Hand-Tied Extensions

Hand-tied extensions are often wont to add fullness and length, all while blending seamlessly to your natural hair and texture. Hand-tied weft hair extensions require no tape, glue substances, or thermal applications. These are a set of pieces that are pre-cut and sewn by hand to make the littlest weft-size possible. Pieces shouldn’t be cut on your own as they’re going to unravel and become unusable.

What are hand-tied extensions?

  • A hand-tied extension may be a collection of hair that has been pre-cut and hand-sewn to make the littlest weft option. The detailed process of hand-tying a weft ensures the hair is secured and doesn’t shed—which means they last longer!

  • This sort of hair extension is formed for quite just length, it can also add fullness to the hair should length or longer. Hand-tied weft extensions blend seamlessly to a client’s natural hair color and texture since they’re thinner, flatter, flexible, and lay closer to the scalp.

  • Thanks to their flexibility and non-bulky nature, hand-tied weft extensions are an excellent option for anyone with thinner hair or someone who wants to avoid the damage which will be caused by heat and glue extensions.

How to apply Hand Tied Hair Extensions?

  • The installation process for hand-tied extensions are often quite time-consuming (although the lasting nature is worth it!) and will only be trusted to a trained professional. The method may be a bit trickier and requires extra expertise since hand-tied weft can’t be cut otherwise, they’re going to unravel and become unusable.

  • At an installation appointment, the beads within the hand-tied extension piece are wont to create a row across your head and sewn to your natural hair.

Does the method of adding hand-tied extensions hurt?

  • Not at all! If done correctly by an expert, the method should be painless. A replacement hand-tied weft extension will likely take a short time to regulate there to. The important thing is to differentiate between adjusting to the hand-tied extensions and actual discomfort from a possible problem.

Why can new hand-tied extensions cause discomfort?

  • There are a variety of various elements that inherit play that would cause mild discomfort for the primary few days of your hair extension fitting.

  • These include may be your scalp being hyper sensitive to the new weight of the hair.

  • Your scalp being sensitive to the attachment method, (such as a micro ring), or your hair extensions being slightly too tight and offensive.

  • In most cases, and were low to mild discomfort is experienced, this is often perfectly normal and nothing to stress about.

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  • If you’re feeling “pain” and thinking it’s going to be quite a discomfort adjustment, it might be caused by a poor fitting installation. If the pain continues for quite 3 – 4 days, you would like to travel back to your provider or seek another opinion.

Safety Factors for Hand-Tied Extensions

  • Hand-tied extensions are around for an extended time, but that doesn’t make them the simplest option for extension wearers. Hand Tied hair extensions can cause side effects, especially in women with fine thin hair.

  • In many cases the quantity of hair is attached to a client’s natural hair is simply too dense or heavy and may create breaking/shedding of the client’s natural hair which simply cannot support the load, this is often commonly mentioned as “traction alopecia”.

Hand-Tied Extensions Care Guide

There are many belongings you can do to preserve your hand-tied extensions to urge the foremost out of them.

  • :heavy_check_mark:Wash your hair with care, using only hydrating, moisturizing, and high-quality shampoo and conditions, and avoid piling your hair on top of your head and scrubbing.

  • :heavy_check_mark:Besides side using high-quality shampoos and conditioners, check the ingredients in your other hair products like gels, hairsprays, or dry shampoos to make sure they’re alcohol-free.

  • :heavy_check_mark:Also, be mindful of your hair while you’re sleeping, we propose braiding or putting your hair in a loose ponytail while you sleep to stop tangling.

  • :heavy_check_mark:Maintenance also requires coming to appointments about every 6-7 weeks and replacing or removing your wefts every 4-7 months.

What do hand-tied hair extensions typically cost?

  • The value of hand-tied weft extensions varies on the sort of hair selected and therefore the number of rows you select to possess.
  • The hair itself can vary from $199-$599 and installation of every row is $149. Tightening costs $99.9 per row.

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Pros and Cons of hand-tied extensions


  • :white_check_mark:Hand Tied extensions are best suited for thick, coarse hair.
  • :white_check_mark:You’ll use oil-based products on the scalp when wearing hand-tied extensions, so there’s no got to purchase special products to take care of your look.
  • :white_check_mark:No heat or glue is required for a hand-tied extension application.


