How To Slit Your Eyebrow?

Eyebrow slits are a trendy form of self-expression that involves making thin vertical cuts in your eyebrow hair. This style was popularized in the 90’s and is still worn by people today. You can create eyebrow slits on your own eyebrows by using an electric or manual razor and tape. If you don’t want permanent eyebrow slits, there are also ways that you can create them using makeup. If you follow the right steps you can create your own stylish eyebrow slits in no time.

Are you looking at how to create a perfect slit eyebrow in your brow? A slit eyebrow can represent a variety of things. You can create perfect eyebrow slits on your eyebrows by using an electric or tape and manual razor.

Eyebrow slits are a trendy and fashionable nowadays It can be dor just making thin vertical cuts in our eyebrow hair. Some people are doing slits eyebrow for the glamorous and stunning look. But if you don’t create perfect eyebrow slits,
then it will destroy your entire look. If you don’t want to create permanent eyebrow slits on your eyebrows, then you can create them with the help of makeup. Getting the perfect eyebrow slits is not that much easy, but you can achieve perfect eyebrow slits with the right tools and some practice.

If you are looking to find some ways on how to create perfect eyebrow slits then you are the right place so, skip the parlor and check out these some tips of how to get perfect eyebrow slits.

Here are some ways to create a perfect eyebrow slits

1. Draw Vertical Lines On Your Eyebrow

Before you begin, you make sure that where you want the slits on your brow. Then consider the thickness of eyebrows and use a white eyeliner pencil to mark vertical lines where you want the slits on your eyebrow. These vertical lines ensure precision and accuracy.

2. Place Of Tape Parallel To The Line For Slit Eyebrow

In this step, firstly take some scotch tape and stick on both sides of the line. Make sure to leave a gap in the middle, this gap can help you to know where you will create your eyebrow slits. The two bits of tape will act as a guide, and it will help you with a straight line and prevent you from making any errors.

3. Shave In Between The Two Pieces Of Tape

In this step, carefully move the razor down, against the grain, and shave your eyebrow hair between the two pieces of tape. Try to just only move vertically! Ensure you don’t press too hard or go outside the lines. Do not remove the tape from the rest of your brow.

4. Remove the tape and wipe off the eyeliner

Slowly remove the tape so that you don’t pull out any eyebrow hair. Wipe away the white eyeliner with your finger and some water. You should now have a slit in your eyebrow.

5. Tweeze the remaining hairs that the razor didn’t shave off.

Stand close to a mirror and find any hair that wasn’t shaved off. Grab the end of the hairs with a tweezer and manually pluck them so that you have a clean and smooth slit in your eyebrow.

6. Repeat the steps on other parts of your eyebrow (if desired)

If you only want one eyebrow slit you can stop here. If you drew more lines, repeat the process of applying tape on each side of the line and cutting it down the middle.