What Do Eyebrow Slits Mean?

What Do Eyebrow Slits Mean? An eyebrow slit is simply a type of self-articulation, like a penetrating or a tattoo! Numerous people get them these days to change their look or experience something new. Eyebrow slits are extremely well known through adolescents.

Eyebrow cuts are the purposefully shaved holes in the eyebrows, they are a style choice or one form of self-expression. Eyebrow slit is one of the most controversial eyebrow styles.

What is the origin of eyebrow slit

We all see the trend of eyebrow various occasions on your online media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. The pattern of eyebrow cut has been springing up for a couple of many years. It came from MC Big Daddy Kane who started to wearing them all the back path during the '80s.

The pattern of eyebrow cut was associated with hip-jump culture during the 90s to 2000s. Different stars followed this controversial trend, for example, rappers like Bow Wow, the couple Kriss Kross, Soulja Boy, and Vanilla Ice. They were all shaking the glance at various occasions in their profession.

In 2001, cases outside the hip-bounce scene likewise wearing eyebrow cut like David Beckham. The development for eyebrow cut pattern became increment again in 2005 when not many influencers who wearing eyebrow cuts with an alternate look, more female, and more white than the hip-bounce one.

There are a ton of eyebrow cut varieties. A few people use concealer, eyebrow grease, or pencil to improve the appearance of eyebrow slits to be cleaner and crisper. Since eyebrow cuts makes an alternate look in each individual.

What is the meaning of eyebrow slit

Eyebrow slits means “cuts,” tiny lines into your brows. It may be one or more than one in one brow. Now-a-days this trend is common in both male and female.

Eyebrow slits for Women

Some styles of eyebrow slits in women

  1. Single eyebrow slit

  2. Double eyebrow slit

  3. Four eyebrow slits

  4. Front eyebrow slit

  5. Fishtail eyebrow slit

Eyebrow slits for men

Some styles of eyebrow slits in men

  1. Single eyebrow slit
  2. Single eyebrow slit + Haircut Joining
  3. Double eyebrow slit
  4. Haircut joining + double eyebrow slit
  5. Cross eyebrow slit

Eyebrow slits are the self-made gaps very common now a days. You may slit your eyebrows permanently, temporarily and may also artificially. This trend is very common in adults. We also see many tick-tokers also follow this trend frequently.


Now we have some most asked questions about What Do Eyebrow Slits Mean?

Are eyebrow slits attractive?

Yeah, it looks attractive when it done in right and proper manner.

Is eyebrow slits haram in Islam?

In Islam eyebrow slits is strictly prohibited

How to slit your eyebrow?

You may slit your eyebrows by using scissors, razor and trimmer. You may also use tape to make sure you don’t take off more than you want to do.

How long eyebrow slits take to grow back?

It generally takes two to six weeks to grow back. It all depends on the growth of your hairs.

Summary: Eyebrow slits are the self-made gaps very common now a days. You may slit your eyebrows permanently, temporarily and may also artificially. This trend is very common in adults. We also see many tick-tokers also follow this trend frequently.


The desire for novelty and self-expression run deep in us humans which you can also see through this trend. Era, culture also the reason by which fashion changes. It fascinates the people a lot.


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:white_check_mark: What Do Eyebrow Slits Mean?

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:white_check_mark: How To Slit Your Eyebrow?

What do eyebrow slit mean ?. Eyebrow slit is an beauty procedure in which you make a cut in your eyebrows.

Some people like this type of eyebrows and some don’t but anyhow it’s famous in various parts of world.

What do eyebrow slits mean? The word slit means “a long, narrow cut or opening”. The term eyebrow slit is used for the narrow vertical gap or cut along with the eyebrow hair. It is the trendy fashion which has the roots in the hip hop world, back in 80s. The fashion was first originated by an American rapper Antonio Hardy, more commonly known as Bid Daddy Kane. Joseph Jason Momoa, an American actor, is one the famous celebrities to rock in this style.

ARE EYEBROW SLITS ATTRACTIVE? It is a cool trend to follow. Eyebrow slits give an elegant look. This old fashion has revived in the present days with its full charm. Especially youngsters are more prone to it. They want to enhance their glamour, so they chose this style and made it the super trending one. It is used as a form of self expression. This is a bold look that shows your personality. The style takes your eyebrow to the next level by lifting up its charm. Eyebrow slits may be of different styles; they may be single or double or may be joined with the hairline. The cuts can be done by razor or electric trimmer.

  • Single eyebrow slit is an easy style choice. It is a single cut in only one of the brows.
  • Double eyebrow slit can be characterized by two shaved lines in a single brow. Just make sure to balance the two cuts, they must be of same size and evenly spaced.
  • Haircut joining eyebrow slit is also an elegant style. Just connect the slit of eyebrow with the same side of hair. Just keep it in your mind while doing the style that you are maintaining the same angle leading right up toward the hairline.
  • Cross eyebrow slit makes a person bolder and classier. The style works perfect with thick eyebrows.
  • Multiple eyebrow slit gives the eye-catching look. It is three or four shaved lines in a single eyebrow.

