Definition of Award:

  1. Give or order the giving of (something) as an official payment, compensation, or prize to (someone).

  2. Written decision of a court or arbitrator.

  3. Acceptance of a bid or proposal for a contract.

  4. A prize or other mark of recognition given in honor of an achievement.

Synonyms of Award

Give, Grant, Academy Award, Christmas present, Nobel Prize, Oscar, Accolade, Accommodation, Accord, Accordance, Action, Administer, Afford, Allocate, Allot, Allow, Apportion, Assign, Awarding, Badge, Bays, Bestow, Bestow on, Bestowal, Bestowment, Birthday present, Booby prize, Box, Cadeau, Communicate, Communication, Concede, Concession, Condemnation, Confer, Conferment, Conferral, Consideration, Consolation prize, Contribution, Deal, Deal out, Decision, Decoration, Decree, Deliverance, Delivery, Determination, Diagnosis, Dictum, Dish out, Dispense, Distinction, Dole, Dole out, Donate, Donation, Doom, Dower, Endow, Endow with, Endowment, Endue, Extend, Fairing, Finding, First prize, Fork out, Furnish, Furnishment, Gift, Gift with, Gifting, Give, Give freely, Give out, Giving, Grant, Granting, Hand out, Handsel, Heap, Help to, Impart, Impartation, Impartment, Investiture, Issue, Jackpot, Kudos, Laurels, Lavish, Let have, Liberality, Mete, Mete out, Oblation, Offer, Offering, Order, Peace offering, Pour, Precedent, Present, Presentation, Presentment, Prize, Proffer, Prognosis, Pronouncement, Provision, Rain, Render, Resolution, Reward, Ruling, Second prize, Sentence, Serve, Shell out, Shower, Slip, Snow, Subscription, Supplying, Surrender, Sweepstakes, Tender, Tribute, Trophy, Verdict, Vouchsafe, Vouchsafement, White elephant, Yield, Prize, Trophy, Medal

How to use Award in a sentence?

  1. The extra overtime he put in at work got him a nice bonus of one-hundred dollars as an award for his efforts.
  2. If your company receives an award that can be a great way to market your product and let others know it is quality.
  3. He was awarded the Purple Heart.
  4. The award for the contract was granted to the firm who presented to most equitable deal that would guaranteed for the firm.
  5. The companys annual award for high-quality service.

Meaning of Award & Award Definition

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What Does Award Mean?

  • You can define Award as, Positive fact-finding results and evidence from the insurer.

Meanings of Award

  1. Giving or asking for a gift (something) such as a government payment, compensation or reward (to someone)

  2. Award or other recognition given for the honor of achievement.

Sentences of Award

  1. Get a purple heart



  1. Award means: Positive fact-finding results and insurance company evidence.

Meanings of Award

  1. Give (something) to (someone) as a government payment, compensation or privilege.

  2. An award or other recognition given in honor of an achievement.

Sentences of Award

  1. Get a military cross

  2. The company's annual award for high quality services.

Synonyms of Award

decorate with, present to, confer on, gong, honours, furnish with


Award means,

Award can be defined as, Positive results of fact-based testing and evidence by the insurer.

Meanings of Award

  1. You give (something) to (someone) as a government payment, compensation or privilege.

  2. An award or other honor given to honor a deed.