What is Essential Oil and its Types

What is Essential Oil and its Types
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What are Essential Oil?

Essential oils is the quintessence of plants. These oils are prepared and filtered from natural resources. Essential oils are the natural compounds found in plant’s bark, seed, roots and they are highly concentrated and potent chemical compounds. What is Essential oil and its types. Essential oils are also known as Volatile oils, Aetherolea oils, Etheral oil or it is given the name of the plant through which the oil is extracted like the oil of clove.

What Are Essential Oils Good For?

Essential oils are used to ease stress, boost mood, relieve pain from headaches and migraines, get a better night’s sleep, quell nausea, and even repel insects. Most essential oils have antiseptic properties as well. Essential oils can be applied to the crown of your head, behind the ears, to your neck, and to your temples. If the aroma of an oil is too strong, or your skin is sensitive, you can dilute it with a carrier oil.

Are you curious about how you might use Essential oils into your routine life?

Essential oils can be used in our daily life for bundles of purposes. People in old times, found health and physical benefits in essentials oils.
Some of them are:

  • Promote healthy gut for Digestion

  • Reduce Skin defects.

  • Keep good oral hygiene.

  • Freshens the air.

  • Provides Energy and Motivation.

  • Maintain Respiratory Healthness.

What is an organic essential oil?

An organic essential oil is the one that has been gained from plants and herbs and is procured according to organic basis. The term “organic” refers to achieving natural products through natural resources without pesticides, in its pure form. Organic essential oil is obtained without addition of artificial chemicals.

An essential organic oil is refined from those parts of plants - which contain “essence” of plant in a highly concentrated form.

What are the non-Organic essential oils?

Non-organic oils are the one who are under standard quality of relation to food, vegetable and etc. They are not i pure form and have complete affect of pesticides and other chemicals.

On the other hand, Organic essentials are more valueable and expensive then non-Organic ones, because small amount of essential oil is prepared from large matter of plant.

Why Use Organic Oils?

As we know that organic oils are derived from pure natural resources of plants and the thing which is in it’s pure form is more demanded. Many people believe that Organics oils are more potent, natural and healthful than non-organic ones.

Organic oils are pompous in several ways like: their quality, aroma/fragrance and advantages.

What’s the best essential oil?

As there are several plants whose oils are extracted from the to use for health, for massage and for other routine life purposes. Some of the best proved essential oils which are beneficial, they are;

  • Lavender Essential oil - It gives relaxing and calm scent

  • Bergamot Essential oil - It reduces stress and has scent which enhances body lotions and massages.

  • Jasmine Essential oil - Its scent is used for netting popular desserts and fragrances.

  • TeaTree oil - It is antibacterial and anti-fungal. It helps in curing wounds and is solution for dandruff.

  • Eucalyptus Essential oil - It is used in calming cough and nasal infections. It also helps in calming mildew odors.

  • Peppermint Essential oil - It is helps in recovering Irritating Bowel Syndromes (IBS) in winter. It also helps athletes in their performance.

  • Patchouli Essential oil - It has pleasing musky scent and is used in distillation of steam.

These are the World’s best essential oils which are used by everyone for their purposes.

How to choose essential oils?

As there are lot of essential organic oils and every person’s need is different, so you have to choose it according to your need. While choosing, keep few things in mind that essential oils should be in pure form and is not manufactured through chemical processes. Because chemicals disturb its original qualities.

The other thing which should be kept in mind is that the Label on the pack of essential oil and all ingredients should be mentioned on the label to ensure its quality. The packing of the essential oil should be of glass or amber because they tend it to last longer, otherwise it plastic may contaminate it and disturb its orders and scent.

How to use essential oils?

Essential are are vary important and you need to check them properly before selecting because they are very strong and are in diluted form. So, before selecting them keep few aspects in mind, which are;

  • Patch test

  • Expiry date

  • Diffusion rates

  • Diffused ratio

  • Mean of storage

These are some tests and parameters on which you use essential oils for perfect usage of them.

What are the precautions of essential oils?

As we know essential oils are very strong and are in dilute form, so they might be reactive and cause irritation to skin and hairs if you apply them directly without carrier oil. So, carrier oil is necessary to mix with essential oil for proper results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using Essential oil is beneficial for body and mind. Take a view of some frequently asked questions by people for essential oils;

Do essential oils really work?

As we know, there is vast variety of essential oil which is extracted from plants. So firstly, you need to choose right one oil for your cause and need which suits perfect to your situation. If you choose perfect one, then it shows results and works to clear your symptoms. Lab studies also proved that if oil is chosen properly, then it will give 100% results.

Who should not use essential oils?

