Hair Thinning Scissors

Hair thinning scissors are scissors that have one side with teeth and another one has razors. With the help of these grooves reduce the excess weight of hairs, blend between sections, and soften lines.

Hair Thinning Scissors

Types of thinning scissors

Here we have three types of scissors, they are differentiating through the teeth they have. The use of these scissors are different because of their teeth, these teeth clarify whom it’s used.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Texturing shears
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Finishing shears
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Chunking shears

Texturing shears

These types of shears have about 25 teeth; these finer teeth are used for blending and texturing the hairs. Some barbers have used it also for finishing, but most of the time it can be used for texturing and blending.

Finishing shears

These types of scissors have 15-22 teeth; this finer tooth might be helping you out for finishing your hair as their name is revealing their use. Through these scissors, we create softer ends of the hair and give them a heavy look.

Chunking shears

Chunking shears have 7-15 teeth, and these are used for taking out unwanted weight from the hairs. Most experienced barbers can’t recommend these because of their wider and larger tooth; sometimes they give a more aggressive look to your hairs.

In short

Hair thinning scissors are used to texturing and blending the bulky hairs and available with different teeth numbers. These help us in also different ways one of them use only for texturing, one of them use for finishing, and the chunky is used for removing weight from the hairs.

Hair Thinning Scissors

Is it Safe to Use Hair Thinning Scissors at Home?

An expert says that thinning shears are safe to use at home but with necessary precautions. Thinning shears have soft edges; you may be hurt yourself or chopped accidentally your hairs. Before using these at home you must have some points in mind:

:anger: Select the right thinning shears: be aware of all types of thinning shears and use the right one of them according to your need. The texturing and finishing are easy to use at home, through texturing you give your hairs more movement and lift them, while with finishing shears you have to remove more weight from your hairs. How long does it take to grow again? While using correct scissors you may have grown them again faster.

:anger: Where you make the cut: if you are exaggerating cutting with thinning shears, so the main problem of having an unusual cut or direction of the shears that you have. Meanwhile using these scissors you have holes in your hairs, cut near to the hairline and scalp is more problematic. If you make a cut in the opposite direction of the shears then you face noticeable chunky when they grow-up.

:anger: Know your hair type: if you have thicker hairs and you may form it in medium bodies then you go with thinning shears like finishing or chunking. Aggressive use of these shears may resultant in thinner hairs. More use of these shears may lack the shape and texture of hairs.

Are thinning shears ruined my hair?

:o: Many people are worried about “damages” of their hairs when they come to the salon especially when the barber can use thinning hairs. In reality 99% of hair damages placed at home because of excessive use of bleach, hair colors, hair styling with heat tools by themselves at home.

:o: Thinning scissors are never damaged your hairs more or less than regular scissors. The fact that hairdresser has a lack of knowledge and experience and don’t understand how to use these scissors make rumor in mind.

:o: When you go with thinning scissors you have in mind hairs falls and their natural structure, you have to thin out your hairs in their natural structure. If your hair cutting goes wronged you have options like hair extensions, tape extensions, hand-tied extensions. Use Oribe shampoo to grow your hair naturally.


These thinning shears are safe to use at home, but have in mind you choose the right scissors and aware of all the risk factors.

Use of thinning scissors

One of the easiest use of thinning scissors to add texture and remove bulk from hairs in a variety of ways. Shears specifically designed, these teeth allow the barber to remove less hair with each snip. For a more manicured and well-groomed style, these scissors can be used.

The shape created by barber with other scissors, thinning shears are used for decoration of hair not to give them shape or structure. The last 10% of hairs should be decorated by thinning shears not be used for the overall shape of hairs. Use thinning scissors results in shorter hairs if you want to grow thicker hair faster apply mustered oil on hairs and get the required results.

:diamonds: Texturing bulky ends
:diamonds: Thinning out hairs

Texturing bulky ends

To add texture and shape to bulky, blocky ends with thinning scissors. For adding texture and shape, the barber can take one section of hair from the whole hairs at a time and take it away from the face or body. Hold the ends in these manners, the hairs are closed into two figures. The barber used another hand to take the thinning scissors and apply them horizontally on the opposite sides of the hairs. The hair can be cut a little bit from the outer, thinning, and shaping the ends as required. Apply this method to each section of the hairs, until all the hairs cover thinned and texturized. After texturing hairs if you things you can’t take into high ponytail any you things wrong you have many rubber band hairstyles for your textured hairs.

Thinning out hairs

Another technique of using hair thinning scissors cut a wider section of the hairs instead of ends. In this method, you can thin out thick and unruly hair. Forgiving a more defined shape you can use thinning shears.

