Accent Nail

Nail art is very famous nowadays, and one of them is accent nail art in which you have not fully paint your nail you just paint one figure of each hand color with shimmering nail paint.

Brides adding shimmer on ring figures to show off their look and enhance their beauty with this type of art. For a pop and party wear look, you just add a bright accent on fully-black nail paint or manicure.

A newcomer who wants to learn nail art should be started from the accent art it should be more attractive and colorful theme for viewers and newcomers. Accent art have a lot of option for their user, animal stickers, floral design, patriotic and trendier and simple manicure is any design with black and white.

What nail should be the accent nail?

You have to groom your personality by adding a small change in your nail by accent nail. You have not to worry about paying for the complicated nail art done by a technician. You look versatile and more gorgeous with these simple nail art if you take start from accent nail art as a technician. You just pick the shimmering or complementary shade and make your nail stand-out rest of the other fingers. The next step is to figure out which you have an accent. You have chosen your figure for accent totally on you.

Pinky finger

This accent nail also called party finger and for applying accent on it to enhance your look and, make it more elegant and feminine. You can simply make it a sparkly polish accent figure.

Ring finger

The most commonly used for accent nail art is the ring fingers and is considered as the most popular place for accent. For single ladies, the prominent their ring finger by accent art and makes the attention of others on the ringlets finger. Meanwhile, the brides choose this finger to showcase their engagement or wedding ring.

Middle finger

If you are at the stage of symmetry, this finger is the perfect one you chose. For more appropriate and professional looks this middle finger is best, there are two fingers on each side of the accent finger. Your middle figure is the longest all of among therefore you chose shimmer or complimentary it totally owns you.

Index finger

This finger is chosen rarely but makes an interesting choice if you are working in the field where you used more your index finger. Like, if you are working as a teacher or advertiser this finger is the best choice for accent art.


More rare peoples have used their thumbs for accent nail art. Very rarely used thumb for nail art and also for accent art. Many people are making pairs of index and thumb by jeweler they wear and also by accent art; it makes an awesome and elegant look.

Gorgeous accent nail

Here we have countless accent art that enhances our beauty. One of them is Ombre nails art in which you have to a light color on the top of the nail gradually blends into a darker color toward the tip. The most popular trend is accent nail where you shimmer or have two fingers with a design which are different from other fingers.

:maple_leaf: Twin heart accents

The double-accent nail looks beautiful, mate mini is easy to recreate. Apply sheer nude polish and then paint two mini black hearts on it and complete your accent nails with a matte topcoat.
accent nail

:maple_leaf: Black and white

In accent art, doesn’t matter you have the same combination on both fingers. You have design own your choice in contrast black and white.

:maple_leaf: Daisy accents

Floral accent nail looks more pretty if you like more than nothing on these blooms you have many options like olive and June’ s loveliest day nail sticker.

:maple_leaf: DIY daisy

You are more passionate about these blooms than you paint them by yourself with white and yellow nail paint having a toothpick for applying these on your nails and enhance your nails beauty.

:maple_leaf: Butterfly accents

This accent art is formed of some mesh-up; you have two sparkly butterflies on a single nail.

:maple_leaf: Star accent

With French colored manicure you design a single star that looks awesome on nails. You have this design at causal parties.

:maple_leaf: Dotted floral

If you like more blooms design, you have another idea with dotted floral. Manicure your nails with matte nail paint and apply pink dotted floral on matte nail paint which has no colors.

:maple_leaf: Butterfly flutter

Slim French with a larger butterfly on each middle finger enhances your accent and gives you good looks.

:maple_leaf: Check ya later

If you like pops looks then your accent nail in pops style. Neon nail looks really pops at the middle fingers. To quadrant off nails use striping tape and get checks on your nails.

:maple_leaf: Simple stripes

Simple stripes create easily, use a toothpick, and make stripes and get gorgeous looks.

:maple_leaf: Bright stripes

If you like stripes as an accent then you have the option of bright stripes that look more beautiful on the middle finger.

:maple_leaf: Minimalist tiger stripes

You like cats or kittens, and you may want to show your likeness through your nail art. You must design your nails with minimalist stripes. Cat eye nail are also in trend.

:maple_leaf: Patriotic nail

We have another idea to show your patriotism through your nail art design star on your nails instead of stripes.

:maple_leaf: Holographic glitters

Don’t use one manicure on all of the nails, for modern and pop looks you have to use glitter manicure on one nail as an accent. Holographic nails are also sparkly and colorful one of the fastest growing fashion trends.

:maple_leaf: Cow print moment

Cow print stickers are also available in the market for accent art.

Accent Nail

:maple_leaf: Water marble accent

You have to use a simple or plain manicure on all of the fingers instead of one and apply a water marble accent on that nail. Marble nails design are very trendy and look more gorgeous.

:maple_leaf: Leopard accents

For accent, art uses different colors of nail paint on all the fingers rather than one and applies leopard art while using nail paint which you have to use on other fingers.

