Rubber band hairstyles are one of the most trendy hairstyles all around the globe, from kids to teenage girls to grown up women, each and every lady likes this wonderful rubber band hairstyles.


Rubber bands, pony, clips, pins; with these tiny accessories, one can make beautiful hairstyles and patterns. These are appropriate and look gorgeous on any age, hair type and hair length. These accessories add a new look in any hairstyle. They add an eye-catching quality to your hair.

Rubber bands are small, thin elastics or a loop of rubber. Scrunchies are also elastic but the main difference is that scrunchies are covered in soft fabric. Nowadays, rubber bands are slowly seeping away out of the fashion, while scrunchie is the old fashioned band which is making its ultimate come back.

Another factor which distinguishes scrunchies from rubber bands is that rubber bands can damage your hair; they are tight and can cause hair breakage, while scrunchies are soft and supper gentle, they cause less tension in your hair because they are covered with fabric, adding a layer between your hair and elastic band.

SUMMARY: Rubber bands and clips enhance the beauty of your hair styles. Scrunchies are again in fashion with their full charm.


Even if you take a lot of precautions, your hair may still damage from daily wear and tear. Hair damage has several different reasons. Damage may occur due to hair aggressor accessories like heat, plastic combs, chemical treatments and more, they attack the outer protective layer of hair known as cuticle. Hair may look dry, brittle, frizzy or dull. Damaged hair is more fragile.

Some of the main causes, along with the solutions, of hair damage are written below;


Hair dryer, curling iron, hair straightener dry your hair, rather than using hair dryer, let you hair air dry. Use the lowest heat setting of the accessories or skip using straighteners and curling rods for few days in a week.


You don’t need to brush your hair 100 times a day. Brush or comb your hair when you are styling them. Avoid using plastic comb, instead use wide-tooth, wooden comb. Avoid pulling and tugging on your hair, remove tangles gently.


The over processing causes severe damage to your hair. The harsh chemicals present in dyes, make them brittle and rough. Take a break between touch-ups. In winter, avoid using these products.


Your hair are more prone to damage when they are wet. The rubbing motion of towel against the skin causes breakage. Rather than using harsh cotton towel use a cotton T-shirt or microfiber towel, they are gentler and can dry your hair faster.


When you have split ends, these splits can reach above to the rest of your hair, causing a severe breakage to your hair. Hair trimming, once in a month, is the best way to avoid split ends.


If you have an unhealthy relationship with your hair, then hair damage is for sure. If hair follicles will not get necessary nutrients then new hair growth will be retarded. So, make sure you are getting enough iron, folic acid, protein and iron in your daily diet.


If you are having stress then hair damage is a possible symptom. Stress makes your follicles dormant, so the hair growth cycle may break off in the middle. Start doing yoga, meditation and massage to get calm and relieved.


Rubber band hairstyles seem to be trending these days. The plus point is they keep your hair out of your face and the hairstyle looks more charming and classic. You can choose black or colorful rubber bands of your choice. You can make stylish patterns on your hair.

Let’s talk about the following rubber band hairstyles:


Starting with the simplest one. It is the universal hairstyle; girls can wear ponytails at academies, homes, offices, at gym, schools and at other places too. As it is one of the simplest so it is easy hairstyle for schools girls to make.

  • Comb your hair back at the crown of your head.

  • Gather and tie them, by giving some height, with rubber band. And, ponytail is ready!


This style makes ponytail more elegant.

  • Remove the tangles from your hair and make a simple ponytail.

  • Twist the rubber band with a little gap in ponytail.

  • Gently tug the edges of the section so it just looks like a bubble.

  • Again place the rubber band about an inch down the bubble, and repeat the process until you reach the end.

  • You bubble ponytail is in your place.


This style suits on every type of hair.

  • Part your hair down the middle, in two equal sections, by rattail comb.

  • Make a ponytail on any side above the ear, tie it with rubber band and place a hair ribbon around it.

  • Repeat it on the other side too.


The great way to rock the stage is to wear French braid.

