Definition of Run:

  1. Extend or cause to extend in a particular direction.

  2. Be in charge of; manage.

  3. A journey accomplished or route taken by a vehicle, aircraft, or boat, especially on a regular basis.

  4. General: One full execution of a cycle, process, or program, or the number of full cycles in a given time.

  5. The average or usual type of person or thing.

  6. A widespread and sudden or continuous demand for (a particular currency or commodity).

  7. A continuous spell of a particular situation or condition.

  8. (of a bus, train, ferry, or other form of transportation) make a regular journey on a particular route.

  9. (of an object or act) cost (someone) (a specified amount).

  10. Pass or cause to pass quickly or smoothly in a particular direction.

  11. Free and unrestricted use of or access to.

  12. A vertical line of unraveled stitches in stockings or tights.

  13. (with reference to a liquid) flow or cause to flow.

  14. Diarrhea.

  15. Be a candidate in a political election.

  16. Continue or be valid or operative for a particular period of time.

  17. A downward trickle of paint or a similar substance when applied too thickly.

  18. Publish or be published in a newspaper or magazine.

  19. An opportunity or attempt to achieve something.

  20. Banking: Sudden and large withdrawals made by depositors from a bank, or from the banking system in general, following a panic due to a fear or rumor of imminent insolvency of a bank or collapse of the financial system.

  21. Move at a speed faster than a walk, never having both or all the feet on the ground at the same time.

  22. (of a stocking or pair of tights) develop a vertical line of unraveled stitches.

  23. An enclosed area in which domestic animals or birds can run freely in the open.

  24. The after part of a ships bottom where it rises and narrows toward the stern.

  25. An act or spell of running.

  26. Be in or cause to be in operation; function or cause to function.

  27. Bring (goods) into a country illegally and secretly; smuggle.

  28. A point scored by hitting the ball so that both batsmen are able to run between the wickets, or awarded in some other circumstances.