:maple_leaf: Watercolor accents

Watercolor nail art looks amazing on nails and you look more beautiful with these accents.

:maple_leaf: Metal moment

When you have to go to a party and you want to color-changing looks you have to adopt these types of manicures.

:maple_leaf: Carton accents

As people make color tattoos on their bodies you have to make a carton tattoos on your nail as an accent and enhance your beauty.

:maple_leaf: Abstract art

When you have an abstract design on your nail as an accent you find it like tiki bars and all things of summer.

:maple_leaf: Starry accents

Starry nails look beautiful and gorgeous these colors never mesh-up while printing but in the end, it gives you a bold look.

:maple_leaf: Neon negatives

Negatives-space nail art never is out of trend. You have these arts as accents.

:maple_leaf: Colorful accent

While having shiny black as base manicure and used colored nail paint on it look amazing.

:maple_leaf: 3-D accents

3-D designs are more in trend but you have expert ones to have these accents on the nail.

Here we have another nail art and how much are acrylic nails? Acrylic nails price varies greatly because they are special type of nails. If you want acrylic nails of average range or mid-range, then it may cost $35 - $45. If you want to remove acrylic nail here we have complete information.


Here you have simple and unique ideas for accent nails. You have to choose the design of your choice and likeness if you want to grab the attention of peoples on your love for animals you have to choose kitten or cow stickers. Nature is your weakness and you love them to show off peoples you have a floral design and many more ideas are listed.

How to do accent nails in 4 easy steps

Customizing your nail by manicure and adding contrast colors on one fingernail of one hand give you a glamorous look and enhance your hand beauty.

STEP #1: Prepare your nails

A manicure is only as good as it takes time to prepare work. First of all, you have to remove old nail polish from your nails with nail polish remover like an acetone-based remover. You also have to super glue off from the skin with acetone nail polish remover. For your new manicure, you want to have a clean all your nails. To buff and smooth the tops of your nails as well as fine-tune your desired nail shape use a nail file.

To protect your nails and you have to prevent your nail from staining apply basecoat after finishing your nail preparation.

STEP #2: Paint your nails

Now you have to choose your nail polish shade. Use this nail polish color on the finger rather than the accent nail. Apply one coat of nail polish and allow it to dry and then apply again after drying.

STEP #3: Choose your accent

After you have prepared your all nails, it’s time for the moment you’ve been waiting for. To make a statement grab your second nail polish shade and pop it onto your accent nails. Your accent nail can be your thumbnail, trendy finger, or any nail you want to grab the attention of peoples on it.

STEP #4: Smooth on a top coat

Now your nails are prepared and colored, for increasing the lifespan of your manicure seal your color into the topcoat and it also protects it from chipping. Your nails are ready to show off!

Thumb and ring finger accent

You have to choose more than one finger as an accent; thumb and ring finger are the best choices for it. You have to manicure your finger at home without worrying about paying for expertise. You have to add shimmer on both fingers or you add some complementary shade or maybe an animal print or floral design on the thumb and ring finger.

Frequently ask questions

Peoples want to know about nail art, it looks better or not than fully paint your all fingers with one manicure. Some questions are listed below and help peoples they have accent nail or which type of accent suit them beautifully.

Can you have two accent nails?

It’s totally depending on your choice you choose your accent nail from the entire finger. You have to choose more than one finger as your accent nail. You make a pair of accents as you like. Your accent thumb with another accent nail, usually the middle or ring finger. Index finger: I feel like the index finger is a bold statement, best suited with a bold, strong lacquer art.

Should the accent nail be lighter or darker?

Nail paint should be lighter or darker, it totally depends on you. Remembered one thing you have been used accent nail looks different from all other fingers nail paint. If you add the same manicure or nail paint on all of the fingers it may be lighter or darker it gives the impression that you forgot to add an accent on the fingers.

What color nail polish looks best on short nails?

The pink color is better suited for short nails, meanwhile, pink color is considered as the best color for women and most of them go with this shade. This is one of the classic shades you have, that you can’t go wrong with and you get the right vitamin for your nails grow faster if you love longer nails.

What Color makes short nails look longer?

If you have short nails and you want to go to a party with them, must choose a darker manicure it will give the illusion of longer nails. For making your nails different choose right finish for your nails “Gloss is definitely more forgiving on shorter nails, as it pulls the eyes towards it. Matte is lovely, but looks best on longer nails.” Use Moringa oil if you want to go at the party with longer nails.


:anger: Accent nails one of the best and simple ways you have to choose and look trendier with this type of art.

:anger: You have to choose more than one finger for accent; it may be a middle and index or thumb and ring finger.

:anger: Ring finger gives a bold statement, if you are unmarried and choose this finger you have to show off and grab the attention of peoples on this point. Most of the brides accent it and show off their marriage ring.

:anger: You have a lot of design and choices for accent art, you have been applied shimmery paint, nude and simple, have some floral art, add stripes, and last but not least animal stickers are most trendier.