Industrial Piercing

Industrial piercing is also known as scaffold or construction piercing. Industrial piercing is the piercing of two upper ear cartilages.


:ballot_box_with_check:Industrial piercing procedure

For Industrial piercing two piercing are made, one fairly close to the top (onwards helix piercing) other is on the opposite side of the ear (helix piercing). Industrial piercing required proper cleaning.

a.The piercer should always sterilize jewelry, instrument, gloves and the piercing area to avoid infection.

b.The piercing area will be marked with a pen. When client will agree with the placement, piercer will use a 14g needle to start with the first hole. Then, the second hole will be pierced.

c.Jewelry will be inserted through both holes and then close by a ball at one end.

d.At last piercer should disinfect the are of piercing to avoid the risks of infection.
The whole procedure normally takes a few minutes.

:ballot_box_with_check:Industrial Piercing Jewelry

Jewelry worn during the healing period is known as barbell jewelry and after healing captive bead rings (CBRs) are used. Sometime Captive bead are used during healing time which results in faster healing of industrial piercing. Industrial piercing may be done with 14g or 16g of barbell depending on the piercer.

Many piercer prefer industrial piercing with captive bead rings. Jewelry should be of good quality, it should be 316L or 316LVM stainless steel or alloy of aluminum Titanium which is safe as aluminum.


Industrial jewelry have lots of varieties some of them are very unique. These are plain barbells, design barbells, labret studs, hoops, seamless rings, captive bead rings and spirals.

:ballot_box_with_check:Industrial piercing price

Price of industrial piercing may vary from place to place, it depends on the location of the shop. Industrial piercing price also depends on the type of jewelry. It is the combination of actual piercing price and jewelry price.

So price is low when piercing is with simple Titanium barbell and if piercing is with gold barbell or diamond barbell it’s price is high.

:ballot_box_with_check:Industrial Piercing Pain

At start pain of industrial piercing is double because you get two holes at a same time than normal piercing. During healing process it hurts more because of the soreness of ear cartilage, sometime soreness may stay for 6 to 8 months. It may vary person to person.

To minimize the pain or soreness you should use Pain killer, sea salt based solution or saline solution for soothing. Industrial piercing is the cartilage piercing which take more time for healing because cartilage is sensitive to pierce.

:ballot_box_with_check:Industrial piercing infection

Infections in industrial piercing are very common because cartilages are prone to infections. Infections developed because piercing is near the hair and hair can irritate piercings by tangled around piercing or by hair products.

Sign and symptoms of infection

Uncomfortable swelling, persistent warmth, redness, white discharge, throbbing, pus and bleeding, severe pain and fever.

Prevention and Treatment of industrial piercing infection

1)In start of piercing avoid playing with jewelry because it has side effects, it can cause more swelling and irritation or introduce germs into the holes which allow the spreading of infection.

2)You should always clean the piercing area 2 to 3 times daily with saline solution which prevent infection. For cleaning follow these steps:

a. Always use a cloth and soak it with saline. Avoid cotton and tissues because they get stuck with jewelry and cause irritation.

b. Wipe around each side of the barbell very softly and clean outside and inside both.

c. Clean until the holes are completely clean, don’t leave any crust.

3)Tea tree oil application is helpful for cleaning or disinfection of piercing because of the antimicrobial property of tea tree oil. Don’t apply tea tree oil directly always dilute it with other oil or saline solution before applying.

Dip a clean paper towel into diluted mixture of saline solution and tea tree oil and apply it to each side of piercing two times a day.

:ballot_box_with_check:Industrial piercing healing

Due to the piercing of two points and piercing of cartilage it is hard to heal. It take 2-3 months to heal if there is no complication occur otherwise it take 6 to 8 months. Swelling of the piercing area in first week is normal and it will gradually go down.

These piercings are one of the trickiest to heal and they can have cyclical healing where sometimes they seem great and at other times it seems like healing has regressed.

Tips for healing of industrial piercing

  1. Use jewelry which is safe like implant grade Titanium or gold 14k-18k, nickel free jewelry. Gauge size is also very important and it should be of 14. Size of bar is also important for healing and longer bar is safe because longer bar allow space for swelling while short bar put pressure which cause pain and healing process will become slow.

  2. Use salt water or saline solution or chamomile compresses to manage outbreaks of healing which fluctuates in Industrial piercing.