  29. A sloping snow-covered course or track used for skiing, bobsledding, or tobogganing.

Synonyms of Run

Type, Kind, Sort, Variety, Class, Category, Order, Sprint, Race, Dart, Rush, Dash, Hasten, Hurry, Scurry, Scuttle, Scamper, Hare, Bolt, Bound, Fly, Gallop, Career, Charge, Pound, Shoot, Hurtle, Speed, Streak, Whizz, Zoom, Sweep, Go like lightning, Go hell for leather, Go like the wind, Flash, Double, Smuggle, Traffic in, Deal in, Free use of, Unrestricted use of, Unrestricted access to, Sprint, Race, Dash, Gallop, Rush, Spurt, Stand for, Stand for election as, Stand as a candidate for, Be a contender for, Put oneself forward for, Put oneself up for, Period, Spell, Stretch, Spate, Bout, Brownian movement, Everyman, Indian file, Le Mans, Lehrfreiheit, Public, Zeitgeist, Abide, Abrade, Abrasion, Abscond, Absquatulate, Academic freedom, Acciaccatura, Acquire, Act, Adolescent stream, Advance, Affluence, Afflux, Affluxion, Aim, Air lane, Air race, Airlift, Alameda, Angular motion, Appoggiatura, Arabesque, Array, Arroyo, Articulation, Ascend, Ascending, Ascent, Assault, Automobile race, Average, Average man, Averageness, Axial motion, Azimuth, Back, Back up, Backflowing, Backing, Backward motion, Balance, Bank, Bark, Batch, Be effective, Be in action, Be responsible for, Bear, Bear upon, Bearing, Beat, Beat a retreat, Beaten path, Beaten track, Beck, Bent, Berm, Bicycle path, Bicycle race, Bide, Blemish, Bloody, Boardwalk, Boat, Boat race, Bolt, Booking, Boost, Borscht circuit, Bound, Bourn, Braided stream, Branch, Break, Breed, Bridle path, Bring down, Bring on, Bring out, Bring upon, Brook, Brooklet, Buck, Budge, Bull, Bulldoze, Bum, Bump, Bundle, Bunt, Bureaucracy, Bureaucratism, Burn, Burrow, Burst, Burst of speed, Bustle, Butt, Butt against, Buzz, Cadence, Cadenza, Call the signals, Campaign, Canoe, Canter, Captain, Career, Carry, Carry on, Carry out, Carry sail, Carry through, Catena, Catenation, Catwalk, Cave, Center, Chafe, Chain, Chain reaction, Chaining, Change, Change place, Channel, Chart a course, Chase, Check, Chinoiserie, Chip, Circle, Circuit, Circumnavigate, Claw, Clear out, Climb, Climbing, Coast, Coil, Colliquate, Coloratura, Command, Common man, Common run, Commonality, Commonness, Commute, Concatenation, Concourse, Concussion, Cond, Conduct, Confluence, Conflux, Conn, Connection, Consecution, Constitutional freedom, Contest a seat, Contest of speed, Continualness, Continuance, Continuation, Continue, Continue to be, Continuity, Continuum, Contract, Control, Couch, Course, Cover, Cover ground, Covert, Coxswain, Crack, Crackle, Cram, Craze, Creek, Crick, Cross, Cross-country race, Crosscurrent, Crossing, Crowd, Cruise, Culture, Currency, Current, Cut, Cut and run, Cycle, Daily grind, Dash, Dash off, Dash on, Date, Dead run, Deal with, Decamp, Decoagulate, Decoct, Defeat time, Defluxion, Defrost, Defy time, Deliquesce, Den, Depart, Derby, Descend, Descending, Descent, Desert, Designate, Dig, Direct, Direction, Direction line, Dissolve, Division, Dog, Dog it, Dog race, Dogtrot, Double-time, Downflow, Downpour, Downward motion, Drag race, Drift, Driftage, Drive, Drone, Duration, Dwell, Dysentery, Earth, Ebb, Ebbing, Elapse, Elbow, Elope, Embellishment, Emigrate, Emigration, Encompass, Endless belt, Endless round, Endurance, Endurance race, Endure, Engagement, Engineer, Engrave, Enter the lists, Environ, Esplanade, Everyman, Everywoman, Excursion, Exist, Expatriate, Expatriation, Expedition, Expire, Extend, Extension, Extensiveness, Falcon, Fall in with, Fall into, Fare, Fare forth, Farm, Fastwalk, Fatten, Feed, Fester, Festinate, Fetch, File, Filiation, Fioritura, Flank speed, Flash burn, Flat-out speed, Flee, Flight, Flight path, Flit, Float, Flood, Flourish, Flow, Flow back, Flow in, Flow on, Flow out, Flowing, Flowing stream, Fluency, Fluidify, Fluidize, Flush, Fluviation, Flux, Fly, Follow the hounds, Foot, Foot pavement, Footpath, Footrace, Footway, Force, Forced draft, Form, Forward motion, Fowl, Fox-trot, Fracture, Fray, Frazzle, Freedom, Freedom from fear, Freedom from want, Freedom of worship, Fresh, Freshet, Fret, Fugitate, Full gallop, Function, Fuse, Gain, Gall, Gallop, Gamut, Gang, Garden path, Gash, Generality, Get, Get going, Get moving, Get out, Get over, Ghost, Gill, Girl next door, Git, Glacial movement, Glide, Go, Go along, Go around, Go by, Go by ship, Go hunting, Go on, Go on shipboard, Go out, Go round, Go sideways, Go to