It draws attention to the eyes, the beauty increases with the killer eye shadow game in girls. It is the great way to emphasize the curvature of your eyebrows.

DO EYEBROW SLITS GROW BACK? Yes, the shaved lines in the eyebrows grow back slowly in three to seven weeks. However the growth period of hair depends on the health and age of any individual. Shaving the eyebrow will not cause any damage but plucking hair from the same area continuously will lead to the risk of hair loss, or it may results in thinning of hair. Every time you pluck the hair it will cause a slight damage to hair follicle. So, creating an eyebrow slits by using trimmer, razor and concealer is better than plucking your hair. To grow thick eyebrows hair, you have to take full care of it. Biotin, a vitamin, helps to grow brows hair thick and fast, using eyebrows serum, castor oil, coconut oil, iron efficiency diet, massaging your eyebrows and more will stimulate the hair growth and make them thicker and stronger. Petroleum jelly helps to retain the moisture of eyebrows, apply the petroleum jelly on eyebrows at night and wash it off in the morning; it will show a good result within few days. Aloe Vera is also the God gifted solution for hair problems. It opens up the hair pores and enhances the growth of hair.

ARE EYEBROW SLITS HARAM? Yes, eyebrow slits are strictly prohibited in Islam. Allah has forbidden removing any part of the eyebrow hair. The word “Namas” is used for the plucking of eyebrow hair. These things are done intentionally to change the looks made by Allah.

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) clarified that:

“Allah Ta’ala has cursed those women who modify their eyebrows or ask others to do it for them.”

– (Al Bukhari, 4604; Muslim, 2125)

This is the severe and stern warning to those who pluck, cut, shape or modify their eyebrows. Other than this, tattooing, wearing wigs, cutting the teeth, widening the gap between them, for the purpose of beautification are all prohibited by our Prophet (PBUH). This is against the natural beauty that Allah has given to a person.

The style looks bad on the kids, who pursue the ideas from movies, songs, etc. Most of the actors carry these styles. Kids want to follow their favorite celebrity and attach the idea to their self image; they want to be as cool as their stars are.

Eyebrow slits are the intentionally shaved gaps within the eyebrows; they are the style choice or form of the self-expression. The look has its history within hip-hop culture, with the MC Big Daddy Kane, one of the original wearers back within the 80s. the slit or cut within the eyebrow hair naturally occurs when the person has been within the fight or suffered the gash within this area. They are the remnants of the an injury, usually seen within old gangster movies where the actors had to the shave off the section of the their brows to the mimic that.

Since you already have the most coveted face shape, the soft brow with the the shallow arch is the most flattering; this will maintain the natural balance of the your face. the diamond shaped face is the balanced, but angular; to the soften angles, choose the soft brow with the the curved or soft arch. when you did this cut or slit by purpose you shouldn’t have done this because within Islam one should leave their eyebrows alone unless you have the unibrow or something. But when this is the their because something happened to the you this caused this to the be there, there is the no sin upon you. this came from MC Big Daddy Kane who began to the sporting them all the back way within the '80s.

The trend of the eyebrow slit was connected with the hip-hop culture during the 90s to the 2000s. Other artists followed the trend such as rappers like Bow Wow, the duo Kriss Kross, Soulja Boy, or Vanilla Ice. Puth tweeted this when he was two years old, the dog bit him or left him nearly dead from head trauma. Puth survived, but the incident left his eyebrow permanently scarred. Our data demonstrate that, of the the three tested variants of the eyebrows, the population within general judges high-positioned eyebrows with the the maximum within the lateral third as the most attractive type.

But the heart shape, otherwise more commonly known as the V-shaped face, has been scientifically proven to the be the most visually attractive face shape to the have. Heart-shaped faces like those of the Hollywood star Reese Witherspoon are the deemed as ‘mathematically beautiful’. Just like your hair, brows may thin with the age, making you look older than you are. This act of the Threading, shaving, Shaping, bleaching is the known as Al-Namisa within Islam, Al-Nemisa is the the person who does something with the their eyebrows other than washing it, within islam the person who is the Al Nemisa is the cursed or their prayers won’t be accepted By Allah. but please shave your beard by any means. Single eyebrow cut within one eyebrow is the the fundamental design which may be seen within numerous individuals. on the the off chance this somebody has eyebrow cuts within both of the his/her eyebrows. this is the likewise called the design fulfillment or the type of the self-articulation. the few people like to the have an alternate design for an alternate look. This design is the more found within artists, hip hopers, gays, lesbians or superstars.

The double cuts on the one eyebrow makes an alternate or delightful style. within the event this an individual has this style this doesn’t look so odd. within the event this it’s similarly separated or has exact reach, at this point this looks truly decent. The other style relies upon individuals loving. Some adoration to the have thick eyebrows with the wide cut on the them or some affection to the have meager cut. All rely upon their preferences.