  3. Avoid lying on the side that you pierce, if you have piercing of both sides use travel pillow.

  4. One more issue people have with a new industrial piercing is getting it caught while brushing hair. It can take a while to get used to having the jewelry there, and it’s easy for a brush to catch on it. Try to wear your hair behind the ear.

  5. Avoid headphones and switch to earbuds for the first two to three months.

  6. Avoid use of chemical shampoo because chemical cause irritation of piercing area and use natural shampoo.

  7. If you want to look good after industrial piercing you should take extra care of it and follow all the instructions given by your piercer until the industrial piercing fully heal.

:ballot_box_with_check:Industrial piercing without a Bar

Bar is used in Industrial piercing to connect two holes. Without a bar, it’s not an industrial piercing. Only a bar can be used for industrial piercing. One barbell combines both pierces together. It is also known as bar piercing.

:ballot_box_with_check:Industrial piercing types

Industrial piercing style combines the helix and anti-helix piercings is the most popular style. It is of any two cartilage piercings that combines with a industrial barbell. These are some other options for industrial piercing:

a. Vertical industrial piercing

It can pierce a few different areas of the cartilage. Often, it entails a helix piercing and a conch piercing, two conch piercings, or the rook and the conch.

b. The double or triple industrial piercing

It consists of multiple industrial piercings. It’s most common to see them in a standard industrial piercing, but you can get creative with this style.

:ballot_box_with_check:Industrial piercing advantages and disadvantages:


•There are many types of industrial piercing. Three to four points of piercing in the ear.

•Industrial piercing is for both men and women. It depends on the choice of client both vertical and horizontal piercing look equally beautiful on men and women.

• It’s something very unique, it looks stunning with jewelry. It makes you different from others.


• As we know that it is cartilage piercing and it is difficult from other earlobe piercing not only for client also for piercer. So always try to find best shop for it.

• Pain in Industrial piercing is double because client get two holes at same time.

• Prevention and treatment during healing process is difficult too because of the two piercing so you should always follow the instructions given by piercer to avoid infection.


Industrial piercing is also known as scaffold, cartilage and construction piercing. It is the piercing of two points one is on the top onwards helix and other is on the opposite side. Industrial piercing is painful because two holes are made at same time so healing process may take 6 to 8 months. Price of industrial piercing may vary from place to place and it depends on jewelry. There are different varieties of jewelry such as plain barbells, design barbells, labret studs, hoops, seamless rings, captive bead rings and spirals. There are two types of piercing vertical and double and triple piercing.

:ballot_box_with_check:Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is an industrial piercing dangerous?

Industrial piercing is dangerous than other piercing, it is the cartilage piercing which increase the risk of excessive bleeding because clotting of cartilage piercing is slower than other skin piercing.

If keloid appears around piercing which ends up with a big scar and which will reduce by laser therapy or cortisone injections which is quite expensive.

2. How do you wash your hair with industrial piercing?

Avoid chemical shampoo and use natural shampoo because chemical cause irritation of the piercing area. Take extra care of piercing area when rinsing the shampoo and soap.

3. Why is industrial piercing crusty?

After bleeding dead blood cells and plasma make their way to the surface and then dry when exposed to air. It is normal, after the piercing, it heal the piercing naturally. You should clean these crust regularly.


Industrial piercing is also known as scaffold, cartilage and construction piercing. It is the piercing of two points one is on the top onwards helix and other is on the opposite side.

Industrial piercing is painful because two holes are made at same time so healing process may take 6 to 8 months. Price of industrial piercing may vary from place to place and it depends on jewelry.

There are different varieties of jewelry such as plain barbells, design barbells, labret studs, hoops, seamless rings, captive bead rings and spirals. There are two types of piercing vertical and double and triple piercing.

Uncomfortable swelling, persistent warmth, redness, white discharge, throbbing, pus and bleeding, severe pain and fever are the sign and symptoms of infection.

Industrial piercing Sometimes likewise called a platform puncturing, this slick piercing as a rule comprises of two openings through the upper ligament of the ear associated with a solitary bit of adornments. It is conceivable, however, to have a industrial piercing with the same number of individual piercings as your life systems will permit. Typically, long hand weights are utilized for industrial piercings, however there are a few different kinds of adornments accessible available.