  • Separate upper hair and divide it into three sections.

  • Start simple braiding it, now add more hair from the side of your head to the corner sections.

  • Continue this until all hair ties into braid. Add a rubber band to secure your braid.


The cornrows are tightly braided on the scalps. This hairstyle is an African heritage.

  1. Create the small sections of your hair from the front by rattail comb.

  2. Take a section and further divide it into three equal parts and start braiding it.

  3. Once you have braided hair from the scalp, continue braiding if you have longer hair.

  4. Repeat the braiding process all the way around you head, taking all the hair.

  5. Tie each braid with the colorful rubber bands to make them more stylish.


High bun never goes out of fashion.

  1. Take small section from the front part of your hair and tightly French braid the section.

  2. Gather another section right next to the first section, again braid it and tie it with colorful rubber bands.

  3. Continue the process until all the front hair tied into several small braids.

  4. Now grab all the hair, including braids, on the crown of your head, making a ponytail.

  5. Twist it and spin it around the base of ponytail.

  6. Secure it with the rubber band and bobby pins.


Side criss-cross twist will look glamorous in any occasion.

  1. Part your hair from either side of your head.

  2. Take a section of your hair in square shape, secure the section in rubber band.

  3. Split that section in half and take another section next to the first section and tie it with the half of first section.

  4. This will look like “X”

  5. Repeat the process, and criss-cross each of them to make “X”.


Go for this hairstyle

  1. Take the front part of your hair and part them in two equal portions.

  2. Loosely tie remaining back hair in pony.

  3. Now, take a small section from any side and tie it with rubber band.

  4. Next to it, again tie a small part in the rubber band along with the first pony.

  5. Continue till the band moves down, near the ear.

  6. Repeat the process on the other side. Headband is ready!


Making a heart on your hair is more than cool.

  1. Grab a section from above you ear.

  2. Divide into three equal parts and make a regular braid. Secure it with rubber band.

  3. Pick up another section near the first one and braid it too.

  4. Now, take first braid, press it with your head and twist it clockwise, forming half of the heart, and set it with pins.

  5. Repeat process with the second braid, but twisting it anticlockwise and pin it.

  6. Tie the end of heart with rubber band.


  1. Divide our hair in three sections, one from the front hair, second at the ear level and third with the rest of your hair.

  2. Tie each section with rubber band.

  3. Starting from the first ponytail, make a hole and flip it over the hole, tighten up the rubber band.

  4. Repeat this with the second ponytail, along with the first ponytail hair.

  5. Repeat once again with the remaining ponytail, tucking up the top ponytails into the hole and again tighten up the rubber band.

  6. You can now roll your hair up into a braid or leave it as a ponytail.

Cute Rubber Band Hairstyles

There are various cute rubber band hairstyle out there. Every year new rubber band hairstyles trend changes and new designs emerges. They are very popular in summer they give new fresh summer vibes. Apart from that they are very easy to make. Cute rubber band hairstyles for girls are countless, and amazing thing is lot of girls learn them in very young age.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding cute rubber band hairstyles

Are rubber bands good for hair?

To be honest, rubber bands are not good for hair, they pull your hair aggressively, causing hair to break. But, the hairstyles with rubber band look good. Rubber band helps to make easy hairstyles for long hair

How do you loosen tight rubber bands in your hair?

Take warm or cold shower. Warm water open up the hair shaft more easily, making your hair smooth and looser than cold water.


Rubber band hairstyles make you look more glamorous. Each hairstyle looks perfect at its own place. Colorful rubber bands enhance the beauty of hairstyle. You only need a packet of colorful rubber bands along with you. Some easy hairstyles are also enlisted above, so must try them.


High ponytails
How to cut faded hair
Easy hairstyles for schools

Rubber bands join reason with delight. With these little adornments, you can make sure about hair near the root to keep hair flawless and pulled back. Yet, rubber bands can likewise be utilized to make wonderful hairdo and styles. Use the same number of shadings as you can discover for one look, or match your bands to your outfit. A few young ladies like to coordinate their hair to their bands for a rich, smoothed out impact. Rubber bands can damage certain hair surfaces, so before you begin with your creation, make sure to be as delicate as could be expected under the circumstances.

