Lotus Flower Tattoo

Lotus flower tattoo is considered as the symbol of beauty, purity, inner growth, love, and spiritual enlightenment. Lotus has long been considered a sacred flower in Egyptian, Western, and Hindu culture. White lotuses symbolize peace and purity, red lotuses mean love and solicitude. The eight petals of purple lotuses express the Noble Eightfold Path – important teaching of Buddhism.

1. Lotus flower tattoo meaning

  1. The aesthetic beauty and attraction of lotuses in lotus flower tattoos are the result of the glamour and beauty of this flower.

  2. However, people are attracted more towards lotus flower tattoos because of the several hidden meanings in the different colors of lotuses.

  3. Opposite to the number 13 tattoo, which represents different good and bad meanings, lotus flower tattoo meaning are attributed to good things.

  4. However, just like the religious affiliations of Om tattoo, lotus flower tattoo is also having inner religious meanings.

  5. Depending upon the shape of a lotus flower tattoo – open, closed, or half-opened – there are different meanings regarding the tattoo wearer.

  6. As there are various religious links attributed to lotuses, it may show the faith and religious aspects of someone who is having this tattoo.

  1. Moreover, lotus flower tattoos are considered as the sign of calmness, serenity, and tranquility.

  2. These flowers have a unique array of petals and have striking charming colors and all this is reflected by a lotus flower tattoo.

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2. Lotus flower tattoos – Colors and Symbolism

  1. As lotuses exist in a variety of colors, each color is representing a specific meaning. Tattoos are always symbolizing different things according to the meanings that are attributed to specific tattoos.

  2. Such as pineapple tattoo represents a welcome, warmth, and also hospitality.

  3. As lotus flowers exist in several different colors and additionally, they retain the unique elegancy, lotus flower tattoo exhibits all these attributes.

  4. Different colors of lotus flower tattoos represent different meanings.

2.1. White lotus flower

:white_flower: White lotuses symbolize purity, perfection, spiritual awakening, and mental progression. White lotus is referred to as the flower of buddha and has religious affiliation in various areas of the world.

:white_flower: Followers of Buddhism believe that Buddha was born from a white lotus flower and the eight petals of the lotus symbolize the Noble Eightfold Path.

:writing_hand: The Noble eightfold path shows the eight noble deeds that are:

  1. Right view

  2. Right resolve

  3. Right speech

  4. Right conduct

  5. Right livelihood

  6. Right effort

  7. Right mindfulness

  8. Right meditative absorption

2.2. Blue lotus flower tattoo

  1. Lotus flower is compared to the worldly existence of human beings in the way that both are having their roots in the impure environment yet retain the purity of souls.

  2. A blue lotus is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. However, wisdom and intelligence are related to spirituality.

  3. A blue lotus flower tattoo is made as half-opened that depicts the procedure of spiritual growth that is continued for life.

2.3. Red lotus flower

:wilted_flower: Red flowers everywhere are considered as a sign of love and affection. The same is the case of a lotus flower, as a red lotus symbolizes Love, warmth, and passion.

:wilted_flower: Red lotus flower is referred to as heart lotus as it is connected with the feelings of the heart.

2.4. Purple lotus flower

  1. Just like a white lotus, a purple lotus flower represents the Noble eightfold path – important teaching of Buddhism.

  2. Purple lotuses are the symbols of mysticism and have all the religious meanings as are attributed with the lotus flowers.

:white_check_mark: In short

:writing_hand: For different colors of lotus flower tattoo meaning is different. White lotus is the symbol of peace and purity, red lotuses mean love and solicitude. The eight petals of purple lotuses express the Noble Eightfold Path – important teaching of Buddhism.

3. History of Lotus flower

:white_flower: However, just like all other tattoos that are representing different meanings for different wearers - as does the number 13 tattoos for gangsters or positive thinkers, lotus tattoo also does the same.

:white_flower: Lotus flower – a well-known sacred flower – is religiously very important for the followers of main religions in the world.

:ballot_box_with_check: These religions include:

  1. Hinduism
  2. Buddhism
  3. Sikhism
  4. Jainism

:white_flower: However, in all these religions, it is considered as a symbol of positivity, serenity, growth, and religious enlightenment.

:white_flower: Although, tattoos have always been in fashion, including the 90’s hip hop fashion and 2000’s fashion, yet apart from lotus tattoos, lotus itself has a long and meaningful history.

Egyptian culture

  1. According to Egyptian myths, when life started on the earth, it started with the appearance of a lotus flower from the sea.

  2. So, in the countries of the middle east, the lotus flower is still considered as the sign of origin, rebirth, and growth.

Chinese culture

  1. In Chinese culture, the lotus flower is attributed to the elegancy, purity, and beauty of women.

  2. That why the lotus flower has always been the focal point of poets and other people with artistic and aesthetic sense.

  3. It is also said that the lotus flower has deep positive effects to have a peaceful married life.

Western culture

  1. In Western culture, lotuses are considered as a symbol of a new start and a hunt to the meaning.

  2. So, it’s obvious that apart from religious and cultural differences, the lotus is taken as a sign of positivity.

Hindu culture

  1. In the Hindu religion, the lotus flower – referred to as “Padma” – is considered to be the physical form of divine purity.

  2. The beauty of the lotus flower is thought to be connected with the Hindu Gods, such as Vishnu and Brahma.

  3. So, if a Hindu is having a lotus flower tattoo, he must be having it for religious reasons.

:white_flower: As the lotus flower opens in such an intricate way, this opening is attributed to the opening of divine enlightenment and the opening of the soul.

