Time Is Money

Time Is Money is an aphorism which was originated in order to give Advice to a Young Tradesman.this famous phrase was said by Benjamin Franklin,which gained more popularity when in first time in 1748 appeared in George Fisher’s jbook.

What is origin of Time Is Money

Time is money aphorism was used by Benjamin Franklin in 1748 in an essay.
It is considered to be one of the great laws of labor. because the less time you waste, the more work you can get done and the more money you will make.

The original phrase time is moneyis often associated with the great aphorist Benjamin Franklin who wrote in his 1748 essay.ge gave this Advice to a Young Tradesman keep in mind that time is money, Franklin further says that “When you’re not working, you are really just throwing potential earnings away”.

Before franklin can get his literary hand on it,time is money phrase had actually been a meme for quite a while.as in this developing world where every thing is changing,the connection between these two has never remained the same. and in our own age of digital era,we are still redefining the relationship between time and money.

Time is money means that in order to earn money , you should act accordingly so that you can use your time.
Time is very precious thing, so to live most of it,to earn most of it,to enjoy most of it,you should be as quick or expeditious as possible.

Time is money does not always mean that you should work hard as much as possible to avoid leaving money on the table.
Time is very limited, even more than money. so when deciding how to spend your money or time, consider both as different sides of the same coin.

Is Time Money?

The phrase “time is moneydoes not mean that time is actually money in real. It usually means that those who specifically save time will generally save money.
Time is money,can be taken in terms of hard work like work obviously takes time.We spend our time in a work or in an activity in order to get some money . Time is equal to money means when you save money you save time,it is much more simply then we think like gained money is gained time and lost money is time waste.
Spend your time in creating money,which you are planning to spend, and about the value of the time you would be saving by spending that money.you will make better financial and time-management decisions for your circumstance if you think about both aspects at the same time.

Quotes On Time Is Money

:small_orange_diamond:Time is more valuable then money,
you can get more money,but can not get more time

Jim Rohn

:small_orange_diamond:Time is the coin of your life.
it is the only coin you have,and only you can determine how it will be spent.
be careful lest you let other people spend it for you

carl sandburg

:small_orange_diamond:Time is money waste it now…pay for it later
lost time is never found again

Benjamin franklin

:small_orange_diamond:Time is like money,the less we have of it to spare the further we make it go

josh bilings

:white_check_mark: summary
Time is money is the very common phrase which has been used for many time and still we are using this.does time really earn you some money?.well to consider this, to really earn money out of the time,then look to how to use your time effectively, what to do with your time,what not to do.
This phrase was said by benjamin franklin in one of his book in order to give advice to a young labour that,remember that time is money,if you save your time you will save money.you can use your this saved time to do other things in order to earn money.

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How To Save Time :hourglass_flowing_sand:

1.Keep track of your time.
By measuring your time, you come to know that how you are spending your time whether you are spending it effectively or not. Otherwise, you can not be able to identify the areas where you need adjustment? try to focus on your time-wasters, Once you get the idea of how many minutes you waste, you can arrange it where like where to do well. check your progress regularly, your pace of improvement will motivate you to do more useful things.

2 .Use your downtime.

If you travel on a public transportation? or if you find waiting rooms boring? so if you have a smartphone, you can use this time to your own benefit. Think of your daily tasks that are short which do not need much efforts, energy and time then, use your this free time to do these activities and you will be free for other activities.

3.Dedicate a distraction-free zone.

This is nowadays very hard to gain this is probably due to phone and laptops or other stuffs to have such a zone where you can disconnect the world out there to focus on real things that matters.so try to get your self free from them for some time.give this time to yourself to analyze on real situations

4.Do one thing at a time.

Multitasking cost you lose 40 percent of your productivity, according to a psychologist Susan Weinschenk.we think we are doing two activities simultaneously, but we are in a real sense switching rapidly from one activity to another. these Switches add up to a significant loss of time. we can also loss our creativity in order to do multi- tasking so block off an hour and try to concentrate on your most important task.

5.Learn from the best as well from the worst.

Always try to learn from other people’s successes and failures. ask your friends for the pros and cons of services or things that they have bought.if you are not good at something then give some to it,analyze it,try to figure out that what i am doing wrong in here so next you will not repeat the same mistake again and your time will be saved

6.Avoid unnecessary activities.

if you are a student then stop wasting your time on playing games or hanging out friends,or going to parties theses are simply unnecessary stuffs to do.if your are a worker then try to avoid meeting as much as possible,use your this time in something else.

7.Hire someone to do it for you.

If you’re in a ** leadership position**,then give some of your responsibilities to other responsible employees. hire an assistant or a freelancer. and take some time to relax. Such a step can make you feel happy.

8.Finish what’s almost done.

On an ongoing project,review what you accomplished,decide what to do next. If a project is complete,then finish it immediately. Set aside time at the end of the day to wrap up short assignments. The more things you conclude, the less time you’ll spend worrying about them.

9.Buy helpful gadgets.

Some instruments are time-wasters in, others will increase your productivity. life without cell phones, microwaves, or other modern conveniences would be very hectic.use them in a proper way,to enhance your every day life

10.learn to Say no.

It’s difficult to tell friends and colleagues that you don not have time to help them, but it is important. soon they will that realize that you respectfully decline the requests that disturb your personal work time, and will soon stop asking.


Time is money is an amorphism,which is said by benjamin franklin in his book,where it was Advice to a young labor.time in a real sense do not give you money,it means that if you save time then you can save and earn money, by utilizing your time in some other work to make some money.so it is necessary to everyone to save time,if you are a student then try to avoid futile things and activities,if you are an worker then try to avoid useless group and projects that are just time waster and nothing else.

Frequently asked questions

Who is benjamin franklin?

Benjamin was a publisher, scientist, inventor statesman, author, and diplomat*. He Born in a Boston family ,but he had very little formal education. He had a successful printing business in Philadelphia and grew wealthy. Franklin was active in public affairs , he also helped to launch a lending library in his city. as he was an author so the phrase time is money was first used by him in his books.

What is the value of time

Time is very special thing.we often pretend that we have got a lot of time to do anything,but this not the reality.in real we have so mich limited time for everything.becaus once the time is gone it will disappear for ever.try to do useful things every minute,so that you do not have to regret later.

Is time is money originally used by benjamin franklin.

No, time is money amorphism was not originally used by benjamin franklin.it is said by Greek philosophers for the first time .but it gain it popularity after it was used by benjamin franklin in his book " Advice To a Young Tradesman "

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