Definition of Irritant:

  1. Causing slight inflammation or other discomfort to the body.

  2. Substance which, while not corrosive, causes a temporary or reversible inflammation of living tissue (such as eyes, skin, or respiratory organs) by a chemical action at the point of contact. The effects of an irritant may be acute (due to a single high level exposure) or chronic (due to repeated low level exposures).

  3. A substance that causes slight inflammation or other discomfort to the body.

  4. A thing that is continually annoying or distracting.

Synonyms of Irritant

Annoyance, Irritation, Source of irritation, Source of vexation, Source of annoyance, Thorn in someones flesh, Thorn in someones side, Pinprick, Pest, Bother, Trial, Torment, Plague, Inconvenience, Nuisance, Menace, Causing inflammation, Causing swelling

How to use Irritant in a sentence?

  1. A powerful skin irritant.
  2. In 1966 Vietnam was becoming an irritant to the government.
  3. You may have to deal with an irritant in your work place if you can not find any way to get rid of it.
  4. All chemical and organic irritant s such as cleaning products and diswasher detergents must be stored out of the reach of children and pets.
  5. Chlorine bleaches can be irritant to the skin.
  6. Getting soap in your eye isnt a big deal but its never fun. The common household cleaning aid doesnt have any lasting effects usually, but it is a big irritant .

Meaning of Irritant & Irritant Definition