  • :x:Tension point systems, like hand-tied, can cause hair loss called traction alopecia.
  • :x:Hand-tied extensions are often damaging for ladies with thin fine hair or if worn on hair that’s not healthy enough to support the load of the extensions.
  • :x:Hand-tied extensions aren’t suitable for ladies experiencing active hair loss.
  • :x:Hand-tied extensions are a difficult technique to master for even experienced stylists because it involves sewing
  • :x:Hand-tied extension application can take several hours
  • :x:If the hair extensions aren’t washed regularly, bacteria can build up and cause infection.
  • :x:Hand Tied extensions could also be uncomfortable, tight, and cause headaches after an application.

Do hand-tied extensions damage your hair?

This method of hair extensions is claimed to cause the smallest amount of damage to your hair. With there being minimal points of contact between your hair and therefore the beading, there’s definitely not much damage to be had. If you’re worried about damage, then hand-tied is that the thanks to going.

How Long Does it last?

  • The hair itself should last about 9-12 months counting on how well it’s taken care of. getting into every 6-8 weeks for normal maintenance to possess the hair moved up will help prolong the lifetime of the hair.

  • Hair extensions are definitely an investment, but if you’re taking excellent care of them, then they will last quite a while!

Do you look after hand-tied extensions a bit like your own hair?

  • Basically, you wash, style, and do all things to your extensions that you simply would do normally. However, you don’t want to travel to bed with them wet. I always dry mine as soon as I wash them. If you don’t have a wet brush, then you’ll want one among those too. I take specialized care of my hair and only use the simplest hair products, wash once every week, and braid or bun before bed to avoid tangles.
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Machine weft hair

  • 60% of individuals should use machine weft hair because it’s durable and versatile but not too thick. Machine weft hair is ideal for creating clip in hair extensions or sewing in on braids or beads too. Honestly, if you are not getting natural beaded rows, a way designed for hand-tied hair extensions then, I’d recommend skipping it!

Hand-Tied hair extensions are for ladies who want really undetectable hair extensions or who have very fine hair. This hair is supposed to be sewn onto a braid or beads for a way like natural beaded rows. It’s great for creating full voluminous hair because it is not bulky. it is also unbelievably flat and undetectable.

Is hand-tied extensions worth it?

For the answer of this question we take reviews from customers and here is their respnse :point_down:

:girl:Janny: I’ve only had them for a couple of weeks, but thus far I really like them! I awaken and just feel such a lot better about my hair and it’s actually less work because it holds curl well and is simply nice and full looking. I don’t need to work the hair the maximum amount to urge the desired look. albeit you’ve got shorter hair, extensions are often great to feature volume and not just length.

:girl:Sara: My hair dreams came true a few weeks ago once I had some beautiful extensions installed. I had been using clip-in extensions for years, but I used to be able to have something more permanent. Nubia was so sweet and she or he was super helpful throughout the entire process since I had numerous questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

People are also wondering about following queries:

1- What does hand-tied extensions feel like?

The first few days after, it felt a touch tight on your head- it kinda felt like you had your clip-in extensions altogether day. But once they loosened up, you didn’t feel them at all! you only notice them if you touch your head.
Natural HAIRS

2- What products does one use on your extensions?

You are advised for using all things Moroccan oil! .You have to buy the shampoo and conditioner, and therefore the Moroccan Oil Treatment is every person’s favorite. It’s an oil that you placed on your towel-dried hair. Then you will be able to also spray this heat protector on your damp hair. A heat protector may be a must for extensions and for growth of hair.

:anger:NOTE: If your hair is colored, confirm you stand back from any products that have sulfates in them- this may fade your color!

3- How often does one wash her hair after applying hand-tied extensions?

Before extensions, you may used to be washing your hair about every 3 days. Now, After hand-tied extensions you have to wash it every 6-7 days.You may find with the extensions, your hair isn’t getting as oily because there’s more hair to soak up it.

4- Is hand-tied extensions damaging to my natural hair?

You will need to see how your hair holds up, but this method is one among the smallest amount damaging. You may heard some girls say extensions were terrible for his or her hair, then others who say their natural hair was ready to grow better with the extensions. I feel there are tons of things like type, installation technique, and maintenance which will all play factors in if your hair gets damaged.


  • Hand-Tied Extensions offer such a lot versatility. You’ll try different lengths, hair colors, and designs at the drop of a bundle. apart from varying hair options, there also are many various techniques wont to install extensions.

  • A number of the foremost common practices are clip-ins and sew-ins, but another popular method hairstylists are using in salons is hand-tied extensions.Hand-Tied Extensions is a non-painful and affordable procedure.

  • The hand-tied extensions itself can vary from $199-$599 and installation of every row is $149. Tightening costs $99.9 per row.


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