Cute Rubber Band Hairstyles

Cute Rubber band hairstyles are the recent top trend fashion for giving funky summer vibes to your hair. It is highly popular with kids especially teenage girls who love to make cool hairstyles and hair section patterns with these thin colorful rubber bands. It’s more like a cherry on top of your creative hairstyles.

Rubber Band Hairstyles


Enlightening upon the history, Young girls in the 17th to mid 18th century used to tie their hair with colorful silk ribbons in order to keep them intact as well as it was a source of fashion. So, it was a status symbol and used to be made with a variety of silks and fabrics in accordance with the class to which they belong. As far as the adult women were concerned, tying hair used to be associated with manly fashion and scorned so it was prohibited among them until it became a fashion symbol in the early 20th century.

Dating way back to the Roman Empire, women used to make intricate braided hairstyles and used to sew them with threads and needles in order to keep them secured. This practice can also be noticed in Greek and Medieval period hairstyles.

However, the rubber industry began in the 1800s by Thomas Hancock who is known to be the father of the rubber industry. He started his business with the production of elastic rubber gloves, shoes and stockings, etc. In the early 20th century when the hair tie practice became popular in adult women, the rubber industries expanded their product diversity and started producing elastic bands for the hair tying purpose.


Rubber bands are made through the following process:

  1. The latex is derived from the trees Hevea brasiliensis and is purified in order to remove impurities and debris.

  2. Chemicals such as Acetic acid and Formic acid are added which clings the rubber together to form slabs.

  3. These slabs are rolled and passed through the extruding machines, also adding different dyes into the machine which takes out hollow colorful tubes.

  4. These tubes are molded with aluminum rods and are heated to build strength and elasticity.

  5. Last but not the last, these tubes are passed through the cutter which cuts at the average of 1.5millimeter thick bands.


Hair is an integral part of a person’s personality and hairstyles carve your personality and physical appearance. Here we share a plethora of trendy rubber band hairstyles for all ages as follows:


Every mother loves playing around with their kid’s hair so there are many hairstyles for little girls that are not only funky and casual but also a great style for carrying it in schools.

  1. Giving a hairband effect on the front by multiple box sectioning hair which is tied closely to the scalp and loosened strands are kept at the back.

2. Thin braiding of strands like an African style and adding colorful elastic bands in the end to give a funky 90s vibes.

Rubber Band Hairstyles

  1. Cross and weaving braiding is also a popular style. Take for about 4-6 strands of your hair from the front and take them backward. Tie it with elastic bands and style the strands in a criss-cross weaving manner and tie the ends in two ponytails.
  1. You can also add colors to the simple Mohawk braids or french and dutch braids by tying the ends with multiple colorful ponytails
  1. Bubble braids are the talk of the town after the inspiration from the Jasmine hairstyle from Aladdin. So tying the sections with colorful elastic bands will give cute vibes to it.


Teen girls who are obsessed with these cute and funky hairstyles can try these below:

  1. Side criss-cross hair partitions give an aesthetic 90s vibe to your hair. Put colorful elastic bands on strands to make it cooler along with signature Ariana Grande high sleek ponytails.
  1. Messy buns are casual and stylish to carry. To make it cooler and funky, add box partitions secured with colored rubber bands.
  1. Side fro-hawk with throwing some colors with rubber bands are all-time go for girls.
  1. Simple pigtails and adding colorful elastic bands are the most versatile look for carrying them at college and gym. The trick is to French braid the two hair sections, partitioned from the middle and add rubber bands in diagonal till the pigtail starts.

Rubber Band Hairstyles

  1. Braiding the crown of your head with box sections and criss-cross braids plus adding those colorful bands is the top-notch style for summer parties and day time event. You can make it look trendy by adding a high ponytail or a bun.


Every person has different hair textures. Some have silky and some have curly or wavy. As far as the elastic band hairstyles are concerned, it works best for every hair type, it can be short and long. Looking into the popularity, these hairstyles are highly adopted by curly hair groups as it allows them to keep their hair in place and intact without allowing them to become frizzy.

