Anti-Tragus Piercing

Anti –tragus piercings are the type of cartilage piercing in which the earrings go through the folded skin on the small curved area above your earlobe and it will adjust on the triangular area of the ear which is opposite to the tragus.

Anti-Tragus Piercing

This type of ear piercing takes more time for healing than other ear piercings because of its location. Anti-tragus is a place opposite the ear canal. It takes 8 to 16 months for healing and you have to take care of your piercing the same as other piercing. Until it healed you should clean it daily with sea saltwater or other saline solution.

Anti-tragus piercings are not for everyone the whole, because they take more time for healing and some have not enough space for cartilage to hold piercing. Anti-Tragus piercing looks versatile as especially at the party so have options of similar piercing without having an actual anti-tragus piercing. Some have constellation piercing on their ears and wearing jewelry in these manners in look like stars are in the sky.

Anti Tragus Piercing Procedure

The piercer inserting the jewelry in the process typically uses a sterilized gauge needle and passes it through the anti tragus cartilage. This area of anti-tragus is thicker than other ear piercing sites; it takes more time for piercings rather than other piercings such as the helix. Experienced piercers have complete knowledge of piercing they cleaned thoroughly the piercing spot and marked with a pen first so you have to check before having a piercing and you have to check it is the right place.

How much does the anti-tragus piercing hurt?

The body piercings like middle lip piercing, nose piercing, ear piercing are painful piercing but the anti-tragus piercing is a more painful piercing. Many people have opinions about tragus piercing that it is more painful than other cartilage piercing they have in past. A person who is less pain tolerance never takes first piercing at anti-tragus.
anti-tragus piercing
For anti-tragus piercing or industrial piercing, you have to consult with a licensed or experienced piercer; your pain level depends upon the piercer. An experienced piercer will quickly and confidently insert the jewelry into the cartilage and you have less pain. They have also known to tell you when you take a breath and make the procedure more pleasant for you.

The anti-tragus piercing healing process

Anti-tragus piercing takes 8 to 16 months for their healing. This type of piercing looks healed externally but it can’t, it may unhealed internally takes more time for healing rather than other ear piercings. Piercing bump is normal on cartilage, consult with your piercer or dermatologist before changing your jewelry or stopping aftercare practice.

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Aftercare rules for anti-tragus piercing

Anti-tragus is the reachable place so its aftercare is easier than other cartilage piercings. Anti-tragus is opposite to the ear canal, its location makes it more sensitive it may cause damage to the piercing site by snoring the jewelry. While healing the anti-tragus you have some points in mind:

:maple_leaf: Be careful with your headphones and earbuds: You will have a difficult time listening to music with any sort of headgear while the location of the anti-tragus. Headphones will press against the front while earbuds will press against the back of the jewelry. During the healing process, it would be best to either refrain from headphones or find larger headphones that will go over the entire ear and won’t touch your healing piercing.

:maple_leaf: Keep foreign objects away: earbuds and headphones are not the only cause of pain or damaging the anti-tragus. Clothes, hairs, and other objects may cause harmful bacteria around the healing piercing to keep your hair in a high ponytail or take away your hairs from piercing by rubber band hairstyles rather than it completely healed. If you have used hats or scarves should keep away from healing piercing otherwise it may cause of damaging or pain.

:maple_leaf: Don’t move the jewelry: cartilage piercings are may cause scars and piercing bumps while the healing process. These have appeared you should not have been taking care in the right manners or when the skin around the jewelry has pain. If you want to heal it soon, leave your piercing alone until it healed completely.

anti-tragus piercing

Cost of an Anti-Tragus Piercing

The cost of an anti-tragus piercing is around about $40 to $185, it may influence by different objects. Anyone who wanted anti-tragus by a licensed piercer pays more, some salon also charges for jewelry. Jewelry cost also depends on material; some experienced dermatologist-recommended gold plutonium that is more expensive. You have to start piercing with high-quality metal like gold if you want to avoid complications from skin sensitivities. The location and popularity of the studio also affect the cost, if the studio is popular in the area charged more than others.

Side effects of anti-tragus piercing

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Anti-tragus piercing caused swelling and discharge.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: This type of piercing irritate and discomfort you because of its location and especially if you have a first-time cartilage piercing.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: The lack of blood supply to the cartilage makes it difficult for the healing process.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: If you don’t hygiene your pillowcase and bed sheets you may have attacked by some harmful bacteria which may cause yellow discharge or spoil you’re piercing badly.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: You can expect a little bruising or have some tenderness which is totally normal in cartilage piercing.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Sensitive skin is damaged badly; you have to take serious precautions after having a piercing.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Sensitive skin may have redness or some allergic reactions after anti-tragus piercing.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Make sure you have to pierce by a licensed dermatologist if you not you have to face more difficulties after piercing.

What type of jewelry is used for an anti-tragus piercing?

