Who is Denise Lombardo?

1- Full name Denise Lombardo
2-Height 5’4’’
3- Birthday 11- Nov-1963
4-Nationality American
5-famous for Wife of Jordon Belfort
6-Age 56
7-Children One
8-Zodian sign Scorpio
9-Mother Name Ann Lombardo
10- Father Name Anthony Fiorito
11-Marital status Married
12-Weight 53 kgs
12-Ethinicity Caucasian
13 -Qualifications Masters
14- Color of eyes Brown


Denise has two siblings named Deanna, Lisa Scordato and Paul Lombardo. The young lady was born in Ohio, but she studies in New York. She also knows how to speak Italian and German. She was very much interested in English literature. Therefore, she attended Adelphi University from 1980 – 1984 from where she took the literature degree. She was also interested in fashion and therefore, for this reason, she studied in the Fashion Institute of Technology from where she graduates from the department of Merchandising and Buying Operations. Denise father is Italian. Therefore, for this very reason, she knows how to speak the Italian language. She also knows how to speak German Language. Apart from this, she is multi talented in a way that she owned a Real estate


Denise Lombardo parents:

Demise came into the world of Anthony Fiorito and Ann Lombardo. They both were Italian d and due to this fact, she knows how to speak both German and Italian.

Social media account

Like many old couples, demise also has a social media account and she has 1.33 k followers on her twitter account. But demise is not much active on the accounts. She did not have nay account f Facebook and LinkedIn. Denise Lombardo now demise mlady is not a fan of posting her salsas on social media. The main purpose of this fact is that she wants to keep her private life apart.

Demise Lombardo appearance.

Demise has a very beautiful inner and outer soul. She is a height of 5’5’’.She also have brown colored eyes that make her more attractive than any other women. She has a white toned face and has brown hairs .

Rose to fame:

Denise Lombardo came to limelight after she got connected to Jordon Belfort, an American book writer, previous stockbroker, and speaker, however there is some strange aura around her . She has a naturally attractive personality and due to this very reason. She is still remembered by the people despite being divorcing the famous author . After her separation with Belfort, Lombardo, an educated geek, worked in the Modern Medical Systems Company from 1993 till 2000. From 2000 to 2010, she worked in The Home Depot Company as a Flooring Specialist. Then, for a very long time, from 2006 to 2008, she worked for the Smith and Nephew Company. Although there is not much known from Divorce attorney .That how much money they both got after divorcing but there is an estimate that they both got approximately 3 million dollars that is enogh for denise to live happily.

Denise Lombardo husband

Belfort was the first husband of Denise Lombardo. He is a famous stockbroker. Besides, in 1990, he acquired millions from his investment in Stratton Oakmont. Nonetheless, he also made millions worth property by illegally ways since he began selling stocks in 1987. In 1999, Belfort was found guilty off some illegal work and he was found to illegally manipulate the tax money and also hiding his property. He was bought into jail life in 2003 yet due to the bail out he just served 22 months. Jordon Belfort got married more than one time. After he divorces his first wife , Denise Lombardo he after sometimes married his friend Nadine Caridi. Jordon and Nadine are now the parents of two young souls that goes around by the name of Chandler Belfort and Carter Belfort, but the sad news is that they also both got separated after sometimes. After this break up , Jordan ties the knot with Anne Koppe. Anne koppe and Jordan met in 2008. They both met after Jordan came out of the jail. The two of the people started dating since then and now they are still together. They both engaged in 2015 and now they settled in a big mansion in Australia. The son of Anne Koppe also lived with them . He is the son of Anne koppe from his previous marriage. Denise Lombardo was not also the single one left. She also got married to Mlady. But after the marriage nothing further news came from theses two . Indeed, this is my assumption about their marriage , and also wish them a very Happy Marriage Life. We wish that famous author of Best Historical Fiction Books knows how to keep her life healthy with his wife.

Denise Lombardo in real state

In 2010, Lombardo also started her business in the field of Real Estate. She acquired her Real Estate official notice to further progress the business and therefore after this attempted to fabricate herself as a Real Estate specialist for the Prudential Douglas Elliman Company. Lombardo has been the most famous in handling these kinds of real estate work. But his life was affected by the eyes of the media always. Seeing from her marriage with Belfort to their separation and later her remarriage, Lombardo’s own life has been never kept away from media’s eyes. The film ‘Wolf of the Wall Street’ the movie that was being made on the wife of the famous stockbroker, portrays wives of Belfort .The acting was done by Cristin Milioti of Dennis Lombardo while Leonardo DiCaprio played Belfort. No doubt the film was hit gaining huge success on box-office because of the actor . The actor that was included in many Best TV Shows Of All Times.