Industrial piercing

There are approaches to limit the distress of getting this penetrating, in any case, if the agony is an obstacle for you. The two greatest things you can do to enable your penetrating cycle to go easily and effortlessly are picking a legitimate and experienced piercer and adhering to a persistent aftercare regiment. Both of these components will help guarantee your piercing heals appropriately.

Whenever you’ve chosen to enhance your ears with this beautiful and extraordinary piercing, it’s a smart thought to do legitimate examination on thinking about your new piercing. This convenient guide will give you the wretched on the best aftercare tips and adornments alternatives to help guarantee you benefit from your industrial piercing.

Industrial Ear Piercing ; Healing Time

It’s imperative to consider mending time when choosing any kind of ligament penetrating. Mending time can shift extraordinarily for modern piercings. Modern piercings take at least 9 a year to mend, this number goes up with triple or quad industrials or intriguing yet reasonable increases.

A decent cleaning and piercing aftercare regiment will help accelerate the healing cycle and help guarantee you land on the more limited finish of the mending range.

Choose cautiously on the ideal season to get your piercing. Remember that its best to maintain a strategic distance from pools, hot tubs, seas, lakes, and different kinds of water-based exercises while your puncturing is mending. In the event that these are ordinary pieces of your late spring plans, maybe its best to get punctured in the colder time of year. In any case, on the off chance that you regularly wear caps in the colder time of year, you additionally should consider that they could represent a danger of getting caught in your new gems.

It is additionally not prescribed to get industrial piercings on the two ears simultaneously. This is on the grounds that you will need to abstain from resting as an afterthought with your new puncturing while it mends.

Industrial ear piercing

Thinking about your Industrial Piercing

Aftercare is pivotal to guaranteeing your penetrating mends effectively. Inappropriately thought about piercings can bring about disease! Fortunately, appropriate puncturing care isn’t troublesome or costly. Generally, everything necessary is setting aside the effort to clean your puncturing appropriately, getting aggravations far from it, and abstaining from pulling or catching your new adornments.

To clean your penetrating appropriately, you first need to ensure your hands are spotless. Continuously wash your hands altogether prior to contacting your penetrating. we just suggest a clean saline for water system and a gentle, clinical evaluation cleanser to clean the territory of the penetrating yet to never focus on cleanser the puncturing itself. Your piercer can ordinarily suggest a decent item for this reason.

It’s critical to get any unfamiliar aggravations far from your new puncturing. This incorporates any hair or healthy skin items you may utilize. Preferably, it’s ideal to dodge items, for example, hair splash completely while your piercing mends, however on the off chance that that is unimaginable make a point to shield your ear from being presented to the shower.

Pulling or catching your gems can likewise hinder the mending cycle, so utilize additional consideration when brushing your hair and try not to wear any hair extras or caps that risk catching. Those with long hair may wish to tie their hair back to stay away from it getting tangled in the gems while your modern penetrating mends.

What to do on the off chance that you Suspect an Infection ?

Penetrating knocks, growing, discharge, or hot inclination skin around the puncturing territory could all be indications of a contaminated penetrating for a body gems. Disease is in reality improbable except if in instances of outrageous disregard and a wellspring of microscopic organisms move present, 99% of issues identified with piercings are aggravations, brought about by issues like dozing, pressure, sick fitting adornments or contacting. In the event that you presume your penetrating is tainted, it’s ideal to move it looked at immediately as opposed to allowing the contamination the chance to deteriorate. Visit your PCP to have it assessed, particularly in the event that you notice a fever close by other contamination indications.

Another expected reason for disturbance could be a hypersensitive response to specific metals. It’s in every case best to stay with embed grade metals while picking your gems to evade any expected responses.

Kinds of Jewelry for Industrial Piercings

A straight 14 check hand weight is the exemplary adornments style for modern piercings. Notwithstanding, you are unquestionably not restricted to the modern free weight! There is a scope of other fun gems styles and alternatives you can consider for your mechanical penetrating. Fancier free weight alternatives are accessible highlighting hanging charms, crisscrosses, or words. You can likewise trade out the plain metal strung finishes of your free weight for closes with a touch more style, for example, special gemstones or fun shapes. It should be noticed that ensemble adornments should never be worn as the materials are not good for wear inside the body. just embed grade materials should be worn.

Our Favorite Ear Piercing Jewelry

Prepared to Get your Own Industrial Piercing?