:small_blue_diamond: Cartilage studs: For the anti-tragus piercing cartilage studs with a flat disc back looks to be the most popular jewelry. You can choose a different variety for cartilage cluster-like, simple bead or gemstone or choose an adorable charm.

:small_blue_diamond: Small curved or circular barbells: You have another option of small curved or circular barbells. With the double bead ends your anti-tragus piercing look stand out and creating a bolder look.

:small_blue_diamond: Small seamless hoops: Some choose captive bead rings or small seamless hoops as well. This creates a cohesive cartilage cluster by pairing with other hoops, or on its own, it helps the anti-tragus take a bold posture.

What jewelry material and size is used for an anti-tragus piercing?

There are a few things you need to consider when choosing your piercing jewelry:

:diamonds: Jewelry Size: ear sizes vary from person to person, so make sure you have to choose the right size of jewelry for anti-tragus that are more adjustable in your ear. If you choose something with a huge diameter or gauge which is wide you may not comfortable with this type of jewelry. Often anti tragus piercings are more suitable with micro jewelry which is smaller than usual cartilage piercing jewelry due to the size of the ridge that is being pierced. You have more comfortable with micro jewelry while your activities such as wearing headphones or earbuds.

:diamonds: Surgical stainless steel : This is medical-grade stainless steel used for medically embedded. This may contain some nickel, but that is safe for those who have nickel allergies because it contains a low rate of nickel. Still remember, if you have a severe nickel allergy, you’ll have many more options that are durable too!

:diamonds: Implant grade titanium: Titanium is another medical-grade metal, but its properties are different from stainless steel. Titanium is completely hypoallergenic, but it’s more expensive, if you have a severe nickel allergy, titanium is recommended by your piercer and more preferable metal.

:diamonds: Solid gold: If you like the look of yellow, white gold, or rose, and haven’t a problem paying more, gold is the best option. You have to make sure it’s solid and not gold-plated, which can coat by nickel and other mixtures used under the plating are sometimes cause redness and allergic reactions.

:diamonds: Niobium: Niobium is an elemental metal that is similar to titanium and quite safe for everyone, but it doesn’t have the properties of implant-grade designation which is not a big deal here. The cost of the niobium is less than titanium.

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How do I know if there’s a problem?

Here we have a list of symptoms that persist or get worse is usually a pretty good indication that alerts us for things that may be going on the wrong side.

Here are specific symptoms to watch out for:

:heavy_check_mark: severe pain
:heavy_check_mark: persistent or worsening inflammation or redness
:heavy_check_mark: swelling that lasts more than 48 hours
:heavy_check_mark: thick, smelly discharge or pus
:heavy_check_mark: excessive bleeding
:heavy_check_mark: heat comes out from the piercing
:heavy_check_mark: a bump at the piercing site
:heavy_check_mark: fever
:heavy_check_mark: thickening or flaking around the piercing

If you can’t face any difficulty or the above symptoms but you have some unusual, you have to contact your healthcare provider or licensed dermatologist.

What if I end up not liking it?

If you have an anti-tragus piercing for the first time and you find that it looks not better or can’t give you as you required, here we have another point that how much you dislike it.

You have to think first that something has taken time for adjustment and the audience has ready to accept it.

You have better options you get an opinion from your loved one, or you have to change jewelry style, but if you have decided to say goodbye to your piercing.

If you are sure to want it out before it’s healed, you have to consult with your piercer and he can take it out, but you have to take care of your piercing place until it’s healed.

Skin takes a few weeks to grow back and fill over the hole.

Frequently ask questions

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What hurts more conch or tragus?

Ear have different parts and every part have piercing pain different. Cartilage piercings considered in those parts which have more pain than other parts such as the ear lobe is generally considered the least painful piercing. The helix, tragus, anti-tragus, conch and so on will usually be more painful because it’s tougher and takes more time to heal.

How do you treat an infected anti-tragus piercing?

Potentially clear up the infection by avoiding something and take precautions which are listed below:

:maple_leaf: Don’t remove the jewelry or play with your piercing

:maple_leaf: Clean you’re piercing location two to three times a day

:maple_leaf: Apply a warm compress

:maple_leaf: Apply an antibacterial cream

:maple_leaf: Avoid wearing headphone or earbuds until it healed

Which piercing helps with anxiety?

A Daith piercing is placing in the most inner fold of your ear. Some people believe that Daith piercing can help ease anxiety-related migraines and other symptoms.


:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Anti-tragus piercing is placed above the earlobe, which is the nub of cartilage, and opposite the tragus.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: This piercing has more pain than other ear piercings and takes more time to heal because of its location.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: You look gorgeous after having anti tragus piercings and your many options for their jewelry.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Consult with a licensed dermatologist or piercer to have an anti-tragus piercing, pain level depends on their experience, they will guide you before the process when you take a breath.