Moment of truth

Moment of truth,

Definition of Moment of truth:

  1. In customer service, instance of contact or interaction between a customer and a firm (through a product, sales force, or visit) that gives the customer an opportunity to form (or change) an impression about the firm.

  2. A time when a person or thing is tested, a decision has to be made, or a crisis has to be faced.

Synonyms of Moment of truth

A-day, D day, H hour, Charged moment, Critical moment, Crucial moment, Day, Deadline, Decisive moment, Eleventh hour, Fateful moment, Hour, Instant, Interval, Juncture, Kairos, Kairotic moment, Minute, Moment, Nick of time, Period, Point, Pregnant moment, Psychological moment, Season, Space, Span, Spell, Stage, Stretch, Target date, Time, Time lag, While, Zero hour

How to use Moment of truth in a sentence?

  1. The moment of truth for most German children comes at the end of Grade 4.
  2. The moment of truth was pivotal as we had presented our entire plan and it was up to the consumer to react.
  3. We werent really sure how we felt about the company, but once the salesman explained all the benefits of the company, and how far they were willing to go, we reached our moment of truth . Even though we knew it was more expensive, we knew it was the right fit for us.
  4. I faced the moment of truth when I had to decide on rather to follow my heart and marry the love of my life, or to take the job of my dreams.

Meaning of Moment of truth & Moment of truth Definition