How to Remove Skin Tags Naturally

Have you spotted any soft protruding portion of skin in the regions of your neck or armpits? Then you most likely have developed what is called a skin tag.

how to remove skin tags, Skin tags are supple growths of tissue mass on the surface of the skin, particularly where the folds occur, such as in the neck, armpits, bag, and in the area around the groin. These are, in fact, light or dark colored benign tumors, which generally develop in middle-aged men and women. However, they are no cause for alarm or worry, it being merely an aesthetic concern.

The exact cause for the occurrence of skin tags is yet to be determined, but hormonal imbalance, aging, frequent rubbing against skin causing friction, being obese and having type 2 diabetes mellitus are considered to be the main underlying reasons.

Skin tags are painless and do not cause any severe consequences but can result in a lot of agony and discomfort if brushed against very hard. They usually do not require any medical treatment and can be easily cured using common ingredients found at home or in the kitchen.

So, if you are looking to flaunt smooth and unblemished skin, either at work or for an occasion, here are some basic quick-fix methods, to eliminate those annoying skin tags once and for all.

Effective Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Skin Tags:

1.Massage With Tea Tree Oil:

After washing the area affected by skin tags thoroughly, carefully spread some tea tree oil on the swollen parts, using a cotton swab. Cover it with a clean cloth and leave it on overnight. The intrinsic antibacterial and antifungal properties of tea tree oil help to promptly remove skin tags.

2.Apply A Garlic Paste:

Mince a small slice of garlic, make it into a paste and smear it directly on the skin tags on the surface of your body. Seal the areas with a bandage and allow the potent garlic extract to act overnight. The anti-inflammatory traits in garlic function to totally eliminate the bulging skin tags.

3.Use Apple Cider Vinegar:

wipe the entire region of the skin tags in all the affected parts of the body. Cover it with a clean cloth, keep it on for 30 minutes and then wash with warm water. The acid content in apple cider vinegar aids in disintegrating the skin tags from the bodys surface.

The vast number of anti-aging components present in banana peels makes them ideal to heal skin tags. Cover the skin tag with a bandage and let it stay overnight. Performing this routine daily for one week helps to dry out the skin tag until they eventually peel off from the body’s surface.

What are Skin tags?

Skin tags are round soft and overgrown tissues on the surface of skin. They are different in color and vary in sizes. Skin tags are smooth and soft They are not contagious. Skin tags look like warts but are not actually warts because warts spread from one to many. They range in size from few millimetres upto 5cm wide. They are kind of small out growths of skin parts. skin tags are most common bumps on skin. It is a kind of hanging skin looks like a stalk. We will show methods of how to remove skin tags naturally?

Skin tags

Are skin tags a sign of diabetes?

Skin tags are often due to diabetes. As you know, skin tags are round and soft, and people having diabetes have too high blood sugar level and under this condition insulin does not works properly or lacks.

Due to this lacking, people suffer from skin problems and diseases. Skin tags are often formed at neck, under armpits, on back, under the breasts, on buttocks and area under groin.

Home Remedies to remove Skin tags?

Although skin tags are common and generally 25% of people have these skin defects, but these skin errors are not harmful but these may cause irritation and bother you. So here are some natural ways to remove them:

  • Banana Peel

If you have old banana peels and you are having skin tags then don’t throw them out because banana peel helps naturally to remove skin tags.

Place the peel of banana over infected are and cover it with a strap or guaze overnight. Try this natural effect a whole week and your tag will dry and fall out.

  • Garlic Paste

Garlic proved best in removal of skin tags. Garlic reduces the inflammation of skin. For removal of tag, crush a piece of garlic and make paste of it, apply the paste over tag and cover it with some bandage overnight.

Repeat this until tag shrinks and get removed.

  • Vitamin E

Vitamin E is one of the simple way to remove skin tags. As you know Vitamin E is an antioxidant and have ability to oppose skin wrinkles and keeps the skin nourishing and healthy.

So, simple is that apply the Vitamin E oil on the tag and massage it whole week, you will see tag will be removed.

What are skin tags caused by?

Skin tags are often made up of blood vessels and collagen present in the outer layers of the skin. But the actual reason that why skin tags are formed is unknown because they can be due to several reasons. According to a research in 2008, skin tags are often caused by HUMAN PAPILLOMAVIRUS (HPV), but there can be other reasons not only HPV.

Do skin tags spread?

If you are having a skin tag, then those tags can become more and more with the passage of time. But skin tags cannot spread like other viruses. Skin tags are not contagious and they are not able to spread from one part of the body to another. That’s why skin tags are not able to spread.

How long do skin tags last?

Skin tags are the part of the skin. They are not harmful but they can cause irritation. You can peel them off with treatment and with home remedies. But if you don’t care of them and leave them as they are, then skin tags can last till your life because they become strong and become attached to skin layers.

Another condition is that of Thrombosed skin tags. These Thrombosed skin tags when form, they will automatically remove within 3 to 10 days and they don’t need any treatment.

How do I prevent skin tags?

It is difficult to prevent skin tags without knowing their cause. But you can do some activities to prevent them. These activities are;

  • Take a low saturated fat diet plan with consulting your doctor

  • Exercise daily almost 30 minutes to burn calories and extra fats

  • Dry your skin folds after shower and bath to prevent any moisture from creating friction

  • Wear cotton and breath able clothes for your skin to get air and use lotion in your skin folds.

These are some preventing tips for skin tags.

What does a skin tag look like when it starts?

In start, skin tags are like pin heads and bumps from the surface of the skin. Skin tags in start are small in appearance like stalks slight above or irregular from the upper surface of skin. They may be of the color of skin or slight brownish in appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some question about how to remove skin tags naturally, which people ask frequently before using home remedies;

Do skin tags get bigger?

Yes, skin tags can grow larger. When skin tags appeared in start, they are like little pebbles and they are almost 2 to 5 millimetres in size… But if they remain for long time, then they grow big with the circulation of blood in them. They may grow upto half an inch of size.

Do skin tags grow back once removed?

Skin tags are removed with medical treatment or with natural ointments. But if you remove your skin tag with proper medication, it will not come again. Similarly, if you use ointments and remedies perfectly, then skin tags will not grow back.

On the other hand if you have not received medication properly, then skin tags can grow again, sometimes from the same part of skin or sometimes from near parts of skin.

When should I be worried about a skin tag?

There is no need to worry about skin tags as they are harmless and they target million of people in routine life. They are small outgrowths of skin and they grow in folds of the skin where friction is more.


Skin tags are natural and are parts of your body. There was a question that How to remove skin tags naturally? You can remove them with various methods but they are no thing of tension and worry. You can remove them with home remedies as i have discussed above. Skin tags are normal and many people have them.

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