Definition of Malignant:

  1. Condition, disorder, or growth that is suspected to be cancerous or harmful and to worsen over time, therefore an immediate cause for concern. Opposite of benign.

  2. (of a disease) very virulent or infectious.

  3. Malevolent.

Synonyms of Malignant

Spiteful, Hostile, Malevolent, Malicious, Malign, Evil-intentioned, Baleful, Full of hate, Vicious, Nasty, Poisonous, Venomous, Acrimonious, Rancorous, Splenetic, Cruel, Acrid, Allergic, Anemic, Antagonistic, Antipathetic, Apoplectic, Arthritic, Atrocious, Baleful, Baneful, Barbaric, Barbarous, Belligerent, Bestial, Bilious, Bitchy, Bitter, Bloody, Brutal, Brutish, Cancerous, Catching, Caustic, Chlorotic, Clashing, Colicky, Colliding, Communicable, Conflicting, Consumptive, Contagious, Corroding, Corrosive, Corrupting, Corruptive, Counterproductive, Cussed, Damaging, Deadly, Death-bringing, Deathful, Deathly, Deleterious, Despiteful, Destructive, Detrimental, Devilish, Diabolical, Disadvantageous, Disserviceable, Distressing, Dropsical, Dyspeptic, Edematous, Encephalitic, Envenomed, Epileptic, Evil, Fatal, Feral, Ferine, Ferocious, Fiendish, Fierce, Full of hate, Harmful, Hateful, Hostile, Hurtful, Infectious, Infective, Inhuman, Iniquitous, Injurious, Internecine, Invidious, Kill-crazy, Killing, Laryngitic, Leprous, Lethal, Luetic, Malarial, Malefic, Maleficent, Malevolent, Malicious, Malign, Mean, Measly, Mephitic, Merciless, Miasmal, Miasmatic, Miasmic, Mischievous, Mortal, Murderous, Nasty, Nephritic, Neuralgic, Neuritic, Noisome, Noncivilized, Noxious, Ominous, Ornery, Palsied, Paralytic, Pernicious, Pestiferous, Pestilential, Phthisic, Pitiless, Pleuritic, Pneumonic, Pocky, Podagric, Poisonous, Prejudicial, Quarrelsome, Rachitic, Rancorous, Repugnant, Rheumatic, Rickety, Ruthless, Sanguinary, Savage, Scatheful, Scorbutic, Scrofulous, Set against, Sore, Spiteful, Tabetic, Tabid, Tameless, Toxic, Toxicant, Toxiferous, Tubercular, Tuberculous, Tumorigenic, Tumorous, Uncivilized, Ungentle, Untamed, Venenate, Veneniferous, Venenous, Venomous, Vicious, Virulent, Vitriolic, Wicked, Wild, Virulent, Infectious, Invasive, Uncontrollable, Dangerous, Harmful, Pernicious

How to use Malignant in a sentence?

  1. In the hands of malignant fate.
  2. But neither of these processes is suitable for patients with infection or malignant disease.

Meaning of Malignant & Malignant Definition