Vicious circle

Vicious circle,

Definition of Vicious circle:

  1. A sequence of reciprocal cause and effect in which two or more elements intensify and aggravate each other, leading inexorably to a worsening of the situation.

  2. Self-propagating disadvantageous situation in which a solution (specially the one that does not addresses the root cause) leads to another problem whose solution, in turn, leads back to the first problem in a more severe form. For example, an attempt to avoid a confrontation to an unreasonable demand may encourage even more unreasonable demands. Also called vicious cycle. See also virtuous circle.

Synonyms of Vicious circle

Absurdity, Aimlessness, Annular muscle, Annulus, Apparent soundness, Areola, Aureole, Bootlessness, Casuistry, Chain of circumstances, Chain reaction, Chaplet, Chapter of accidents, Circle, Circuit, Circularity, Circumference, Circus, Closed circle, Concatenation of events, Corona, Coronet, Crown, Cycle, Diadem, Discus, Disingenuousness, Disk, Distortion, Emptiness, Equivocalness, Equivocation, Eternal return, Evasive reasoning, Fairy ring, Fallaciousness, Fallacy, Fatuity, Feast and famine, Fecklessness, Fruitlessness, Futility, Garland, Glory, Halo, Hollowness, Impotence, Inanity, Ineffectiveness, Ineffectuality, Inefficacy, Ins and outs, Insincerity, Jesuitism, Jesuitry, Lasso, Logical circle, Loop, Looplet, Magic circle, Meaninglessness, Misapplication, Mystification, Noose, Nugacity, Obfuscation, Obscurantism, Orbit, Otiosity, Oversubtlety, Perversion, Philosophism, Plausibility, Plausibleness, Pointlessness, Profitlessness, Purposelessness, Radius, Rat race, Rationalization, Ring, Rondelle, Round, Roundel, Saucer, Sophism, Sophistical reasoning, Sophistication, Sophistry, Special pleading, Speciosity, Specious reasoning, Speciousness, Sphincter, Subtlety, The absurd, Triviality, Unproductiveness, Unprofitability, Unprofitableness, Ups and downs, Valuelessness, Vanity, Vicious reasoning, Vicissitudes, Vicissitudes of fortune, Wheel, Worthlessness, Wreath, Quandary, Predicament, Difficulty, Problem, Puzzle, Conundrum, Awkward situation, Tricky situation, Difficult situation, Difficult choice, Catch-22, Vicious circle, Plight, Mess, Muddle

Meaning of Vicious circle & Vicious circle Definition