Henna Eyebrows

Henna Eyebrows are a temporary form of eyebrows tinting. Henna is 100% natural product uses to tint the eyebrows. Here is my honest henna eyebrows review. It was a great experience I never thought I got good and bad result at the same time. But I experienced no side effects after tinting my eyebrows.

My Honest Henna Eyebrows Review

  • So as you guys might know I already have pretty big eyebrows but today I decided well how can I make my bold eyebrows even bolder and that’s something that I have to be honest I definitely think that on a pretty everyday basis I like to add pencil to my eyebrows I like to add a little bit of gel and in general I love a bold brow so something that I’ve been doing lately is getting henna in my brow and it’s not something that I do a lot I’d probably do it like twice a year and it’s nice because it lasts for like a few weeks and it gives me some nice color to my brows.

  • I don’t have to fill them in and in general I just really like the way that it turns out usually I like some big brows but I don’t really like them this big so anyway so I went to the salon and I’m not gonna mention the girl that do my brows was this blonde or anything like that because I love the salon and I love the girls there even though I’ve had like some bad experiences.

  • I’m like so finicky with my eyebrows so I can’t really at this point I can’t blame anyone else I think it’s just me it’s my brow issues I have like some sort of trust issue I wanted to get some brow henna she asked me how but I won I said you know the bolder the better I would rather it be a little bit too bold the first day and then it’s fade off rather than not bold enough and it was not worth my money so we went with the color of my natural brows rather than the color of my hair.

  • I don’t dye my hair but my natural brows obviously don’t match so instead of going warmer to match my hair which can look very unnatural I’m also starting to wonder is it really weird to like listen to me talk and like focus on my face when you’re just like oh my god I so we went with that and she applied it she was really taking her time.

  • I personally like really appreciate when I can tell that at the salon or wherever that they’re really taking their time because it’s really easy to just like turn out clients and do you know make good money that way but long story short she said okay um I actually have another appointment coming in do you like a bolder brow so you can just wait and I will take them well she didn’t like tell me that she asked me and I said that’s fine cuz I didn’t want it to not turn out but I also didn’t want her to be late for like the rest of her appointment.

  • So, I was like I mean that’s totally fine so yeah so that happened and it maybe should have been a thing where like ten minutes later she took it off rather than like the for like 25 minutes later so I don’t know how long the henna was on my brows and by the way henna isn’t permanent like I said before it’s like 2 to 3 weeks sometimes longer but really I don’t notice it on my skin any longer than that for the skin part um it dies your skin to help fill in those spots but it also dyes the hair and in general like it this is a very temporary thing.

  • So she was kind of finishing up with her and I grabbed my phone too um you know just sit on my phone for a bit cuz it had been a while I was kind of getting the board and this is what I saw when I yeah when I pulled up my camera that is what I saw I immediately was like oh no because I knew that it was gonna be way too big I won’t I should just make this my phone screen saver for the rest of my life anyway.

  • So, I knew that things were gonna be interesting so after that she came over she did it and then right before she showed me the mirror and I knew it was bad when she said she’s like so it is pretty bull what am I all right just show it to me and yeah it was and I would say was at least 25% darker than this um and she said I can like go in and kind of like massage out the color a little bit I’m like yep um yeah let’s do that.

  • I also came home and put chemical exfoliant all over my which you know I wouldn’t recommend that because I don’t know what kind of chemical reactions are probably going on on my eyebrows right now like with the henna and combination so it was like 25% darker than this.

:anger:NOTE: I mentioned this is not to embarrass the salon or embarrass her this is really me just laughing and still wanting to put up a story this week so I figured.

Here I am sharing some methods to remove henna tint from eyebrows which I almost tried every method.

How to get off henna eyebrows?

:white_check_mark:METHOD 1

Baking soda with one lemon juice

  1. Use half a cup of warm water
  2. A one tablespoon of baking soda
  3. Two or one and a half teaspoons of lemon juice.

Apply this mixture with a cotton and let it soak into your skin after then you can remove it. Keep repeating until the henna color can’t be seen.

:white_check_mark:METHOD 2

  • You can use alcohol swabs multiple times until the henna can’t be seen. If you don’t have an alcohol swab, try hair spray, which contains alcohol. OR
  • You can also use vinegar dipped cotton to remove henna tint from your eyebrows. Dilute the vinegar if desired and soak cotton in the vinegar solution before applying. OR
  • Take a lemon piece and dip into the solution of one tablespoon of baking soda and half a tablespoon of lemon juice. Then this mix with the half-cut piece of lemon. Gently rub this mixture around your eyebrows with closed eyes.

:white_check_mark:METHOD 3

You can remove henna from eyebrows with easy other steps which are commonly used to remove dye from a skin.

  • Use a make-up remover wipe to remove the dye from your skin. OR
  • Cigarette ash can be effective at removing the dye from your skin. Find an ashtray and rub the ash onto your skin. Rinse and repeat if needed until the dye is removed. OR
  • Place some non-gel toothpaste such as Colgate regular flavor toothpaste, on a damp cloth and rub the dye stain in circles. Rinse and repeat until the stain is removed.

Henna Eyebrows Cost

  • Salons have been charging anywhere from $36 to $125.5 for a complete eyebrow design including henna.
  • But If you want a premium they may charge more than it.

Henna Eyebrows After Care

You have to take care of following steps for atleast 24 hours.

  • Avoid Swimming
  • Exposure to sun light for long period
  • Do not apply brow make up
  • Avoid sun bathing
  • Avoid oil based make up products
  • Avoid thermal treatments

How to apply henna on eyebrows at home

  1. Apply shea butter or petrolatum gel around your eyebrows, then add henna with a mascara brush or Q-tip.

  2. When you’re done, cover your eyebrows with kitchen wrap and await 20 minutes to 2 hours.

  3. The longer you wait, the stronger the colour.

Henna is the best tinting solution for your eyebrows. Always remember it’s not a permanent solution. Henna is the natural product, so it be always non-harmful and non-painful solution, that’s why henna eyebrows are always worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

People are also wondering about following queries

1- Are henna eyebrows worth it?

Yes, It is great for option those that are happy with their bold eyebrows shape and don’t require any other shaping. As it is long lasting. Henna eyebrows last up to 6 weeks.

2- Do henna eyebrows look natural?

As we know Henna is 100% pure and natural product and is also the safest dye you are ever going to find. It has been used for centuries. You can dye your hairs and skin without any harm. If you love henna designs you can also use henna cones to make a number of designs on your hand.

3- What is the best henna for eyebrows?

Supercilium Brow Henna is considered the number one brand in henna dyes. It shows a tattoo like effects and give natural looks. Henna tinting is the best solution.


:heavy_check_mark:So, from the whole scenario we simply concluded that regular dye on the eyebrows can rarely stay more than 4 weeks.But when done properly, henna can stay and last on the skin for up to 4 or 6 weeks and same on the hairs. It is non-painful and cheap trick for you if you like bold and brown eyebrows.

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