:white_flower: The idea of considering the lotuses as a symbol of purity is inferred from its birth in a muddy and slimy environment yet it retains the extreme beauty and stainlessness.

:white_flower: As it has also been mentioned in the classic history of the 11th century, where Zhou Dunyi has expressed this point of view. The Lotus flower is considered a symbol of cleanliness – both physical and spiritual.

Summary :pencil2:

Lotus flower tattoo is a symbol of love, religious growth, inner enlightenment, and power. Lotuses have religious affiliations in Buddhism, Hinduism, and western and Chinese culture. All the meanings that lotuses depict are positive.

4. Small lotus flower tattoo meaning

  1. Tattoos can be drawn everywhere, depending upon the choice of a tattoo wearer. Just like small shoulder tattoos, a small lotus flower tattoo also infers the same meanings as does a large lotus.

  2. In case, you haven’t had a tattoo before, you must go for a small lotus flower tattoo. In this way, you will not be worried about how much do tattoos cost, as small tattoos are the cheapest ones.

  1. Moreover, it gives you relaxation regarding the placement of tattoos as small tattoos can be placed anywhere over the body.

  2. You can have a small-sized, color tattoo of the lotus flower on your finger, on the neck, behind the ear, or wherever you want.

5. Simple lotus flower tattoo

  1. Wherever, you have a tattoo, always make sure that your tattoo is really what you want. It must be depicting the real meanings for which you have had that tattoo.

  2. As a result of the above discussion, it’s clear that the lotus flower tattoo is not taken as a casual tattoo just like the stretch mark tattoo.

  3. It has deep and positive meanings that reflect the actual personality and thinking of the tattoo wearer.

  4. You can have a complicated, simple, delicate, or tricky type of lotus flower tattoo depending upon your budget and taste.

  5. A simple tattoo on the wrist, neck, or behind the ear is a good option if you don’t want to go for lengthy tattooing sessions.

  6. You will not be worrying about cost and pain if you choose to have a simple lotus flower tattoo on the wrist, as it will reflect the same meanings as a lotus flower actually has.

6. Lotus flower tattoo wrist

  1. If you want to have a small lotus flower tattoo – maybe as a watercolor tattoo – you are thinking right.

  2. In addition to easy removal – in case you get bored - it will also hurt you less as compared to any other location.

  3. As there are fewer muscles and fat on the wrist, you will not be experiencing much pain and it will only a little discomfort. While getting a tattoo over the thigh or neck, it hurts a bit more.

  4. Small and simple lotus flower tattoos over the wrist are the best option as they are apparent, look extremely cute, and dot hurt more.

  5. You will not be undergoing a lengthy tattooing procedure and it will obviously cost you less.

7. Lotus flower tattoo for men

  1. Same as Glow in the dark tattoo, lotus flower tattoo is also popular among men.

  2. Especially for its positive symbolism and exhibiting strength, peace, power, and growth, it’s famous among spiritual teachers and yoga instructors or practitioners.

  3. As lotus flowers have an intricate petal pattern and peculiar unfolding, it is referred to as the spiritual progress and physical growth of men.

Frequently asked questions

People have a lot of questions related to tattooing and especially lotus flower tattoos. Some of them have been answered below:

1. Is a lotus flower tattoo offensive?


  1. Although, a wearer can better tell that for which purpose he is having a lotus flower tattoo, yet most of the reasons are of course religious.

  2. As a whole, lotuses have been considered sacred flowers, and different colors depict different meanings.

  3. All the meanings are in a positive sense and there should not be the involvement of cultural aspects to be considered as an offensive tattoo.

2. What color lotus flower means strength?

Black or pink!

  1. As all other colors of lotuses- including white, blue, red, and purple have some specific meanings attributed to them except the pink lotus.

  2. So, it can be inferred that pink lotus is the symbol of strength and power, maybe spiritual or physical.

  1. However, the best answer can be given by a tattoo wearer that what a pink or black lotus means to him.

3. Why is the lotus flower so special?

  1. Same as the tattoos, which have a long history, lotus flower history also has its roots back in the ancient culture.

  2. As lotuses grow in the muddy and slimy places, yet retain a unique and mesmerizing beauty, so it is connected with the human soul that is entrapped in this world.

  3. Lotus flowers have religious attributions and almost all religions consider the lotuses as sacred flowers.

4. What does a lotus flower mean in spirituality?

  1. In western cultures, the lotus flower is considered as the symbol of faith, strength, inner enlightenment, spiritual growth, love, and serenity.

  2. In Buddhism, the lotus is related to the birth of Buddha and in Hinduism, lotuses are connected with the Gods such as Vishnu and Brahma.

  3. It is related to spirituality because no matter that ho dirty is the growth environment of lotuses, they retain a unique beauty.


:ballot_box_with_check: Lotus flower tattoo meanings are different for different colors. They are in general considered as the symbol of beauty, purity, inner growth, love, and spiritual enlightenment.

:ballot_box_with_check: Lotus flower has long been considered a sacred flower in Egyptian, Western, and Hindu culture – especially in Buddhism.

Different colors of lotuses depict the different meanings:

  1. White lotuses symbolize peace and purity

  2. Red lotuses mean love and solicitude

  3. Purple lotuses are related to Buddhism as the petals of purple lotuses express the Noble Eightfold Path – important teaching of Buddhism.

  4. Pink and black lotuses are considered as the symbol of strength and power

  5. Blue lotuses are a symbol of wisdom and knowledge.

:ballot_box_with_check: Small lotus flower tattoos cost less as you don’t need to undergo a lengthy procedure. Wrist tattoo causes much less pain than other locations over the body.

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