In the event that you are in the Newmarket, Mississauga or Toronto territory and are prepared to find out more or get your own modern penetrating, the group at Pierced is prepared to help. Our exceptionally appraised puncturing parlor is staffed by experienced penetrating experts that care about creation sure your next puncturing meeting is agreeable, speedy and as effortless as could be expected under the circumstances. Also we have an expansive choice of adornments to impeccably go with your industrial piercing

Industrial piercing men

Do men’s looks acceptable with Pierced ear?

Totally. Anybody can look great with pierced ears. It’s the style of the hoops that would make it look fortunate or unfortunate. The hanging cross studs are mainstream and exemplary, particularly among Korean and Japanese superstars.

Sorts of industrial piercing in men

  1. Helix Piercing. Comparable in thinking to the ear cartilage, the Helix is situated in the upper ligament and is a piercing that looks incredible on folks!

  2. Nose Piercing. The nose puncturing is getting increasingly more well known among folks going under the needle.

  3. Eyebrow Piercing

  4. Areola Piercing


Industrial piercing which is more common in Koreans and Japanese citizens, looks awesome on both male and female but there consequences and healing ia not same. I have discussed it’s consequences and it’s infrastructure for you.

Industrial piercing is a piercing of two opposite cartilages with one long piece of jewelry enclosed with ball ends. It is also known as “Scaffold piercing” and “construction piercing” Two holes are made, one on the top of the anti-helix and the other below the cartilage on the opposite side of the ear.


The Industrial piercing was first introduced by “Body Play Magazine” in 1992 which was named and popularized by Erik Dakota. It was widely popular in the Punks category which is why it is highly associated with aggressive fashion.


As we know, every piercing is named in accordance with the part of the body such as nose piercing, brow piercing, a tongue piercing and naval piercing, etc. But here, humans don’t have an industrial part of the body but it is still named like that as it refers to the double perforation on cartilage with single bar jewelry.


It is highly requested to go for a professional piercer for lesser chances of obstacles. It is done through the following steps:


Make sure you sterilized your needles in order to remove any harmful microorganisms or bacteria that can cause infection in the future. According to the piercers, it is highly suggested to use needles than guns as it is less painful and has less chance of future infections.


The piercer must mark the points first by placing industrial jewelry on your ear and measure the points so that it can pass through the holes perfectly.


Piercer will insert needles on the marked dots and make sure that it has been passed through the cartilage. The needle is quite thick so it may bleed.


They will take out the needle and insert bar jewelry on both holes. It is highly preferred to use iron, titanium, gold, or silver jewelry.


According to the facts, it takes about five to six months to heal, depending on the care and a person’s immunity. Its healing is pretty prolonged as it contains two holes to heal as well as piercing on cartilage takes more time than on ear loop.


There are some of the instructions given by piercers that are as follows:

  1. They must be cleaned every day with alcoholic swaps and other saline solutions or cream.
  2. Avoid putting pressure on them such as lying on the pierced side.
  3. Always wash your hands before cleaning the pierced hole as it may transfer bacteria and cause infections.
  4. If you’re using gold industrial jewelry, make sure to be in the range from 14 to 17 karats as higher than that makes the gold soft and can allow bacteria to cause infection.
  5. Surgical steel is mostly used for piercing as it is less likely to cause future infections. So, it is always preferred to use them.
  6. Try to keep your hair tied up in order to avoid getting tangled with your piercing jewelry.
  7. Use a warm towel and compressed it on your ear for 5 to 8 minutes. It allows treating swelling that can occur due to infection.


After piercing, your ears need extra care as it takes time to heal. Lack of care can cause infections such as Keloid which is a small bump on the ear tissue. The symptoms are as follows:

  1. Redness
  2. Swelling and bumps
  3. Continuous white pus secretion along with blood.
  4. Feeling of itching and heat.
  5. Blisters and rashes
  6. Extreme pain especially with a slight touch.
  7. Fever

It is being suggested to go to the doctor if these symptoms are getting worse and use prescribed gels and ointments.


Industrial piercing is a painful process. According to the majority review, the pain scale ranges from 5 to 7 but mostly it depends on pain tolerance level. So, it varies from person to person. Industrial piercing is an addition to your personality and charm especially it gives funky and independent or bold vibes to your aura. No doubt, it is not easy to carry this style and very few can handle those vibes.