Bedtime Stories

It is said that handling children is not an easy task, with children you also have to become a child yourself. That is, you may have to do everything by doing drama, jokes, fun with them. Sleeping young children is the most difficult task. These new parents can know how well they get relief when the child sleeps overnight.

As children grow, they become more active. They might not wake you up at midnight with their crying but they will keep you awake from their activities. The only thing that can help them sleep is to read a bedtime story. If you have not learned the master art of telling a story or reading a story, learn it. It is not only a healthy baby to sleep, but it also provides some health benefits for them. Let us learn how in the next article?

If you want your child to develop smarter, faster and sympathetic, make him a habit of reading the story at bedtime. Letting them read stories with morality will increase moral values ​​in them. Until the child can read or speak, you should read good stories to him/herself. This habit is going to benefit them later. You can start a story session at bedtime at any age from infancy and continue till adolescence. These are the best years to give wings to your imagination and help it grow.

5 Major Benefits of Reading Stories At Bedtime

Here are some benefits for children reading a story, which many parents do not know.

1. Cognitive Development

In the growing years, the brain of infants is also growing. This is the right age to impart the right knowledge to them as they can capture the information better. Babies watch your expressions and lips movements eagerly to understand the language. This increases their cognitive functions. It has also been observed that children with the habit of listening to or reading a story develop great problem-solving skills.

2. Communication skills increases

Reading a story increases your child’s communication skills. If you inspire them to ask questions, it also helps them to be bold, which is beneficial when they start schooling. As they grow older, their interest grows and they try to learn new words, which also increases their vocabulary. In such a situation, children adopt the language they hear daily. This is why they start speaking in the native language (sometimes also multi-languages). The more they read or listen, the more words they will learn.

3. Social and emotional development

Children are always eager to see and learn new things. He quickly remembers and captures fancy pictures. This helps him increase his interest and adaptability in new words and new sounds.

4. Personality Development

As they read inspiring stories, this can inspire them to create a similar personality. They become bold, forthright, sympathetic and charming. These qualities help to shape his personality. You should read and listen to them by reading good and meaningful storybooks that have good knowledge behind the fun.

5. Stay away from the internet

If you tell children stories of their choice every day, then they will stay away from the Internet. This will keep him healthy as well as increase love in the family.


Stories give a new direction to the child’s mind. It also gives them the ability to inculcate positive thinking towards society. Therefore, whenever you tell a story to your children, keep the importance of the story in your mind.

A lot of moral stories are available on the internet such as the thirsty crow, the greedy dog, which gives a very good moral.