Where is Denise Lombardo now?

Denise Lombardo is now living in Florida where other relatives of her is also living. She suffered from back-to-back sad news, one was when he got divorced and the other heartbreak she got from when her sister died in 2013. Demise Lombardo have now a real estate agency in Florid and since the divorce of her by Jordan . She has been involved passionately in that business.

Net Worth And Earnings

Denise carries on with her extravagant life due to the fact that she ahs a real state agency. Also, she has also been given a huge sum of money after Jordan divorced her. According to some media report , she has 3 million dollars now in his earning. Also, her real estate agency has got some her some money and he has been claimed to have received about 2 million dollars from his money. It is also in the rumors that she received 4 million dollars when she and Jordan got divorced. Anyway , it is a well-known fact that once the wife of a billionaire author can never be poor. So is in this case. Soon after the divorce of her. She started the business in which she was working as a property agent. Due to this fact , the net worth of Denise Lombardo has not decreased by the divorce with Jordan. Let us see some of the details of her company.

Real estate agency

Denise Lombardo company details:

  • Her company full name is Douglas Elliman Real Estate. The company dealt within the domain of dealing with ■■■■ people bodies, sales of apartments, rental apartments, commercial apartments, retail, marketing strategies and property management issues.
  • The company is located in New York, America.
  • The company have had around 5000-10,000 employees.
  • The company was formed in 1911.

It is a known factseeing the number of employees of her company that no doubt denise has handled very well her Agency problem


She is a Licensed Real Estate Agent working at Prudential Douglas Elliman. The company she works in New York based website. She started working here since 2010.

She also performed her duties as a flooring Specialist at the company that goes by the name The Home Depot . This is a multinational company having its head quarter in United States .

She also works as a Rep at the company of Smith & Nephew . This is the company based in United Kingdom. She worked here since 1 – February 2000 and currently she is working here.

She also works in sales department in Modern Medical Systems that is a, NY, United States based company. She worked here from 17- Sepetmber-1993 till 15- December 2000


1- Full name Jordan Belfort
2-Height 5’9’’
3- Birthday July 9, 1962
4-Nationality American
5-famous for Author, motivational speaker,enterprenuer
6-Age 58
7-Children none with Anne Belfort (fiancé)
8-Zodian sign Scorpio
9-Mother Name lea Belfort
10- Father Name max Belfort
11-Marital status Married
12-Weight 60 kgs
13-Ethinicity Caucasian
14 -Qualifications Masters
15- Color of eyes Brown

Jordan Belfort is the American former stockbroker, motivational speaker, and an author. He is also and actor. He is the first husband of Denise . Nowadays the great actor in with Nadine. He lived with her in Australia. Since the start of 1991, Jordan has been giving motivational speeches and due to this fact, he is quite famous in motivational speaker’s industry. Many actors have praised the actor because of his speaking abilities. According to Leonardo DiCaprio, he has an exceptional way of inspiring the young entrepreneurs. He says that he himself went to many of these sessions, but never did he find something as good as Jordan motivational speaking. He according to Leonardo DiCaprio, is the shining stars in motivational speaking. He says that he is the true motivator of many people in this world.

Jordan Belfort company.

His company name is ‘THE STRAIGHT LINE’. The Straight-Line System for Sales and Persuasion permits the people that needs to want to achieve a particular purpose or intents in their life not concerning about their age, race, sex, or economic status, and to be enabled to make some good achievement that can make you smile when ever you think of them.

Courses he teaches:

  • Script building
  • Straight line persuasion
  • Stratton-Oakmont Manual (Digital)
  • Fast track
  • Straight line marketing
  • Straight line sales certification

Jordan Belfort books

His books include a vast variety that will tell us that how much he loves to read and write. He written up to more than 3 books . The unique part of all his books is that he gives solution to every problem discussed in his book. his first book was published in 2007 and it was after he started dating his now finance . The name of his first book was the wolf of the street. His second book was published in 2009, by the name of catching the wolf street. He published another book in 2013 by the name of ‘Ho Iykos tes Wall Street. His last book was published in 2017 and its name was ‘way of the wolf line selling’ .