Rubber Band Hairstyle for Straight Hair

Rubber bands are extraordinary for styling straight hair too. The tight stretch of these groups makes that additional grasp on smooth hair. Separate hair into 6 unique areas at the highest point of the head and cross each strand for this free grid design.


Make an exceptional haircut with a rubber band. This mismatch look seems confounded yet all that it truly requires is a touch of persistence. With this look, hair is completely removed from a lovely face while your beautiful braids outline your shoulders.

Rubber Band Hairstyle for Black Girl

Normally thick, coarse, and unusual haired angels know the advantages of protecting the hair with rubber bands. The hair latches make the ideal pressure for making sure about locks while adding tons

Of style. Utilize beautiful groups to make exquisite plans on the sides of your hair to supplement your up-do.

Wavy Hair + Rubber Bands

Rubber bands are our #1 method of controlling wavy hair – with style! With this rubber band Hairstyle, you can flaunt your characteristic, wavy surface while keeping your hair out of your face.

Braid with Rubber Bands

For a relaxed look, utilize rubber bands that coordinate your hair tone and concentrate styling to the highest point of the head. This hairdo is flawless, so ensure the remainder of the hair is smooth. Pull it back with a smooth, low braid for sharp usefulness.

Short Hair + Rubber Bands

It’s harder to spruce up short hair for an uncommon event, yet not when rubber bands are included. Making a delightfully designed style like this is a simple method to wear glitz up short hair for a major occasion.

Long Ponytail Using Rubber Bands

This long hairdo is definitely not straightforward! Exemplify this look that centers around designs at the rear of the scalp. To flaunt this sudden look, maneuver long hair into a braid and wrap it with gold twine.

Rubberband hairstyles for young girls:

Rubber band hairstyles are ideal for young ladies consistently affecting everything. Give your kid a style that isn’t just charming yet in addition incredible at securing a hair and pulling it back out of their face.

Rubber Band Headband

Rubber bands give such a lot of sly adaptability to hairdos. Why not make an exquisite headband style with rubber bands? This look is ideal for outlining an excellent face.

Rubber Band Hairstyle with Weave

You can totally shake a rubber band with a weave style. Secure little bits of the hair on the top forward portion of your head and pull the remainder of the front segment of your hair into a top bunch. Utilize a weave to wear hair richly long or to round out a pigtail or bun.

Braids + Rubber Bands

Rubber Bands are ideal for making sure about small cornrows or different braids designs that untruth near the scalp. Rather than utilizing clear groups to make sure about your look, utilize intense tones so the hair clasp turns into a piece of the look.


Why not utilize lively rubber bands to make sure about your fun-loving turn hairdo? These bands spruce up your look as well as secure each segment of hair.

Rubber Band Hairstyle to The Side

This is one of our number one rubber band Hairstyle. Here, they give a popular detail to in any case basic wavy hair. Secure little segments of hair near the root utilizing bright bands in whatever design suits your moods.

Braided Bun + Rubber Band

This perfect bun is definitely not normal! In case you’re hoping to make your up-do stick out, why not utilize rubber bands to add motivating subtlety? Allow the rubber band to design and exact edges using the common surface of a high bun.

Half Up Half Down Braids

Half-up haircuts are hot at this moment, particularly with a bun to finish it off. Making sure about the hair at the highest point of the head with white rubber bands causes this hope to feel significantly fresher.

The above rubber band haircuts get your expressive energies pumping, yet the look that you accomplish in the end is genuinely up to you. Hotshot your brilliant character with an assortment of bands or keep it stylish and monochrome. Utilize rubber bands for a definitive affixing style or make a headband with your bands. Things being what they are, how might you wear your next rubber band hairdo?


