Definition of Indentation:

  1. The action of indenting or the state of being indented.

  2. Making the first line of a paragraph shorter (called left indentation) or longer (called hanging indentation) than the other lines in the paragraph. Also called indention.

  3. A deep recess or notch on the edge or surface of something.

Synonyms of Indentation

Hollow, Depression, Dent, Dint, Cavity, Concavity, Dip, Pit, Trough, Crater, Alveolation, Alveolus, Blaze, Boss, Bump, Cleft, Colophon, Concavity, Convexity, Crena, Cut, Dactylogram, Dactylograph, Dent, Depression, Digging, Dimple, Dint, Embossment, Engraving, Excavation, Excrescence, Feel, Fingerprint, Finish, Footmark, Footprint, Footstep, Fossil footprint, Furrow, Gash, Gouge, Grain, Granular texture, Hack, Hollow, Honeycomb, Ichnite, Ichnolite, Impress, Impression, Imprint, Incision, Indent, Indention, Indenture, Jag, Jog, Joggle, Kerf, Knub, Lump, Mark, Mining, Nap, Nick, Nock, Notch, Nub, Pad, Paw print, Pawmark, Pile, Pimple, Pit, Pock, Pockmark, Print, Protuberance, Pug, Pugmark, Score, Scotch, Seal, Shag, Sigil, Signet, Stamp, Step, Structure, Stud, Sunken part, Surface, Surface texture, Texture, Thumbmark, Thumbprint, Vestige, Wale, Weave, Woof

How to use Indentation in a sentence?

  1. Paragraphs are marked off by indentation.
  2. The indentation between the upper lip and the nose.

Meaning of Indentation & Indentation Definition