Rubber Band Hairstyles are easily carried by all age groups and gives a colorful magic to your simple braids and patterns. The best thing of these hairstyles are that it can be used on every hair textures and length. As the hair tie practice got popularity in the 20th century, rubber industries started to make elastic rubber bands just for the purpose of tying hair and eventually became a fashion trend.

5. FAQS :

Here are some frequently asked questions about cute Rubber band hairstyles that girls usually asks

5.1 Do elastic bands damage hair?

Yes, it damages your hair if it is kept on hair overnight. It tangles with the strands and makes it difficult to take out especially in curly hair. In the struggle to take them out, it causes breakage and damage to your hair.

5.2 What product is best for styling hair?

For hair like Afro-textured or curls, products like hair gel, mousse, wax and pomades etc are necessary to tame the hair in order to make it into the desired style. Make sure to use the right and good quality product to protect hair from future damages.

5.3 Can these rubber band hairstyles be used for short hair?

Yes, it can be used on the crown head with desired multiple hair section patterns. Hairstyles like Bantu knots, flat twists and faux hawk looks best on short hair.


Cute Rubber band hairstyles are a forever trendy fashion that adds colors to the simple boring hairdos. It is also highly popular in the punk community as it gives funky cool vibes to your retro hairstyles.


Cute Rubber Band Hairstyles
Easy Hairstyles For Long hair
High Ponytail

Does beauty bands are the only thing which can make hairstyles cool and attractive? Do it always show expected results or not?

Elastic band haircuts are the ideal decision when you’re searching for an energetic and pretty summer hairdo that is loaded with fun. The ‘elastic band’ truly alludes to little, dainty, solid hold hair elastics – typically brilliant – that you can use to make astounding examples and segments in your hair. They can likewise be utilized to hoist and adorn straightforward hairdos like puffs or pig tails.

1. Elastic Band Hairstyle for Short Natural Hair

In the event that you have recently had the huge hack and are thinking about how to style your short regular hair, elastic groups are an incredible choice. They say something and add a fun, eye-getting quality to your hair. Simultaneously, elastic band haircuts are easy to make, which means you won’t have to invest an excess of energy doing your hair. One champion style is making a case design ‘hairband’ impact. Area the front of your hair as you would when placing in box plaits, however leave the remainder of your hair free. The outcome is charming, pretty, and female.

2. Elastic Band Hairstyle for Long Natural Hair

Elastic groups are an incredible method to infuse lively tone into your haircut. In the event that you have long common hair that has been meshed – or you’ve had long interlaces placed in – take a stab at adding elastic groups to give your style genuine '90s vibes. Spot the elastics at various stretches on your plaits, not exactly at the closures. At long last, add clasps in similarly splendid tones to integrate the entire look. As you can without much of a stretch eliminate the elastic groups, it’s additionally an adaptable styling choice to stir up your interlaces for a day.

3. Elastic Band Hairstyle for Medium Natural Hair

Ideal for medium normal hair, attempt a smooth elastic band hairdo. The key is to flaunt your hair’s characteristic twist with a high-sparkle finish, while additionally making a cleaned and characterized design with elastic groups in the front. Area your hair into boxes – or even triangles – at that point interlace or turn the bits of hair along with the elastics. Add globules or rings for an extra alluring touch, at that point spritz through an oil fog on the remainder of your hair to make gleaming, fun twists. It’s the ideal look when you’re going to a unique event, for example, a homecoming, wedding, or prom.

4. Confuse Rubber Band Hairstyle

A standout amongst other known elastic band hairdos is the befuddle. The example is attractive and is a magnificent expansion to different hairdos, similar to a pig tail. Furthermore, it has a more fun loving feel than the exemplary box example of standard elastic band hairdos. To get the look, you can area either the front and crown or side of your hair into triangles or precious stones. At that point, secure the hair in each segment with a band. At long last, working from front to back, interface the separated hair corner to corner in a covering crosswise example. Whenever you’ve worked your way back, secure the hair in a bun, braid, or puff.

5. Simple Rubber Band Hairstyle

Keep it excessively basic with a hairband-impact elastic band hairdo. In addition to the fact that it is female and excellent, however it likewise outlines your face and takes less time than other more unpredictable elastic band haircuts. In addition, it suits an assortment of surfaces and twists designs – as long as your hair is sufficiently long. To make the hairband impact, work from left to right. Secure a little segment of hair with an elastic band, at that point bend it into the following segment, adding an elastic band each time. In no time flat, you’ll have a beautiful haircut that is fit to be flaunted.