For thinning out hairs take one section from the hairs, used hair clips if working with thick and long hair. The barber can hold hairs with the comb to work steady and thin out hairs through the removal of weight and volume from the hairs. The barber holds the hairs in these manners that it pointed out the tip towards the ceiling and cut the hairs from the middle of the hairs.

The same section can be cut the tips downwards. For getting natural regularity to use the thinning scissors by alternating angles with the upward and downward. After completing each section combs the section and sees the desired results have been achieved. Repeat as it is if needed. After having cutting you may dying hairs and have fabulous looks. Best home remedies for dry and oily hairs also here if you have dry and oily hairs. Hair bun and hair braid also make after cutting.

Texturizing Tips

:small_blue_diamond: To achieve softer ends of the hairs, use hands rather than comb it give natural look to your hairs.
:small_blue_diamond: Cut at the ends for a more natural finishing look.
:small_blue_diamond: Don’t be hesitate for thinning out hair for the first time; take it easy if you are cutting into the mid-length of the hair, and on the existing hairstyle, it gives an impressive impact.
:small_blue_diamond: Be sure to use the thinning scissors on the hair they are away from the scalp. Otherwise, the layers end up near the scalp and give you bad look as it gets thin hairs near the scalp.

Hair Thinning Scissors

Tips for your hair thinning scissor

Hair thinning scissors are helpful in texturing and finishing your hair. You should be taking care of your scissors whenever you have a new client. Here we have some tips about how you take care of these and keep them in the right working order:

Cut only hair and hair with thinning scissors

Hairs are biomaterial primarily composed of protein; use hair shears only on hairs never use it on another type of texture.

Don’t cut fabric and paper

Papers are made up of wood fiber often some with cotton or other plant fiber and fabrics are also made up of plant fiber twisted into threads. Hair is made up of protein, the variation warns you to never cut fabric and paper with hair cutting shears. Cutting other things will damage and dull your scissors.

Must clean and sanitize your scissors

While working time, you have a small piece of fabric or towel if you want to lay your scissors put on it, it will help your scissor last. Clean and sanitize with soap and water and dry them carefully. Remember that, never dry water, sweat, or cleaning agent on your shears.

Keep it in at a dry place

At the end of the working day after cleaning and sanitizing store your scissors at a dry place. Before keeping it in the autoclave, must take a small amount of oil and rubbing carefully on the shears with a soft piece of towel to keep out of dulling. If the water will dry on the razor it may cause of damaging their blades.

Never drop the shears

Don’t apply too much oil it may cause slipperiness and make it difficult to handle. Slippery shears caused by dropping. Their teeth and razor are damaged because of dropping.

Frequently ask question

Peoples have any questions about the hair thinning scissors when they used them rather than razors. Many things that may cause damages but correctly used give you the best texture and blended hairs.

What are the best hair thinning scissors?

Best Hair Thinning Shear Reviews

  • Professional Barber Thinning / Texturing Scissors. …
  • Facón Professional Razor Edge Hair Thinning Scissors. …
  • 44/20 Taper-fine Tapering And Thinning Shear. …
  • Tondeo 7023 Spots Offset 5.5″ Hair Thinning Scissors. …
  • Tweezerman Stainless 2000 Thinning Shears.

Do thinning scissors shorten hair?

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Thinning shears cut your hair, so yes they take pieces of it shorter. But it shouldn’t affect the overall appearance of the length of your hair, at least not when used correctly.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: These are thinning shears.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: They aren’t used to take hair noticeably shorter, but just to remove weight and bulk.

Do thinning shears make hair frizzy?

If your stylist uses thinning shears, as long as they are used correctly, you should avoid damage, but rezoning, another popular method of thinning, can cause your ends to look dry and frizzy.

What are hairs thinning shears for?

Hair thinning shears are great for thinning out the hair and getting rid of thickness and bulk where it is unwanted. Thinning scissors incorporate a comb-like cutting edge that selectively cuts a percentage of the hair; this creative process allows weight to be taken out of the hair for a softer look.


:maple_leaf: Hair thinning scissors helps us to remove excess weight from the hairs, it also used for blending and texturing the hairs.

:maple_leaf: Some have rumors in mind about this scissor may cause damages but it is safe if used correctly. You can be used it every cutting time it is safe while you have experienced barber

:maple_leaf: For lasting your scissors take away from the water, sweat, and other cleaning agents. Save your scissors at the dry place at the end of the working day.

:maple_leaf: Don’t use these scissors near the scalp, the layer ends near the crown and thin your hairs.