injure, injure or kidnap

  3. A force

  4. Mechanics: Dynamic freedom of choice or influence that pushes or attracts a body or object. When an object is at rest, a force is forced to move it or, if it cannot move, it changes shape or breaks. When an object is already moving, a force changes its direction of motion or slows down (increases) its speed in the direction of motion. Some armed forces (say trainees and resistance) need body contact to change strength. The SI unit for force is Newton, defined as the force at which a 1 kg object has to accelerate at a speed of one meter per second.

  5. Strength or energy as an attribute of physical action or movement.

  6. Walk on your path with your physical strength, with strength

  7. An organized group of army or police.

  8. Repression or coercion, especially when using or threatening violence.

  9. Forcing (someone) to do something against one's will.

Synonyms of Force

Repute, Work, Dose with, Trenchancy, Cuttingness, Impetus, Sum, Savagery, Sully, Shotgun, Preponderance, Cause to, Jog, Enchantment, Constraint, Poke in, Pile drive, Bull, Atrocity, Kilogram, Up-and-comingness, Seduce, Men, Strenuousness, Lead astray, Nappe, Hired help, Dram, Terrorism, Essence, Joggle, Purport, Furiousness, Gist, Stress, Servantry, Transferred meaning, Reaction, Ultima ratio, Vigor, Puissance, Reign, Tension, Endurance, Kinetic energy, Authority, Wattage, Plow, Linn, Impact, Bite, Cascade, Extremity, Velocity, Shoulder, Naked force, Soundness, Till, Steam, Coloring, Gutsiness, Substance, Visit, Pressure, Nervousness, Violence, Signification, Thin, Stalwartness, Value, Fallow, Squeeze in, Totality of associations, Main force, Cause, Vigour, Armed forces, Effect, Press in, Pound in, Tyranny, Suasion, Fortitude, Sum and substance, Vigour, Superiority, Import, Extension, Bulk, Buck, Imprint, Employees, Unadorned meaning, Implication, Blast, Push in, Vehemence, Real meaning, Relevance, Gram, Weight, Jolt, Speed, Break, Go-getting, Nervosity, Restrain, Magnetism, Require, Backlash, Force open, Idea, Carat, Suggestion, Dyne, Prod, Knock in, Ram, Crack, Break open, Quantum, Deflower, Ounce, Productivity, Have, Impressiveness, Effective, Chute, Mercilessness, Constrain, Pound, Pressure, Pith, Go-to-itiveness, Roughness, Persuasion, Exertion, Tie, Pitilessness, Move to action, Range of meaning, Charisma, Fierceness, Wrench, Weed, Intestinal fortitude, Party, Persistence, Pains, Abuse, Pushiness, Personnel, Lustihood, Centigram, Operative, Potence, Thrust, Harassment, Good feeling, Get-up-and-go, Binding, Intimidate, Coerce, Supremacy, Referent, Goad, Run in, Justness, Point, Bearing, Arm, Reflex, Dress, Gang, Drive, Actuate, Power, Military, Jam in, Affective meaning, Stone, Sense, Assault, Crowd in, Units of weight, Recoil, Ram down, Mightiness, Harshness, Decigram, Efficacy, Exact, Dig, Moxie, Pound avoirdupois, Subtle influence, Pressure, Press, Kilo, Black power, Toughness, Pound troy, In effect, Harrow, Rake, Watershoot, Grain, Drive, Signifie, Enjoin, Spirit, Thrust in, Ravish, Inclemency, Poke, Demand, Push, Help, Make, Amperage, List, Connotation, Pushingness, Mana, Delve, Backwash, Go-ahead, Venturesomeness, Credit, Energize, Impel, Vigorousness, Tamp in, Poundal, Betray, Team, Pressure, Energy, Soldiers, Full blast, Say, Quantity, Span of meaning, Effort, Bind, Influence, Compel, Dint, Elbow, Solidity, Fierceness, Ounce avoirdupois, Inhumanity, Force majeure, Put upon, Power struggle, Effectuality, Jab, Lustiness, Pressurization, Impression, Predominance, Vigorousness, Deflorate, Vim, Group, Oblige, Validity, Decagram, Bump, Energy, Order, Stuff in, Constraint, Body, Ferociousness, Hundredweight, Muscle, Heartiness, Main strength, Mordancy, Momentum, Significatum, Nudge, Spoil, Severity, Bloodlust, Potential