6. Elastic Band Straight Ponytail Hairstyle

Elastic groups add a dash of character and fun loving nature to any haircut. Why not difference a too smooth and straight braid with an elastic band design? You’ll bamboozle the two universes! Your beautician can make the great elastic band design –, for example, an exemplary box or befuddle plan – at the front and crown of your head, prior to plaiting in extra-long expansions to shape the pig tail. Then again, you can add a clasp in braid augmentation to keep the styling cycle short.

7. Elastic Band Natural Ponytail Hairstyle

The elastic band haircut looks as great when matched with a wavy common pig tail as it does with a smooth, straight one. Incline toward the fun and perky look of this haircut – and dress it up for an evening occasion – by metal globules or rings to cover the elastic groups. For an additional bit of style, you can likewise fuse ancestral plaits – both as a component of the pig tail and as face-outlining pieces.

Cute rubber band hairstyles are an excellent choice when you are looking for a pretty and playful hairstyle that is full of fun. The cute rubber band hairstyle means to have thin, small, stronghold hair elastics and mainly colorful, which you can try to design amazing sections and patterns in your hair. They can also be used to accessorize and elevate simple hairstyles like ponytails or puffs.

  1. Cute Rubber Band Hairstyle For short hair

A rubber band can be a great option if you are wondering how to style your short natural hair. They add fun and make a statement, eye-getting quality to your hairs. You wouldn’t need to spend much time styling your hair because rubber band hairstyles are very easy to create. Leave the rest of your hair loose and section the top of your hairs as you would when putting box braids. This outcome is a feminine, pretty and cute rubber band hairstyle.

  1. Rubber Band Hairstyle For Long Hair

Rubber bands are an enormous way to add vibrant color to your hairstyle. If you have long natural hairs try adding rubber bands to give yourself a 90s vibe.

Place the elastic not just at the end and equally bright colors tie the entire look whole together.

  1. Rubber Band Hairstyle For Medium Hair

Try a sleek rubber band hairstyle this is ideal for medium natural hair. Create a defined and polished pattern with rubber bands in the front. Style your hairs in a triangle or even boxes, then twist or braid the pieces of hair together with the elastics. Add rings for an extra cute, lovely, and flashy touch, then spritz through an oil mist on the rest to create bouncy, shiny curls. It’s an excellent look for special occasions such as prom, weddings, or homecoming.

  1. Criss Cross Rubber Band Hairstyle

One of the famous known in cute rubber band hairstyles is the criss-cross. The pattern is an attractive and pure addition to other hairstyles and is also eye-catching, bonus, it has a more playful feel.

To get that look, you can section either the crown and front or side of your ponytail into diamonds or triangles. Then, protect the hairs in each section with a band. Match the section hair crosswise in a coinciding criss-cross pattern. Secure the hair in a puff, ponytail, and bun, you have to work your way back.

  1. Easy Rubber Band Hairstyle

Go super good with a hairband effect rubber band hairstyle. It will not only give you a beautiful and feminine look, but it also styles your face and take little time than other complex rubber band hairstyles. More to it, it suits a variety of curls and textures patterns, as more as your hairs are long enough. Work from right to left to create the hairband effect. Twist it and protect a small section of your hair with a rubber band, adding a rubber band each time. Ladies, you will have a cute and trendy hairstyle ready to be shown to the world.

  1. Rubber Band Straight Ponytail Hairstyle

Rubber bands add a touch of playfulness and personality to your hairstyles. Why not contrast a straight and super sleek with a rubber band hairstyle?

In this hairstyle, you will get the taste of both worlds, such as a criss-cross design or classic box. To keep the hairstyling process short you can add a clip in a ponytail extension.

  1. Rubber Band Natural Ponytail Hairstyle

If your hair is curly then a rubber band hairstyle looks good on you. Lean into the playful and fun look of this hairstyle. To look more good with this hairstyle, you can either dress it up for a nighttime event, with rings or metal beads to cover the rubber bands. You can also incorporate an extra touch of style, both as facetime framing pieces and part of the ponytail.