Rubber band hairstyles appear to drift nowadays. They are proper for any age, hair type, and even hair length. This is a fast go-to hairdo you can use up for an easygoing or formal event. To use this hairdo, you will require a rubber band pack of your decision. You can pick dark or brilliant rubber band packs. To have a great time with this style, you can switch up the plan of the rubber bands into a confusing example, turns, or whatever you extravagant. Interestingly, rubber band hairdos are so speedy and simple to introduce which implies that you can complete it yourself, regardless of whether you don’t have the foggiest idea how to do your own hair. For an extravagant look, you can get the assistance of your hair specialist in case you’re going for more unpredictable hairstyles.

Life is not perfect but your hair can be! Whether it’s a sleek up do, a high ponytail or a last-minute messy bun, you can magically transform your hairstyle by simply using rubber bands.

Identify your hair texture
Do you have an extra hair tie that I may borrow? This is a question that you often get to hear specially in summers. You might be surprised to learn that different hair ties are available to suit different hair types and textures. Whether your hair condition is defined by big round curls, straight hair or beachy waves, there a number of rubbers band types that can make your hair stand out!

  • Thick hair rubber bands
    Also known as a hair ring, the plastic hair tie is a spiral shaped elastic band that is designed to suit the needs of thick haired people. It offers a strong hold and its unique shape avoids kinks and hair breakage

  • Thin hair rubber bands
    Rubber bands designed for weak or fragile hair that lack volume are usually made of silk. These silk bands are naturally smooth in texture as a result of which they cause fewer split ends and don’t allow pulling on loose hair strands

  • Curly or wavy rubber bands
    These uniquely looking hair ties are actually ponytail hook bands that allow to hold curly or wavy hair in their place without excessive tugging or pulling. On both the ends of the elastic band, hooks are attached to support different hairstyles that help to naturally flaunt curly hair

  • Chemically straightened hair
    Hair that has undergone relaxing or straightening treatments must be taken care of even when tied up. In order to avoid kinks or dents in hair and to keep them dead straight, try on velvet hair scrunchies

  • Braided rubber bands
    To sport two or more braids and be the talk of the town, all you need to do is buy a bunch of transparent hair ties that are extremely stretchable. These hair ties are usually small in size but their elastic nature makes braiding super easy

  • Work-out hair bands
    Glow on hair ties with reflectors are the new thing in. Now you don’t have to worry about you night workouts if you have invested in these hair ties, specially designed to be super stretchy and have a strong hold

  • Going-out bands
    Whether it’s a fancy date, or a night out with your friends, you can make you hairstyles look chic and classy by adding rubber bands with a metal clip. As these rubber band clips come in different shapes, colors and sizes, they not only add an extra oomph to your look but also keep your hair secure for hours

  • Sleeping bands
    Silk scrunchies are perfect for putting up your hair while you sleep! They are light-weight, comfortable to use and keep your hair in place even if your twist and turn all night

Trendy rubber band hairstyles that will surely bring out your inner diva!

Whether you are looking to add volume in your hair or want to add a glamorous touch by accessorizing it differently, these rubber band hairstyles will immediately attract attention and turn heads wherever you go!

To look seriously stylish, get inspiration from the following hairstyles:

a. Rubber band hairstyles for short hair

Give an edgy look to your short hair and go for box braids. As you keep the rest of the hair loose, you will end up with a feminine yet a very unique hairstyle.

You can also create mini bubbly pony tails to give a retro look. By adding colorful rubber bands or stylish clips, you can give a twist to your hair, creating a fuller appearance.

b. Rubber band hairstyles for long hair

A super high hairstyle looks really stylish and glamorous. By working on the top layer, you can start by gathering all your hair in a high ponytail. For a sleeker finish you can set your ponytail with a hairspray.

For a or wavy look, the straight ponytail hair-do can easily be curled with a curling rod to add more volume.

