Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are emerging as the trendiest fashion and serve as the best service for both the clients and the salons. Hair extensions come in different styles and the best quality. Finding hair extensions that suit best for your personality can be a tough task as there are different types of extensions available in the market.

Hair Extensions

The most commonly demanded hair extensions at a salon include clip-in hair extensions, microbead hair extensions, bonds, micro links hair extensions, and tape in hair extensions Arizona.

These hair extensions are for having different looks and make females look stylish, younger, and up-to-date. As fashion keeps on changing every day, so is the trend of hair extensions. These are in use for many years, but these hair extensions keep on changing the styles so that something innovative is produced.

The hair extensions are applied by using different methods and make a person look unique, charming, and attractive. These fulfill the client’s demands as these are available in different lengths, styles, and colors.

Hair extensions are an effective solution to many of the problems faced by females these days. These include issues like hair fall, thin hair, and fine hair, etc. Hair bundles play their role by filling the thin and fine hair, and small bundles tend to increase the length of short hair.

These make the short hair look glamorous by becoming a part of natural hair and can be applied using several methods. This difference in applying method results in producing new and innovative styles that are perfect for any kind of event.

Different Types of Hair Extensions:

As mentioned before, there are different types of hair extensions. Some of these hair extensions are mentioned below:

Clip-in Hair Extensions:

These hair extensions are among the most popular hair extensions and are loved by the majority of people because of their easy application. As the name indicates, these extensions just require to be clipped into natural hair, and you are done with your extensions.

These can be easily removed by unclipping them and fulfill the needs of people who require a hairstyle temporarily. These are perfect for people who are quite busy with their working schedule as these require only a few minutes for application and won’t take much of the time of the customer.

These hair extensions give the most natural look and do not require chemicals, adhesives, heat, or glue for application. These are available in two types; one is the synthetic one while the second one is the human hair-extensions that are mostly required by people in different salons.

Tape-in Hair Extensions:

Tape in hair extensions is for the people who wear their hair up always. These tend to last for up to 4-8 weeks and perfect for people with thin hair. These require almost one hour for application, and use glue or tape that is applied to the root of the hair extensions to have the most natural look.

These lay flat against the head and are not prominent as compared to other hair extensions. These extensions do not damage the natural hair as these do not pull them because of their extremely lightweight.

These extensions may require re-application so in case they get off because of excessive oiling or the natural growth of hair. Therefore, care must be taken, and any harsh chemical or product must not be applied as it may result in detaching the hair extension.

Fusion Hair Extensions:

As the name indicates, these extensions use a method of fusion for application. These hair extensions are among the newly evolved hair extensions and are also known as glue-in or Kera-Link at Donna Bella.

These extensions provide a long-lasting and sturdy connection with natural hair as small keratin bonds are applied around the natural hair by melting, shaping, and reforming them. These require a little maintenance as compared to any other extension and are therefore hard to remove.

These extensions do not use glue or heat for application but use a fusion connector and keratin protein bond. These hair extensions can last up to two months.


Bonds are made up of thin strands of hair and help people in saving their time by preventing them from visiting the salon on a regular basis. Their application time is about 3-4 hours and is durable for up to 4 months.

These are preferred by people having coarse hair and are applied using a glue ■■■. Thin sections of natural hair are made, and bonds are applied to them in sequence so that these appear natural and stylish.

Micro links Hair Extensions:

These hair extensions are usually recommended for people with damaged hair and help those who don’t like to visit the salons again and aga8n. These are more durable than all other extensions.

These do not require much time for application but can take up to 3-4 hours sometimes, depending upon the client’s hair length. These can last up to 3- 4 months and are similar to bonds as these use thin strands.

But these are different from the bonds in the sense that these do not require chemicals for application and are therefore less damaging for the natural hair. This reason makes them the favorite hair extensions in the fashion industry.

These hair extensions become part of natural hair by blending seamlessly but require re-positioning when natural hair grows out. These can be styled in different ways to have unique and stylish appearances.

Flat-Tip Hair Extensions:

Flat-tip hair extensions are a combination of two hair extensions and thus give a new look with combined effects of micro-link and tip-in hair extensions. These require a ■■■■ of 360 degrees for application and provide a flatter appearance against the head.

These are similar to tape-in hair extensions as they have a bead that is applied to the lower side of natural hair to make these extensions the part of natural hair. A small weft is also present that covers the whole head by covering the entire surface.


These hair extensions are created for thick hair and tend to last for two months. These require several hours for application and provide a perfect natural braid for the braid-lovers. These are formulated for thick hair so these cannot be used by people with thin hair as these tend to put a lot of stress on the head, and thin hair cannot withstand it.

This stress on the scalp can result in uneasiness for the person having it. Moreover, these also require deep conditioning of natural hair so that stress is reduced on the edges, nape, and scalp.

Weaves tend to protect the natural hair as these cover them, and different protective hairstyles such as braids and buns can be made using these extensions.


These hair extensions also save your hair from heat and can last for two months.