Definition of Parallel:

  1. Each of the imaginary parallel circles of constant latitude on the earths surface.

  2. (of something extending in a line) be side by side with (something extending in a line), always keeping the same distance.

  3. (of lines, planes, surfaces, or objects) side by side and having the same distance continuously between them.

  4. Two parallel lines (‖) as a reference mark.

  5. Precisely corresponding, or happening at the same time, such as a parallel economy, parallel processing, or parallel transmission.

  6. A person or thing that is similar or analogous to another.

Synonyms of Parallel

Side by side, Aligned, Collateral, Equidistant, Counterpart, Analogue, Equivalent, Likeness, Correspondent, Match, Twin, Duplicate, Equal, Coequal, Mirror, Parallel, Grid line, Antarctic Zone, Arctic Circle, Arctic Zone, Frigid Zones, Lambert conformal projection, Mercator projection, Miller projection, Torrid Zone, Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn, Variable Zones, Abri, Accessory, Accompanying, Accord, Admit of comparison, Aeronautical chart, Affiliate, Affiliated, Agnate, Agree, Agree with, Akin, Align, Aligned, Alike, Allied, Ally, Alter ego, Amount to, Analogical, Analogize, Analogon, Analogous, Analogue, Analogy, Answer to, Ape, Appear like, Apply, Approach, Approach trench, Approximate, Assent, Assimilate, Associate, Associated, Assort with, Astronomical chart, Atlas, Attendant, Attending, Azimuthal equidistant projection, Azimuthal projection, Balance, Be commensurable, Be comparable, Be consistent, Be like, Be of one, Be parallel, Be redolent of, Be uniform with, Bear resemblance, Bind, Bound, Bracket, Bracketed, Break even, Bring into analogy, Bring into comparison, Bring to mind, Brother, Bunker, Call to mind, Call up, Cartographer, Cartography, Celestial chart, Celestial globe, Chart, Check, Chime, Chorographer, Chorography, Climate, Climatic chart, Clime, Close copy, Close match, Coequal, Coequality, Coextend, Coextending, Coextensive, Cognate, Cohere, Coincide, Coincident, Collatable, Collateral, Collimate, Collocate, Combined, Come close, Come near, Come to, Come up to, Commensurable, Commensurate, Communication trench, Companion, Comparable, Comparative, Compare, Compare and contrast, Compare to, Compare with, Compeer, Complement, Concomitant, Concur, Concurrent, Conform, Conform to, Conform with, Confront, Congenator, Congener, Congruent, Conic projection, Conjoint, Conjugate, Connect, Connected, Consist with, Consonant, Contemporaneous, Contemporary, Contour line, Contour map, Contrast, Cooperate, Coordinate, Copy, Correlate, Correlated, Correlation, Correlative, Correspond, Correspond to, Correspond with, Correspondence, Correspondent, Corresponding, Counterbalance, Counterfeit, Countermine, Counterpart, Counterpose, Couple, Coupled, Coupure, Cylindrical projection, Ditch, Ditto, Double, Double sap, Dovetail, Draw, Draw a comparison, Draw a parallel, Dugout, Duplicate, Duplication, Echo, Entrenchment, Equal, Equality, Equate, Equator, Equidistant, Equipoise, Equipollent, Equiponderance, Equispaced, Equivalence, Equivalent, Even, Even off, Even up, Evoke, Fall in together, Favor, Fellow, Fire trench, Fit together, Flying sap, Follow, Fortified tunnel, Fosse, Foxhole, Gallery, General reference map, Globe, Gnomonic projection, Go alongside, Go beside, Go together, Go with, Graphic scale, Grid line, Hachure, Hang together, Harmonize, Heliographic chart, Hit, Hold together, Homologous, Homologue, Horse latitudes, Hydrographic chart, Identify, Image, Imitate, Implicated, In proportion, Index, Interlinked, Interlock, Interlocked, Interrelate, Interrelated, Intersect, Involved, Isoline, Iterate, Jibe, Joined, Joint, Keep pace with, Kindred spirit, Kinship, Knot, Knotted, Latitude, Layer tint, Legend, Like, Liken, Liken to, Likeness, Line up, Lined up, Link, Linked, Lock, Longitude, Longitude in arc, Look like, Map, Map maker, Map projection, Mapper, Match, Match up with, Matchable, Matching, Mate, Measure against, Measure up to, Meridian, Metaphorize, Mimic, Mine, Mirror, Moat, Much at one, Mutatis mutandis, Mutual, Near, Near duplicate, Nearly reproduce, Nonconvergent, Nondivergent, Not compare with, Not tell apart, Obverse, Of a kind, Of a piece, Of a size, Of that ilk, Of that kind, Offset, Oppose, Opposite number, Overlap, Paired, Paragon, Parallel bar, Parallel file, Parallel line, Parallelepiped, Parallelepipedal, Paralleler, Parallelinervate, Paralleling, Parallelism, Parallelize, Parallelodrome, Parallelogram, Parallelogrammatic, Parallelogrammic, Parallelotropic, Pari passu, Parity, Partake of, Peer, Pendant, Photogrammetrist, Photogrammetry, Photomap, Phototopography, Physical map, Picture, Place against, Political map, Polyconic projection, Prime meridian, Projection, Proportion, Proportional, Proportionate, Reach, Reciprocal, Register, Register with, Reiterate, Relate, Related, Relationship, Relative, Relativize, Relief map, Remind one of, Repeat, Representative fraction, Resemblance, Resemble, Respond to, Rival, Road map, Roaring forties, Run a comparison, Run abreast, Run parallel, Run to, Sap, Savor of, Scale, Second self, Seem like, Set in contrast, Set in opposition, Set off, Set off against, Set over against, Similar, Similarity, Similitude, Similize, Simulacrum, Simulate, Simultaneous, Sing in chorus, Sinusoidal projection, Sister, Slit trench, Smack of, Sort with, Soul mate, Sound like, Special map, Spliced, Square, Square with, Stack up with, Stand together, Subtropics, Such, Suchlike, Suggest, Symmetry, Take after, Tally, Terrain map, Terrestrial globe, The like of, The likes of, The line, Thematic map, Tie, Tied, Topographer, Topographic chart, Topography, Touch, Transportation map, Trench, Tropic, Tropics, Tunnel, Twin, Twinned, Uniform, Vie, Vie with, View together, Weather chart, Weather map, Wed, Wedded, Weigh, Weigh against, Yoked, Zone

How to use Parallel in a sentence?

  1. Central Australia was a formally separate entity from the rest of the Territory, marked by the twentieth parallel of latitude.
  2. A challenge that has no parallel in peacetime this century.
  3. Parallel lines never meet.
  4. A big concrete gutter that paralleled the road.

Meaning of Parallel & Parallel Definition