energy, Mark, Run, Importance, Meaning, Cram in, Cataract, Culture, Armipotence, Backset, Wreak, Burst open, Administer, Body of people, Staying power, Apply, Aggression, Getup, Steamroller, Staff, Repercussion, Powerfulness, Trouble, Cut, Hurtle, Crowd, Substantiality, Might, Structural meaning, Print, Megaton, Butt, Vitality, Clout, Guts, In force, Intension, Propel, Ergal, The help, Upper hand, Cogence, Venturousness, Valid, Significance, Punch, Matter, Give, Feeling, Impress, Dose, Robustness, Magnitude, Full force, Soil, Personality, Charge, Reference, Push, Denotation, Ton, Effectiveness, Galvanize, Whip hand, Fertilize, Rule, Eminence, Foster, Set in motion, Big battalions, Bunt, Overtone, Intensity, Make, Bitingness, Initiative, Hold, Violate, Consequence, Ounce troy, Practical consequence, Occasion, Knock down, Strong arm, Drive, Scope, Promote, Thin out, Headway, Troops, Vehemence, Sway, Prize, Sinew, Waterfall, Pack in, Semantic field, Superpower, Virulence, Stamina, Impact, Mindlessness, Hustle, Relation, Wring, Mete out to, Barbarity, Outfit, Authoritativeness, Prepotency, Charm, Threats, Spout, Influentiality, Hoe, Army, Extract, Intimidation, Motivate, Mastery, Whole, Bump against, Bulldoze, Potency, Ambitiousness, Grammatical meaning, Prescribe for, Impel, Virtue, Might and main, Incidental power, Run against, Spark, Rape, Symbolic meaning, Get-up-and-get, Strength, Gumption, Constrain, Milligram, Cram, Leadership, Use force upon, Bestow, Poop, Enforcement, Jostle, Extent, Mulch, Favor, Stamina, Rattle, Sault, Bear, Boost, Insinuation, Sticking power, Purchase, Drive in, Prestige, Enforce upon, Necessitate, Stimulate, Sharpness, Till the soil, Vandalism, Dominance, Undertone, Pertinence, Coercion, Leverage, Muscle power, Mass, Impetus, Pizzazz, In operation, Prise open, Murderousness, Prune, Power structure, Flower power, Drift, Potency, Weed out, Pennyweight, Retinue, Venom, Amplitude, Stoutness, Ruggedness, Ruin, Slug, Coerce, Crew, Mole, Ascendancy, Strength of will, Ram in, Enterprisingness, Bear upon, Beef, Sturdiness, Move, Animate, Might, Rule of might, Drag, Response, Muscle, Extort, Fall, Tamp, Power, Intensity, Brutality, Current, Measure, Potentiality, Wedge in, Brute force, Amount, Wrest, Adventuresomeness, Go, Influence, Measurement, Control, Compulsion, Concuss, Moment, Enterprise, Prise, Impetuosity, Kick in, Oppression, Hardiness, Duress, Impose, Press, Dragoon, Shake, Malignity, Pry, Compel, Obstinacy, Decisiveness, Plunge in, Productiveness, Power pack, Pushfulness, Aggressiveness, Niagara, Virility, Coercion, Dram avoirdupois, Acuteness, Oblige, Spunk, Sinewiness, Passion, Poignancy, Outrage, Scruple, Falls, Semantic cluster, Cogency, Butt against, Tenor, Lexical meaning, Incisiveness, Animality, Adventurousness, Physical force, Force upon, Effort, Literal meaning, Enforce, Demonic energy, Put on, Viciousness, Destructiveness, Domination, Spade, Jam, Strong language, Rigor, Numbers, Cultivate, Pressurize, Strength, Compulsion, Ravage, Mislead, Wreck, Deceive, Esteem, Debauch, Defile, Lay on, Despoil, Strain, Shove, Force in, Forcefulness, Sandbag, Weight, Dynamism, Command, Duress, Pull

How to use Force in a sentence?

  1. The power of public opinion.
  2. The soldiers are hurt, but Santo, convinced he is retired, has taken refuge.
  3. Criminals often force their victims to write ransom notes or call the police to give them more power.
  4. They entered Fred's house and opened all the cupboard doors with axes or hoes.
  5. When diplomatic negotiations do not achieve the desired results of nuclear disarmament, the international community can use military force.
  6. He had to retire early.
  7. A UN peacekeeper.
  8. They are regulated by law, not by force.
  9. He was pushed back by the blast.

Meaning of Force & Force Definition