Popularity of Bridge Piercing

Bridge piercing is piercing in which we make a bridge between eyes, where nose starts.But nose bone isn’t involve in it, only skin is pierced through proper equipment.

Is bridge piercing painful

Apparently it seems that it is very painful process but not really because only skin is pierced. It is same like anyone pierced ear lobe or nose. Teenagers love this to look cool and for a different appearance from others.


Types of Piercing

Along with this position piercing, so many piercing are according to taste of people one of the most famous is ear lobe piercing, constellation piercing, industrial piercing are mostly people have such piercing. In bridge piercing stylish and unique jewelry is used that enhances the beauty on the other hand it also depicts indirectly the strongness of anyone. Along with piercing different tattoos gave a really rocking look.

Origination of bridge piercing

In african culture piercing was common and in Anglo indian ancient culture it was the norm of society.but this specific piercing start from Aztec and mayans which were attached with mesomeric an cultures.

Some controversies about bridge piercing
It’s a very unique process, only few people dare to attempt it. Sportsman, stars, hippie also love this but here are some controversies about such piercing that are as below

It is painful

As we told above that it is like normal piercing in which gun is used to quickly prickle the required area. A slight but quick pain for while you will definitely experience but is temporary. Because it is really quick process moreover the required area may be made numb so you feel least pain. We can see the kids they easily willing to do it and so many people have more than one piercing on the eyebrows, mid lips piercing and the nose trails piercing.

Angle of your eyes may be disturb.

This is a very big objection over piercing, but many people were asked about it. Only some people experience the cross eyed because of piercing.

This is a situation in which both of your eyes turn inwardly, on the form of bridge piercing there is a hurdle between eyes and object you are looking. That’s why in some cases it may happen.

Skin loses after such piercing

Some people also experience the losing of skin. After some time it starts losing , reason is that in early ages or in young age your muscles are firm enough to hold the jewelry firmly, but after that when jewelry make its space and can move to and fro. Ok t seems that your skin is losing. Same in the case of ears and other piercing.

Method of bridge piercing

Contradictory to it’s name it’s is simple process in which you book your appointment with your artist,and select a piercing jewelry.Normally two heavy dotted design is common but between the bridge or skill work like metal leaves etc may also present.

they have a huge collection but if you only want their service of piercing then simply the will apply medicated swabs carefully so possible risk of germs or inflammation can be removed.after that with a pen area is ratified where piercing to be done,after that with pricking gun the area is pierced, normally silver bridge vertically pierced and put the stope on both side.so you are done now.

After that two or three days application of and anti inflammatory tube will least the effects of pain and redness.

Summary: Above we discussed the method of piercing.bridge piercing is a skin piercing that involves the outer layer or skin from where the nose start and between eyes.diffrent celebrities and rock starts to look different from their appearance.

Process and procedure of bridge piercing

It’s a very simple process like normal piercing in which you can done with only one sitting.when they prickle a sharp sensation you might experience but after that it’s quite normal after that application of any inflammatory tube will help you to recover in two or three days.piercing along with tattoos are common in other words the person who is fond of tattoos is more intented to love piercing too.

Many other piercing are in practice because of craze in fashion industry and social media industry where one have easy approach to influence others by it’s looks and living.so piercing industry also going to see a boom in near future.

Despite of some insecurities and rumors piercing is in practice and mostly people find it least risky method.but some found uneasiness and cross eyed,losing of skin etc.

People also ask

1:Is Bridge piercing painful?
And:It’s not really as it supposed to be,only pain for some hours if the area is not numb.

2:How much does a bridge piercing cost?
Ans:It’s cost is around 50$.or minimum.

3:Is Bridge piercing painful for kids?
Ans:to some extent it is painful for kids,so area should make numb.


Bridge piercing is cool to see and experience.fashion is now very versatile and in the access of every one.Men are mostly involve in such piercing.its cost is minimum and affordable to anyone.moreover equipments are sanitized and least factor or risk is involved.

some people are not as satisfied from it as it is told.some people find it awkward to keep their eye sight exact and a hurdle when came between the eyes and anything you want to see it may irritate your nerves.