sea, Goad, Golden mean, Govern, Grace, Grace note, Gradation, Grand tour, Grind, Groove, Grow, Guide, Gun, Gush, Gyrate, Habitualness, Hand gallop, Handle, Happy medium, Hasten, Hatch, Have effect, Have free play, Have play, Have the conn, Hawk, Head, Head up, Heading, Headlong rush, Heat, Heavy right foot, Hectograph, Helm, Helmsmanship, Herd, Hie, High lope, Hightail, Hiking trail, Hold, Hold in solution, Hold on, Hold out, Hold the reins, Hole, Homme moyen sensuel, Hop, Hop along, Hotfoot, Hound, Hum, Hunt, Hunt down, Hurdle race, Hurry, Hurry on, Hurry through, Hurry up, Hurry-scurry, Hurt, Hurtle, Hustle, Immigrate, Immigration, Impress, Imprint, In-migrate, In-migration, Incidental, Incidental note, Incise, Incision, Inclination, Incur, Inflow, Infuse, Injure, Injury, Intermigrate, Intermigration, Invite, Issue, Itinerary, Jab, Jack, Jacklight, Jam, Jaunt, Jog, Jog trot, Joggle, Jolt, Jostle, Journey, Jump, Jump bail, Junket, Juste-milieu, Keep, Keep on, Kill, Lacerate, Laceration, Lair, Lap, Lapse, Last, Last long, Last out, Lay, Lazy stream, Leach, Lead, Lead on, Leap, Leg, Lengthening, Lesion, Levant, Liberty, License, Lie, Line, Line of direction, Line of march, Lineage, Liquefy, Liquesce, Liquidize, Live, Live on, Live through, Lixiviate, Lodge, Long mordent, Loose, Lope, Lose no time, Lot, Maim, Main current, Mainstream, Maintain, Maintenance, Make, Make a passage, Make go, Make haste, Make mincemeat of, Make off, Make the rules, Make tracks, Making, Mall, Manage, Maneuver, Manipulate, Marathon, Marathon race, Mastermind, Match race, Matter, Maul, Maximum speed, Mean, Meandering stream, Median, Mediocrity, Medium, Melt, Melt down, Mew, Midchannel, Middle, Middle course, Middle ground, Middle point, Middle position, Middle state, Middle-of-the-road, Midpoint, Midstream, Migrate, Migration, Militate, Mill run, Millrace, Millstream, Mimeograph, Monotone, Mordent, Mortal wound, Motion, Motorboat, Motorcycle race, Mount, Mounting, Move, Move along, Move on, Move over, Move quickly, Movement, Moving road, Multigraph, Mutilate, Mutilation, Name, Name for office, Navigable river, Navigate, Navigation, Nexus, Nominate, Norm, Normal, Normality, Nudge, Nurture, Oblique motion, Obstacle race, Ocean trip, Officer, Ongoing, Onrush, Onward course, Open throttle, Operate, Orbit, Ordain, Order, Ordinariness, Ordinary Joe, Ordinary run, Orientation, Ornament, Out-migrate, Out-migration, Outflow, Outing, Overprint, Package tour, Par, Parade, Part, Pass, Pass by, Passage, Path, Pathway, Pendulum, Percolate, Perdure, Peregrination, Perennate, Perform, Perform on, Periodicity, Perk, Perpetuation, Perseverance, Persist, Persistence, Piece, Pierce, Pile drive, Pilgrimage, Pilot, Piloting, Play, Playing engagement, Pleasure trip, Plenum, Plow the deep, Plunge, Plunging, Ply, Point, Poke, Portion, Post, Potato race, Pour, Powder train, Practice, Prado, Pralltriller, Prescribe, Press, Press on, Prevail, Prevalence, Primrose path, Print, Proceed, Prod, Progress, Progression, Prolongation, Promenade, Proof, Propose, Protraction, Prove, Prowl after, Public walk, Publish, Pull, Pull a proof, Pull the strings, Punch, Puncture, Pursuance, Push, Push on, Put out, Put to bed, Put to press, Put up, Quarter, Quarterback, Queue, Race, Racing stream, Radial motion, Raise, Ram, Ram down, Rampantness, Ranch, Random motion, Range, Rank, Rankle, Rattle, Reach, Reach out, Rear, Recurrence, Red tape, Red-tapeism, Refine, Reflowing, Refluence, Reflux, Regatta, Regress, Regression, Regulate, Regurgitate, Reign, Reissue, Relay, Relay race, Remain, Remigrate, Remigration, Rend, Render, Rent, Repetition, Reprint, Reticulation, Retrogress, Retrogression, Ride, Ride the sea, Ride to hounds, Rifeness, Rip, Ripen, Rise, Rising, River, Rivulet, Road, Road race, Roll, Roll on, Rotate, Rotation, Roulade, Round, Round trip, Route, Routine, Routineness, Row, Rubberneck tour, Ruck, Rule, Run against, Run away, Run away from, Run away with, Run for it, Run for office, Run its course, Run off, Run on, Run out, Rundle, Runlet, Runnel, Runway, Rupture, Rush, Rush through, Rut, Sack race, Safari, Sail, Sail free, Sail round, Sail the sea, Sally, Sashay, Savage, Scald, Scale, Scamper, Scoot, Scorch, Scotch, Scramble, Scrape, Scratch, Screw, Scud, Scuff, Scull, Scurry, Scuttle, Sea lane, Sea trip, Seafare, Second-degree burn, See to, Sequence, Series, Set, Shake, Shakedown cruise, Shape a