You can also go with a half tie up knot by securing half of your hair with a rubber band creating a messy, casual hairstyle that looks playful and effortless. All you need to do is part your hair into two sections and secure the top section in the form of a knot while keeping the other section loose.

c. Rubber band hairstyles for medium length hair
Nothing can go wrong with rubber band cornrows. For you to become the star of the show, you have to divide the hair in to multiple neat sections and tightly style cornrows using small elastic rubber bands.

You can also try twisting your hair and parting them on either side to give yourself a stylish and modern look that is perfect for daytime outings.

A simple up do can lift your look as you twist your hair into a high bun. This look can bring all the attention to your face and can draw the eye to a statement jewelry piece.


1. Can rubber bands cause hair breakage?
Rubber bands that are specially designed for fragile or damaged hair such a silk scrunchies prevent hair from breakage. These bands avoid excessive pulling or tugging if used correctly. Avoid using tight elastic bands and keeping your hair tied overnight.

2. How do you use rubber bands on short hair
To get the maximum length in your hairstyle, apply a gel or smoothening product and gather a bunch of hair around the rubber band. You can even use rubber band in this length when your hair are slightly damp.

3. How should you make tight rubber bands loose?
To loosen your tight rubber bands, try using the end of tour tail-comb to stretch the rubber band a little. This will ensure that hair damage is not done and hairstyle is still intact.

Next time you want to experiment a little, make sure to use these rubber band hairstyles. With these fun and easy up dos, unleash your creative potential and have fun creating jaw dropping looks.

Do these rubber bands cause damage to the hairs as if hairs are tightly closed with it and after removing, hair breaks along with these bands after getting entagled with it.

Rubber band hairstyle is one of the famous fashion among kids, girl and women?s. Using colorful rubbers for your hairstyle can be the unique character of girl personality
In 80s hip-hop fashion, rubber band hairstyle also gain a lot influence on artists and female workers. 19th century had always been developing period for everyone.
Quite possibly the most utilized thoughts for children is simple haircuts for young ladies with rubber bands. The hair of the little ones is somewhat slim or short yet and its amusing tones make them look coy and adorable for any event.

You need to have a defensive haircut or not, rubber bands can be your greatest partner since they can be adjusted and worn from numerous points of view. You can go for one or a large number of them, contingent upon the look that you need to accomplish. Here are a few thoughts that may help you!

Rubber Band Hairstyles

  1. Rubber Band High Bun with Square Cornrows

The main rubber band haircut is a high bun with square-molded cornrows on top of your head. This may look better if your hair has that astonishing afro surface and it?s likewise an excellent choice in the event that you need a defensive haircut that is additionally wearable and agreeable.

  1. Boxed Rubber Band Space Buns on Natural Hair

This haircut is very like the one above just this time you need to include your rubber bands your container interlaces and afterward make two space buns on the two sides of your head. Once more, an awesome thought for a defensive hairdo and if your hair isn?t that long by the same token.

  1. Half Up Half Down Rubber Band Hairstyles High Bun on Curly Hair

For wavy haired women with medium-length hair, rubber bands can be added on curved hair plaits done on top of your head. They will be going up on a little high bun while the remainder of your hair stays free on your neck. This is genuinely a novel hairdo that you will get respected for.

  1. Half Up Half Down Rubber Band Space Buns with Long Bangs Braids

On the off chance that your hair is long and wavy, you can go for some half up half down space buns which you secure with rubber bands. Likewise, you are allowed to make two long and slim meshes which will act like blasts that you additionally secure with rubber bands. This is a stand-out hairdo that you will need to wear a lot more occasions.

  1. High Rubber Band Ponytail on Wavy Hair

Once more, in the event that your hair is thick, long, and wavy, a straightforward pig tail can be your best partner. Notwithstanding, make some contorted plaits with square-molded roots and secure them with bright rubber bands. That will add a perky vibe to your generally straightforward haircut.

  1. Super High Curly Rubber Band Bun with Sleek Side-Parted Bangs and Side Cornrows

For women with very wavy hair, an untidy high bun is your closest companion for an agreeable yet cool haircut. Be that as it may, go for some side cornrows which you secure with rubber bands while the other portion of your head is covered by your smooth side-separated blasts. This is really an exquisite yet present day hairdo!