In any case, with the every one of the these styles we may make various looks. Individuals with the every one of the these styles shakes or parades all over the place.This design was not all this taken however this tends to the be viewed as the social assignment for individuals. within numerous nations individuals have accepted this as social legacy. Furthermore, for the hip-hopers this style suits them precisely. on the the off chance this any hip-hoper doesn’t have this cut eyebrow, at this point he isn’t being known as an ideal hip-hoper

Are eyebrow slits bad:

Eyebrow slits don’t have formal meaning beyond being the style choice or form of the self-expression. Over the years, the look has been associated with the gang affiliation or membership, but general wear nowadays has no particular connotations. Eyebrow slits are the the way to the cut or shape eyebrows, which are the generally seen as the trend or fashion statement.

The main idea is the to the remove the small section or hair - or, alternatively, paint this with the makeup - to the give the appearance of the the crack or open stain on the the eyebrow. Some people choose only the slit, while others opt for the more striped look; the slits may also be on the one eyebrow or both. They may be created within many different ways, with the varying patterns. within most cases, the reasons why people choose this look are the completely personal. this is the often seen as modern or may also help to the identify the person as the member of the the specific group or team when all members choose to the adopt the appearance.

Sometimes, people also use slits to the highlight eyebrow piercings. The appearance is the usually noticeable immediately or usually requires the little work to the maintain. the few people have slender eyebrows or some are the honored with the thick eyebrows. the few people don’t care to the have regular temples. They within some cases make this thicker or more slender by medical procedures or they change their look. Eyebrow cut is the one of the these eyebrow styles. Eyebrow cuts are the the style or to the be evident the pattern of the the 90s time or its moving now within the current year. We may discover this style more within hip hopers, gays, or Emo young ladies. Everybody needs to the appear to the be unique or eyebrow cuts are the the design which gives the chic look.

What do eyebrow slits mean? Eyebrow slits mean creating a slit shape by removing eyebrows hairs (long and narrow cut) at a certain angle, normally in diagonal angle.

Does eyebrow slits have some meaning?

  1. They are just made as a fashion trend and to look cool.

  2. There is no particular reason for making it other than the sake of the fashion trend it is created for.

  3. They are not associated with any community, ideology, cultural taboo etc. thus they do it possess any meaning for creating it on your face.

  4. Anyone can make it anytime from youngsters to adults.

  5. There are many types of slit styles one can create.

  6. Men and women both can make the same style of slits.

How to shave an eyebrow slit?

Eyebrow slits can be achieved permanently.

You can either make it yourself at home, get it done by some friend who knows how to do it very well or go to the salon to achieve them.

Process of getting eyebrow slit by yourself

You can get permanent eyebrow slit by shaving it but may need to repeat the process of slitting eyebrows again when your hair grows back in the area.

Process to shave eyebrows is given below.

  1. Take a spoolie (eyebrow combing brush) and comb your hair.

  2. Cut tape in short two pieces and put it on the brow parallel to each other in diagonal shape a gap in between both tapes for a slit that we are going to create.

  3. Now you are just left with the process of removing hair between the two taps.

You can use from removing hair using pointed trimmer razor or facial razor but do it very slowly and carefully as not to give yourself cut on skin at this area and also because eyebrow is on the eye socket and being not careful it could be hazardous for eye in long term in case you accidentally get a cut on eye.

How to get temporary eyebrow slit?

It is very easy to get a temporary one.

You just need to do the following steps.

  1. Take any eyeliner brush.

  2. Apply concealer on it.

  3. Apply the brush coated with concealer in slanted shape on the eyebrow.

And you have got your temporary eyebrow slit which you can remove any time you want by using makeup cleanser or just simple water and face wash.

Eyebrow slit origins

  1. There are different thoughts about how this trend emerged but most reasonable is that it is mimicked from those people who get this as a result of scar after a fight especially gangsters are seen to have one which is why it was created in some Hollywood movies to show a person as gangster.

  2. It is also thought that this trend started after the celebrity Jason Momoa got it after a real life fight, it happened accidentally as a scar but looked good on him.

  3. The trend was a hit in the 80s but got back recently due to some famous celebrities who made it.

Other methods to create fake slit

You can use picture editing apps for creating eyebrow slit.

How do you hide a slit in your eyebrow?

To hide eyebrow slits use a black eyebrow pencil and fill in the slit. You can also use eyeliner gel to fill in brow slit.

Does Vaseline help eyebrows grow?

There is no scientific research that says that Vaseline or petroleum jelly helps in growing eyebrow hair.

Will minoxidil regrow eyebrows?

Minoxidil also called Rogaine does help in hair growth in cases of hair loss but there is no proof that whether it helps in hair growth of brow hairs or not.

Bottom Line

  1. Making an eyebrow slit does not mean anything, it is just a fashion statement. You can make them both temporarily and permanently.
  2. Its origins are not much pronounced except more prominent is the one that slit is usually caused after getting a scar, which eventually became a fashion style or we can say scar is turned into a beautification mark.
  3. You can create them at a salon or at home by yourself.
  4. You can hide slit by filling them using an eyebrow black pencil or one which matches your brow shade and also an eyeliner gel.
  5. There is no evidence of eyebrow hair regrowth using vaseline or minoxidil.