Essential oils are in less dilute form, and they are sensitive to children and old age people because children and elders need more dilute products, so essential oil ,may cause irritation and infections to them. For Example; Birch and Wintergreen oils have a chemical called Methyl silicate which causes problems in kids under age of 6, so it should be avoided.

Is it safe to inhale essential oils?

Essential oils are advised never to eat or drink them because they may be toxic and may have side effects. For skin implication, use oils of concentration lower than 5% to prevent infections. For inhaling, use fragmentary exposed things and try to set duration of 15 minutes inhaling per hour. This will suit your inhaling process.


What is Essential oil and its types? Essential oils are very good for health and physical fitness. They are in large quantity and have big benefits for fitness. They are also used in cooking for eating purposes. Essential oils should be in pure form and this is a concern of using them with precautions. They help in relaxing our mind and soul. they also relax our muscles and tissues.

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Essential oil is extracted from natural plant resources. when essential oils are extracted without any pesticides or any artificial chemicals that are called organic essential oil. Essential oils are most commonly used in the practice of aromatherapy, in which they are breathed through several methods. The chemicals in essential oils can interact with your body in several ways. The essential oil contains different odors, natural scent, and flavor.

Famous Types Of Essential Oil:

More than 90 types of essential oils are obtained from natural plants. But some essential oils are the most famous and most useable oils. Do you wanna know about What Is Essential Oil And Its Types?

  • Lavender Oil.

  • Bergamot Oil.

  • Peppermint Oil.

  • Sandalwood Oil.

  • Rose Oil.

  • Chamomile Oil.

  • Ylang-Ylang Oil.

  • Tea Tree Oil.

  • Jasmine Oil.

  • Lemon Oil.

Lavender Oil:

Lavender oil is used to relieve stress.

Bergamot Oil:

Bermagot Oil is used to reduce stress and improve skin conditions like eczema.

Peppermint Oil:

Peppermint oil is used to boost energy and aid digestion.

Sandalwood Oil:

Sandalwood Oil is used in the treatment of inflammatory and eruptive skin diseases.

Rose Oil:

Rose Oil is used to improve mood and reduce anxiety.

Chamomile Oil:

Chamomile Oil used to improve mood and relaxation.

Ylang-Ylang Oil:

Ylang-Ylang Oil is used to treat headaches, nausea, and skin conditions.

Tea Tree Oil:

Tea Tree Oil is used to fight infections and boost immunity.

Jasmine Oil:

Jasmine Oil is used to help with depression, childbirth, and libido.

Lemon Oil:

Lemon Oil is used to aid digestion, mood, headaches, and it gives more benefits.

Frequent Asked Question(FAQs):

What is the best smelling essential oil?

Citrus Essential Oils is called the best smelling essential oil. Frequently, it is the boosting, stimulating, and optimistic essential oils that are regarded as the best smelling. Citrus essential oils are orange, lemon, grapefruit, lime, mandarin oil, etc. These essential oils are included in favorite essential oil.

What should I look for when buying essential oils?

Essential oils should be sold in dark amber or dark blue glass bottles. Clear glass allows unfiltered light to enter and can cause the oil to harm. Never buy pure essential oils in plastic bottles since the oils can melt plastic and contaminate the product. Always check your product whether the Essential oil is organic? or not.

Which essential oils are antibacterial?

What is Essential organic oil? The Best Antimicrobial and Antibacterial Essential Oils are:

  • Peppermint Essential Oil.

  • Tea Tree Essential Oil.

  • Cedarwood Essential Oil.

  • Lavender Essential Oil.

  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil.

  • Lemongrass Essential Oil.

  • Lemon Essential Oil.

What essential oils are good for the skin?**

We have 20 or more Essential Oils to improve Healthy and Glowing Skin. But some essential oils are mostly preferred to use.

  • Pure Argan Oil.

  • Cedarwood Organic Essential Oil.

  • Vetiver Essential Oil.

  • Neroli Essential Oil.

  • Geranium Essential Oil.

  • The Essentials Marula Oil.

  • Thieves Essential Oil Blend.

  • Grapefruit Essential Oil.

Can I use expired essential oils?

Essential oils don’t spoil as food does, but they do change over time. The bottom line is, don’t inhale expired essential oils or use them on your skin after they have expired.

What essential oil makes hair grow faster?

If you have delicate skin, conduct a patch test before applying an essential oil to your skin/scalp. A number of essential oils involving lavender, rosemary, thyme, and cedarwood are effective in boosting hair growth. Some carrier oils like jojoba oil can also be obtained to improve hair growth.


Essential oil is extracted from natural plant resources. Essential oils are the natural unpredictable compounds having a loveable fragrance. The essential oils are confined mostly from the hydrodistillation process which is more suitable for this process and easy to pack. Integral parts of the plants are used for the extraction of plants.

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