  1. Low Bun with Side Cornrows and Rubber Band Hairstyles

A low bun can likewise be among your agreeable haircut choices, particularly on the off chance that you make some side cornrows made sure about with rubber bands while the opposite side of your head stays smooth and basic. The low bun can be wound and made sure about with bobby sticks or significantly more rubber bands.

  1. XRubber Band Cornrows with Big Fluffy Up Do

We have cornrows again just this time, they totally cover your head and afterward transform into a major fleecy updo. This can likewise be considered a defensive hairdo that additionally contains little rubber bands that you add among your cornrows for additional energy. Cheeky yet tasteful!

  1. Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair

The blossom twist should be possible by making a little horse at the back. Extricate up the twist so it very well may be more voluminous. To make a bun, you need to turn the interlace around and utilize a pin to make sure about it firmly.

  1. Messy Hairstyles For Short Hair

It will require around two minutes to do this simple, cool and muddled pig tail. Utilize a touch of surface shower and accumulate all your hair simply over the scruff of your neck. Pull out certain bits of hair to have a chaotic hairdo.

  1. Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Do a French interlace on one side of the hair beginning from the hairline up to the end. Utilize your hair to make sure about it in the finishes. Accumulate each hair including the French plait and transform them into a braid. Do a pin to make sure about it. Fold it over with a lot of hair and utilize a pin to make sure about it further.

  1. Cutes Hairstyles For Short Hair

Assemble a part of your hair from one side and begin making a mesh. Do this on the opposite side. Tie the two plaits at the rear of your head utilizing a versatile.

  1. Simple Hairstyles For Short Hair

Separation your hair into halves. One at the back and one in front. For the back part, transform it into a pig tail. Pull the correct front segment over the pig tail at the back. Utilize a pin to cover the pig tail. At that point, pull the left front area at the back and wrap it over the pig tail. Utilize a pin to make sure about it firmly.

Ponytail hairstyles
Interestingly, elastic band braid hairdos are so brisk and simple to introduce which implies that you can complete it yourself, regardless of whether you don?t have the foggiest idea how to do your own hair. For an extravagant look, you can get the assistance of your hairdresser in case you?re going for more unpredictable braid hairdos.


You can make such countless various examples with elastic groups and next we have a jumble plan. The hair is smooth along the edges with an elastic band plan on the middle segment of the hair. It is a particularly classy and explanation making look. The braid at the back is long and wavy.


Searching for more unpretentious elastic band haircuts? Assuming this is the case, you need to look at this. Here we have smooth and long hair. There is a part as an afterthought that includes a wonderful and all the more relaxed plan. Hair like this is so natural to wear and it will suit all ladies.


Then, we have another pig tail to show you. This time the hair is styled high on the head and the free hair in the braid is long and wonderfully wavy. The elastic band area has a comparative plan as the one above yet it has triangle parts all things considered and there are two plaits going through the focal point of the example. It is a popular and striking haircut that will amazing.

If you have just had the big chop or are the wondering how to the style yours short natural hair, rubber bands are the great option. They make the statement or add the fun, eye-catching quality to the yours hair. At the same time, rubber band hairstyles are the simple to the create, meaning you won’t need to the spend too much time doing your hair.

One standout style is the creating the box pattern ‘hair band’ effect. Section the front of the yours hair as you would when putting within box braids, but leave the rest of the yours hair loose. The result is the cute, pretty, or feminine. Rubber bands are the great way to the inject vibrant color into yours hairstyle. When you have long natural hair that’s been braided or you’ve had long braids put within try adding rubber bands to the give yours style serious ‘90s vibes.

Place the elastics at the different intervals on yours braids, not just at the the ends. Finally, add hair clips within equally bright colors to the tie the whole look together. As you may easily remove the rubber bands, it’s also the versatile styling option to the shake up yours braids for the the day. Ideal for the medium natural hair, try the sleek rubber band hairstyle.