Apart from being married to Jordan Belfort, Denise was also interested in other works. She was and is an excellent real estate agent. She is linguistic and have a very good experience as a Real estate agent. She is not only the one that for separated from Jordan belfort but was the first wife of him.

1-Why did jordan and denise separated?

Denise got separated from Jordan due to the cheating that jordan did. the famous author and motivatinal speaker was having an affair with nadine, who is an American model. they both got divorced in December 1991. But even after the divorce of her , she still has a lot of followers of her. Both have not been seen to meet each other after divorce. Both have two children .the famous author met the broklyn based model when he was in a party.although there are also rumors that belfort was used to do domestic voilence on the real estate agent , denise.Futher the habit of drug addiction of Jordan added fuel to the fire and immediately they both got separated.

2-Do denise have any child?

It is not being confirmed by the media that how much children they have. some says that the couple had 2 children. And the first daughter of jordan is 26 years old as of 2021.

3-When did denise married mlady?

Denise married mlady in 2008. They both met at a party. Mlady was not married at that time. It is not known uptil now that on which date the couple ties the knot. But the fact is knwon that they are happy together. Mlady dont have any children with denise as of 2021.

Who is Denise Lombardo?

Denise Lombardo, the essential life partner of Jordan Belfort, was brought into the world on 11 November 1963, in Ohio, USA. Though this marriage didn’t continue to go perpetually, fan of Jordan Belford are at this point captivated by how she’s been doing. This explains her pith in the media, regardless of the way that she didn’t have any casual networks for a long time.

Early life

Denise grew up with her people, Anthony Fiorito and Ann Lombardo, of Italian dive, and her identity is Caucasian. She is unquestionably not a solitary young person, yet has two sisters, Deanna, and Lisa Scordato. Denise graduated in business association from Townson University in 1987, by then with a BSc degree in 1992. She was a person from the Alpha Omicron Pi coterie while an understudy. She talks both Italian and German.

Hitched life

Denise was not a gold digger, holy cow – she was just a young woman in warmth. Exactly when she met Jordan they were at this point in optional school, which in the end changed into a marriage in 1985. Denise was considering Merchandising and Buying Operations back then, while Jordan was in a type of meat business. Notwithstanding the way that they were not wealthy by then, yet rather they almost fizzled, regardless, incredibly soon these two youths became alive by and by like Phoenix. Belfort started his calling in the monetary trade, and in a solitary year procured about $3 million. By then it appeared to Jordan when he had money, that his life partner was not, now so interesting. He went out more habitually, had some fun occasions, and a short time later occupied with extramarital relations with Nadine Caridi even before he isolated from Denise.

Wolf of Wall Street

Jordan thusly pulled out conceivably the most reviewed deceives in stockbroking history of stunts, doing a criminal offense for which he hence served 22 months in prison. Disregarding the way that his success didn’t continue to go long, he was a unimaginable inspiration for Terence Winter who formed a film reliant on this story – and Belfort’s book “The Wolf of Wall Street” – the film appearing in New York City in December 2013. The film was tremendously watched in films wherever on the world, so it secured more than $400 million from sensible projections in the essential time span. Denise was presented in the film as Teresa Petrillo, and the performer who played her character was Cristin Milioti. The film used animals including a chimpanzee, a lion, a snake, a fish, and canines truly coming to fruition, some given by the Big Cat Habitat untamed life place of refuge in Florida. A segment of the fundamental privileges partners revolted to some degree about this, as they considered that the animals must be recorded, and that it was not helpful for their prosperity. Regardless, the film has driven forward through mind blowing universality.


The marriage among Denise and Jordan got done with Jordan’s cheating, an endeavor with ‘the other woman’, being Nadine, a model. Jordan some time later married her, and they had two young people, anyway that marriage didn’t last either – Jordan isolated from her, and is by and by associated with Anne Koppe. Concerning Denise, she remarried too, to her lover, Mlady, nonetheless, beside that reality, Denise has remained careful, as after her partition from Jordan, she pulled out from general perceivability, and focused in on her calling.

Fascinating real factors about Jordan Belfort

This man of his statement spends a ton, anyway he moreover procures a ton. There is information on the web that he once put on a tab at a housing in the proportion of $700,000. He appreciates sumptuous life. He also said that with one of his mates he had sex on a $3 million of $10,000 heaps of notes. He asserts a helicopter, a yacht and an office in Manhattan. If he procured this before the detachment from Denise, her complete resources could be significantly higher than expected.

