Squoval Nails

Squoval nails

Squoval is a style of nails in which the nail shape lies between square and oval. With this reference, the shape of the nail is called Squoval. The squoval nails are elongated in form, with its front edge having a straight cut and soft rounded corners.

2 Basic Types of the Nail’s Shapes

As mentioned earlier, Squoval is a type of nail in which the nail shape lies between square and oval. There is a variety of different styles of Squoval nails. Squoval nails are a famous style of nail.

Women used to do different kinds of Squoval nails. The lovers of this style of pins have a variety that they can use to slightly change their nail style.

Overall there are many types of nail shapes. These include;

  1. Almond shape
  2. Oval shape
  3. Pointed shape
  4. Round shape
  5. Square shape
  6. Coffin shape
  7. Square, oval shape
  8. Square with rounded corners
  9. Straight with a rounded tip.


The townhouse is a famous nail bar in London. The founder of Townhouse nail bar and a licensed cosmetologist, Juanita Huber Millet, defines the Squoval Nail shape as ‘the nail is predominately square with rounded edges.’


3.1 Invention of Syuoval Nails:-

History has witnessed fashion trends’ many different ins and outs, including nail art. It was back in the 1990s and early 2000 when the Squoval Nail shape became very popular. Before this, in the past decade (80’s) square shape of the nail was much more trendy. Just like the square shape, the squoval body shows a predominant style. It was an era when women were seen using short lengths for their nails. Lady Diana was a symbol of beauty in the '90s. She was often seen with a squoval shape at a short distance from the pin. This style of nail shape was considered more modest and feminine.

The reason behind its popularity was a developing trend of French manicure.

3.2 Choosing Squoval Nails:-

As far as the question of why to choose squoval nails is concerned, the simple answer is that they are so flattered that they may go with anyone easily, which is why they are always ‘in.’ The squoval shape is considered one of the most muscular shapes. Moreover, it is a style that anyone with a long or a short nail can adapt to quickly. Where Squoval shape appears square, at the same time, it looks oval too, so this is the best alternative to square nails. The plus point of this shape is that the sharp edges of the nail do not tangle in the hair or any fabric.

3.3 Filing the squoval Nails:-

The squoval shape is the most loved and praised shape in the world. It not only provides a neat, clean look on the hands, but at the same time, it is highly modern and is a top-ranking fashion trend.

It is a style that can achieve with the help of a filer. For this purpose, a 240-grit nail file is the best. That will help convert your nail’s present shape into a squoval form. Further finishing touches of the pin, including the creation of the corners in a rounded shape.

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A shape of nail that resembles a square and also the oval shape style nail is known as a Squoval shape. It used this feature for the first time back in 1984.


Squoval is a style of nails in which the nail shape lies between square and oval. With this reference, the shape of the nail is called Squoval. The squoval nails are elongated in shape, with its front edge having a straight cut and soft rounded corners.


Let us discuss step by step the procedure that is involved in getting a perfectly done squoval nail.

Nail Shaping

  1. First, wash your hands with a suitable moisturizing hand wash. For that, use Luke’s warm water. That will help turn your nail softer. Washing the hands is essential to remove any impurity and residue of oil etc., from the hands and nails. After cleaning them with a hand wash, dry them with a clean towel.
  2. Take 10 to 15 minutes before starting the procedure to let the nails dry. This is a step as if your nails are too wet; the filing will not work.
  3. Now it’s time to start flying the nails. Firstly you need to observe the present shape of your nails. So you must begin to shape your pin from the current condition to a square one. This step will require a manicure scissors. With the help of a manicure scissor, cut off the angularity of the edges. Next, select the size the length required for a good square look that it will also do by cutting the extra length of your nail.
  4. Now it’s time to use the 240- grit file. After trimming the nails with a manicure scissor, start filing the edge of the nail. The top edge of the free edge of the pointed nail is the part of a nail known to us as the tip of the nail. With the help of the other hand, file the nails. Keep the file in your index finger and thumb. It should tilt the angle of the file according to the nail’s edge. Start rubbing the file on the free edge of the nail. The percussion should be just in one direction. Do this some 4 or 5 times. Start carefully to avoid any undesired damage to the pin that could result in altering the shape of the nail.


Filing just in one direction would be helpful. You must avoid the to-and-fro motion of the file on the free edge of your nail. It results in developing splits and cracks in the nail.

  1. After the use of the file, now it is test time. Turn your hands so the palm should turn towards the upside, then slightly close the fingers inwards and observe the nails. It will give a precise examination of any mistake on the free edge, if there is any, like the inequality of the line or ups and downs. If you find any tilt in the straight line, use the 240 grit file; and apparent that tilt.
  2. Now, the next step after filing the nail’s free edge is to create soft rounded corners. Use a 240-grit file, and rub it on the corners of the nail until you find a clear, smooth round on the corner of the nail. It will do it 3 to 4 times the rub of the file. Then check the pins. If a perfect round is not achieved, you file it using circular motions again. Both corners of a single nail should be equal in appearance.
  3. The entire main task is now done. The next important thing is filing the transitional point of the nail, which means the energy that is creating an oval shape into a square. This will need just two strokes of the 240 grid file. After every application, just check whether the required squoval form has appeared. So this step is also equally important as more filing may cease all your hard work because, as such, the nail may again change entirely into an oval shape.


Using a picture or any image from your cell phone will be helpful in creating the exact shape you want to make for your nails.

The Final Finishing Look

  1. Now it’s the time to give a finishing look to your nail. This time use a 400 grit file. And start rubbing it on the top tip of the nail. It should do this with a high degree of care. Just give a slight push to your nail on the edge point of the nail. Anything done with force may result in damaging and cracking the pin. It is an excellent step in the finishing touches of the nail. It will give the squoval nail a neat look and help save it from any damage.
  2. After finishing with file work. Rub a brush on the nails and under the nail to remove all the nail dust and any loose nails present around the nail. For this step, a cotton ball will also be equally valuable. After clearing the nail dust, the final shape will be visible. At this point, nails are left attached to them, and they can remove with the help of the 240 grit file. But here, be very cautious; try not to change the shape of the nail.
  3. After this, you need to use the buffer on your nails. Hold the cushion in hand and rub it over the nail. Keep doing so in to and fro motions of the buffer in the horizontal direction. Using a pillow over the nails will help to smooth the nail, providing a smooth surface to nail polish as the nail polish will spread equally over the surface of the nail.
  4. All the steps required for a squoval shape nail are completed. It’s time to again apply a thin coat of protective base coat on the nails after these favorite nail paint can be applied. Before using a last thick skin of a nail color, wait for 5 to 10 minutes to let the first two coats dry completely.

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The expert’s recommendation is to wash the nails with a soft brush; this will let all the dirt and other oil, etc., that is inserted inside the nail and also upon the nails. Orangewood stick can be helpful in this reference to clean the nails.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

The following are questions regarding it.

1. What is a squoval shape?

As the name indicates, the Squoval shape results from the diffusion of square and oval shapes.

2. Is Squoval an accurate word?

Yes! Squoval is a name that is created by combining two words, square and oval.

3. Which nail shape is most natural?

The squoval shape is usually the most natural-looking shape of the nail.


The Squoval Nails shape is one of the most popular and unique nail shapes worldwide. One leading cause of its popularity is that the Squoval nail shape is the most natural-looking shape of the nails. Whatever the size of the nail, the Squoval nail shape provides an excellent canvas for any type of nail design. This style of nail shape is also beneficial for those who work with their hands, like housewives, craft makers, cake bakers, doctors, servants, and many others. A squoval shape is created with a straight, square style with a soft oval shape.

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