course, Shepherd, Shift, Shikar, Shin, Shits, Shoot, Shortcut, Shoulder, Shove, Show the heels, Sidewalk, Sideward motion, Sike, Single file, Single mordent, Sink, Sinking, Skedaddle, Skim, Skin, Skip, Skip out, Skipper, Slash, Slide, Slip, Slip the cable, Slit, Smelt, Smuggle, Sneak, Soar, Soaring, Solo, Solubilize, Solve, Sore, Span, Spate, Spectrum, Speed, Speedway race, Spill stream, Spin, Sport, Sprain, Spread, Spring, Sprint, Sprint race, Spurt, Squirrel cage, Stab, Stab wound, Stalk, Stamp, Stand, Stand for office, Start, Stay, Stay on, Staying power, Steam, Steamboat, Steer, Steerage, Steering, Step, Step along, Step lively, Sternway, Stick, Still-hunt, Stir, Stock-car race, Straddle, Straight course, Strain, Stream, Stream action, Streamlet, Stress, Stretch, Stretch out, Strike, String, Strip, Submit, Subside, Subsiding, Subsist, Subterranean river, Succession, Suppurate, Surge, Surge back, Surround, Survive, Sustain, Sustained action, Sustenance, Swarm, Swarming, Swath, Sweep, Sweepingness, Swing, Tack down wind, Take French leave, Take a voyage, Take care of, Take command, Take effect, Take flight, Take in, Take the helm, Take the lead, Take to flight, Take wing, Tamp, Tarry, Tear, Tendency, Tenor, Test flight, Thaw, The Four Freedoms, The general tendency, The main course, The run of, Thin, Third-degree burn, Thread, Three-legged race, Thrust, Thrust out, Tick, Tide, Tide over, Tier, Time spirit, Tone, Torch race, Tour, Towing path, Towpath, Track, Track race, Trade route, Trail, Train, Traject, Trajectory, Trajet, Transmigrate, Transmigration, Trauma, Traumatize, Travel, Traverse, Treadmill, Trek, Trend, Trip, Trot, Trots, Trottoir, Tunnel, Turn, Turn tail, Unclot, Undercurrent, Undertow, Unfreeze, Uninterrupted course, Unremittingness, Upward motion, Usualness, Vaudeville circuit, Via media, Voyage, Wadi, Walk, Walk the waters, Walkway, Wane, Water flow, Watercourse, Waterway, Way, Wayfare, Wear, Wear well, Weep, Welcome, Well-worn groove, Wend, Whirl, Wide-open speed, Widespreadness, Windrow, Work, Wound, Wounds immedicable, Wrench, Yacht, Yacht race, Diarrhoea, Loose motions, Looseness of the bowels, Slope, Piste, Track, Operate, Function, Work, Go, Be in operation, Publish, Print, Feature, Carry, Put out, Release, Issue, Be valid, Last, Be in effect, Operate, Be in operation, Be operative, Be current, Continue, Be effective, Have force, Have effect, Ladder, Rip, Tear, Snag, Hole, Enclosure, Pen, Coop, Compound, Chance, Lucky chance, Good time, Golden opportunity, Time, Occasion, Moment, Favourable moment, Favourable occasion, Favourable time, Right set of circumstances, Appropriate moment, Appropriate occasion, Appropriate time, Suitable moment, Suitable occasion, Suitable time, Opportune moment, Opportune occasion, Opportune time, Opening, Option, Window, Window of opportunity, Slot, Turn, Go, Run, Clear run, Field day, Flow, Pour, Stream, Gush, Flood, Glide, Cascade, Spurt, Jet, Issue, Go, Pass, Move, Travel, Travel, Ply, Shuttle, Go, Make a regular journey, Be in charge of, Manage, Administer, Direct, Control, Be in control of, Be the boss of, Boss, Head, Lead, Govern, Supervise, Superintend, Oversee, Look after, Organize, Coordinate, Regulate, Route, Way, Course, Journey, Extend, Stretch, Reach, Range, Continue, Go

How to use Run in a sentence?

  1. The dog ran across the road.
  2. The tabloids ran the story.
  3. She had a run in her nylons.
  4. Their absence means the Russians will have a clear run at the title.
  5. Hes had a run of bad luck.
  6. A new photocopier will run us about $1,300.
  7. He announced that he intended to run for President.
  8. The New York-Washington run.
  9. The course ran for two days.
  10. The rumor ran through the pack of photographers.
  11. A ski run.
  12. She stood out from the general run of varsity cheerleaders.
  13. His first five balls resulted in eight runs scored for two wickets.
  14. Andrea runs her own catering business.
  15. They run drugs for the cocaine cartels.
  16. Her cats were given the run of the house.
  17. Varnish should be applied with care to avoid runs and an uneven surface.
  18. Theres been a big run on nostalgia toys this year.
  19. The car runs on unleaded fuel.
  20. A chicken run.
  21. I usually go for a run in the morning.
  22. A small river runs into the sea at one side of the castle.
  23. Buses run into town every half hour.
  24. Cobbled streets run down to a tiny harbor.

Meaning of Run & Run Definition