Calling and complete resources

Ensuing to graduating in 1992, from 1993 to 2000 Denise worked in the effort gathering of the Modern Medical Systems Company, and after that as a deck master in The Home Depot Company until 2010. She is particularly continuing on, so she furthermore worked in an association called Smith and Nephew from 2006 to 2008. Given that she expected to improve her employment, Denise started to work in the Prudential Douglas Elliman Company as a real estate agent, in which calling she unmistakably continues working. What is her absolute resources? Conclusive sources have evaluated that she has obtained more than $3 million, yet can’t communicate her current all out resources. She may in like manner have benefitted by her partition.

Lombardo relationship

Going before her association with Belfort, Lombardo worked as a business subject matter expert and besides endeavored her hand in land. She met Belfort during the mid 1980s and the pair got hitched in 1985. By then, Belfort was meanwhile doing combating with his records and fought to get by. He filled in as a door to door meat and fish salesman on Long Island, New York. In the wake of looking for monetary security at 25 years of age, Bretton started working as a student stockbroker at L.F. Rothschild yet lost his work after he was laid off after the Black Monday protections trade crash of 1987.

It was around this time that splits started to appear among Belfort and Lombardo. Belfort in the end set up Stratton Oakmont as a foundation of Stratton Securities and finally bought the main creator. In the wake of enrolling gigantic advantages in his first year in Oakmont, Belfort got a day by day lifestyle and was sometimes around his loved one. Thusly, the little breaks framed into tremendous breaks, and Lombardo ultimately presumed that the opportunity had arrived to quit. Thusly, the pair authentically isolated in 1991. Since the pair had no adolescents, the partition settlement was quick and straightforward on the two players.

Confronting regular daily existence after:

Following her partition from Belfort, Lombardo continued to marry Mlady. Regardless, almost no is contemplated her life partner and Lombardo has remained quiet regarding the nuances. She is genuinely not a gigantic devotee of online media and has kept away from using any of the notable media properties.

From 1993 to 2000, Lombardo worked in the effort gathering of Modern Medical Systems Company. She left the association and joined Home Depot Company as a ground surface topic master. At the same time, Lombardo similarly worked for Smith and Nephew from 2006 to 2008.

In 2010, Lombardo endeavored to revive her calling as a real estate agent. In the wake of gaining her master grant, Lombardo started filling in as a real estate agent for Prudential Douglas Elliman Company. All through the long haul, Lombardo has found accomplishment expertly and has continued with her work as a real estate professional.

Denise is at this point arranged in Washington State, with her life partner Mlady.

Denise Lombardo Net Worth

Little is pondered Denise Lombardo Belfort after the failure of her association with Jordan. Nevertheless, her work as a sales rep, flooring ace, and the real estate agent has contributed fundamentally to her worth. Denise Lombardo has been an observable name in the business since 1993 and has raised more than $ 30 million. Her productive job is her most prominent wellspring of plenitude, anyway Denise Lombardo has taken in a ton from the Denise Lombardo separate from settlement.

Why was Wolf of Wall Street unlawful?

1 In 1999, Belfort and his accomplice Danny Porush were arraigned for tax avoidance and securities deception. Belfort surrendered to deception for the siphon and-dump plans which may have cost his monetary supporters as much as $200 million. He was sentenced to four years in prison and finally served 22 months in prison.

What sum did Jordan Belfort pay for his yacht

The $47 million Double Down Yacht

The $12 million, 147-foot boat, named the Nadine in the DiCaprio flick set in 1990s yet M3, taking everything into account, didn’t rank among the best 20 boats at the show by regard

Did Jordan Belfort’s yacht genuinely sink?

Belfort was the last owner of the excess yacht Nadine, which was at first worked for Coco Chanel in 1961. The yacht was renamed after Caridi. In June 1996, the yacht sank off the east shoreline of Sardinia and frogmen from Italian Navy uncommon forces unit COMSUBIN secured all who were ready the vessel.

Denise Lombardo Net Worth

Little is pondered Denise Lombardo Belfort after the mistake of her association with Jordan. In any case, her work as a sales rep, flooring ace, and the real estate agent has contributed essentially to her worth. Denise Lombardo has been a prominent name in the business since 1993 and has raised more than $ 30 million. Her productive job is her most prominent wellspring of plenitude, anyway Denise Lombardo has taken in a ton from the Denise Lombardo separate from settlement.