The key is the to the show off yours hair’s natural curl with the high-shine finish, while also creating the polished or defined pattern with the rubber bands within the front. Section yours hair into boxes or even triangles then braid or twist the pieces of the hair together with the the elastics. Add beads or rings for the an extra glamorous touch, then spritz through an oil mist on the rest of the yours hair to the create shiny, bouncy curls. It’s the perfect look when you’re attending the special occasion, such as the homecoming, wedding, or prom. One of the the best-known rubber band hairstyles is the the criss-cross.

The pattern is the eye-catching or is the an excellent addition to the other hairstyles, like the ponytail. Plus, this has the more playful feel than the classic box pattern of the standard rubber band hairstyles. to the take the look, you may section either the front or crown or side of the yours hair into triangles or diamonds. Then, secure the hair within each section with the the band. Finally, working from front to the back, connect the sectioned hair diagonally within an overlapping criss-cross pattern. Once you’ve worked yours way back, secure the hair within the bun, ponytail, or puff. Keep this super simple with the the hairband-effect rubber band hairstyle.

Not only is the this feminine or beautiful, but this also frames yours face or takes less time than other more complex rubber band hairstyles. Plus, this suits the variety of the textures or curls patterns – as long as yours hair is the long enough. to the create the hairband effect, work from left to the right. Secure the small section of the hair with the the rubber band, then twist this into the next section, adding the rubber band each time. within the few minutes, you’ll have the pretty hairstyle that’s ready to the be shown off. Rubber bands add the touch of the personality or playfulness to the any hairstyle. Why not contrast the super sleek or straight ponytail with the the rubber band pattern? You’ll take the best of the both worlds! yours stylist may create the fun rubber band pattern such as the classic box or criss-cross design at the the front or crown of the yours head, before braiding within extra-long extensions to the form the ponytail. Alternatively, you may add the clip-in ponytail extension to the keep the styling process short.

The rubber band hairstyle looks as good when paired with the the curly natural ponytail as this does with the the sleek, straight one. Lean into the fun or playful look of the this hairstyle – or dress this up for the the night-time event – by metal beads or rings to the cover the rubber bands. for the an extra touch of the style, you may also incorporate tribal braids – both as part of the the ponytail or as face-framing pieces. You may embrace rubber band hairstyles while still showing off yours big, bouncy curls.

The contrast between the flat rubber bands or the volume within the rest of the yours hair will turn heads or make you the center of the attention. the cute or festival-ready option is the to the combine the criss-cross rubber-band pattern with the curly hair. Not only is the the hairstyle fun or fresh, with the the throwback ‘90s vibe, this also frames yours face beautifully so yours features won’t take lost behind yours hair. for the those with the naturally straight hair, the classic rubber band style is the the bubble ponytail. It’s also an option when you have the weave or yours hair has been chemically relaxed.

Super simple or very cute, you may adapt the bubble ponytail for the the daytime festival or the glam night out. Start with the the high ponytail, then place the bands – the similar color to the yours hair is the ideal – at the different intervals down the length of the the ponytail. Gently pull each section horizontally to the create the ‘bubble’ effect. Rubber bands may add an extra touch of the style or glamour to the the simple updo hairstyle. Use the sectioning technique to the create patterns at the the front, side, or back of the yours head, then twist the rest of the yours hair – or yours extensions – up into the bun.

The key is the contrast – don’t make the bun itself too complicated, as you want the rubber band sections to the provide contrast or interest. Even better, the rubber bands will draw the eye to the yours face or jewelry, such as the statement pair of the earrings. Rubber band hairstyles often have the playful or youthful feel – so why not lean into this by choosing colorful rubber bands? Pastels, neons, or brights all attract the eye or pop against dark hair, meaning you will stand out from the crowd. However, to the avoid the ’90s costume or kid-in-the-playground effect, it’s important not to the overdo the rubber bands or keep the rest of the yours look glamorous. Opt for the sophisticated make-up – think the matte lipstick, sun-kissed highlighter, or flawless brows.