  1. Hairstyle For Curly Hair

You can grasp rubber band hairstyles while still showing off bouncy, big curls. The contrast between the volume and flat rubber bands in the rest of your hair will make you stylish and make you the main attention of the public eye. Not only the hairstyle is fresh and fun, with the look of 90s vibe. It also makes yourself beautiful and features you good so you don’t need to be scared about your hair.

  1. Rubberband hairstyles

If you have naturally straight hairs, then rubber band style is a bubble ponytail. It is also an option if your hair has been chemically relaxed and if you have a weave. Very cute and super simple, you can have a bubble ponytail for a glam night out and daytime festival. Place the bands and start with a high ponytail, a matching color to your hair is ideal. To create the bubble effect gently pull each section horizontally.

  1. Updo Hairstyle

Rubber bands can add an extra touch of glamour and style to a simple hairstyle. Use the styling technique to make up the pattern at the side, front, and back of your head, then spin the rest of your hair or your extension. Don’t make the bun itself too difficult, as you want the rubber band section to give interest and contrast. The rubber band will draw the eyes to your jewelry and face.

  1. Colorful Rubber Band Hairstyle

Rubber band hairstyles generally have a youthful and playful feel. Brights, neon, pastels all catch the pop and eye against dark hair, meaning you will stand out from the crowd.

However, to kid in the playground effect or avoid the 90s costume, it is effective not to overdo the bands and keep the rest of your look attractive and seductive. Opt for matured make up, think up flawless brows, sun-kissed highlighter, and matte lipstick.

  1. Half Up Half Down Rubber Band Hairstyle

Half up half down have been turning trendy as they five the sophisticated of a but with less-maintenance vibes of a loose hairstyle. Rubber bands can give your classic down and half up an individual, cute and unique twist, without eating your extra time. Plus, if you use colorful and white bands, you can catch the audience’s eye. It is a flattering and fun look that is good for a picnic, brunch, or school date.

  1. Bun and rubber band hairstyle

Making a bun and rubber band hairstyle is a creative personality and exposes your personality. Whether you want to create the design in one section, such as all over and on the other side, it will give you a stylish contrast and eye-catching look.

To create the hair band effect, work from left to the right. Secure the small section of the hair with the rubber band, and then twist this into the next section, adding the rubber band each time. Within the few minutes, you’ll have the pretty hairstyle that’s ready to be shown off. No matter how convenient they are to use, the rubber band is the not the hair tie.

It pulls yours hair too aggressively, causing rupture. or it’s the common delusion that rubber band will help grow yours hair. So, how long may you keep rubber band within yours hair? Rubber band are the dreadful for the yours hair or you should take them out after 1 to the 2 days to the avoid further damage.

Contrary to the common belief, rubber band won’t help yours hair grow any faster. Hale elastics cause hair damage or breakage, the well made scrunched provides that extra layer of the protection with the the additional fabric. Elastics cause headaches. the well made scrunched won’t.

Your rubber band should be worn approximately 20 hours each day, so that means you has to the wear them when you’re sleeping too. You DO NOT have to the wear yours rubber band while eating or brushing yours teeth.

Other than those times, they should be within yours mouth. There are the many alternatives to the tying yours hair up with the the hair tie or to the just keep this out of the yours face: ribbons, hair bands, bandanas, bobby pins, hair clips, or heck, even chopsticks or pencils. Hair breakage: Putting yours hair within the ponytail within the same place every day may stress yours strands where the elastic meets the hair, especially when you wear yours ponytails very tight.

Constant friction on the strands may lead to the fraying or breakage, potentially causing frizz or fly-always. Many sources recommend rubber band at the the roots or tips of the new dreadlocks to the help things lock up at the the root or to the help to the prevent knots from migrating out the end of the yours baby dreads at the the tips, or suggest they be worn for the at the least four weeks.

For each 1 x 1 inch section you want to the use the small amount of the squash to the smooth the hair down or secure this with the the small black rubber band. for the each of the these sections leave about the ½ an ink of the space between yours scalp or the rubber band. This reduces the tension on yours hair. Andrew Fitzsimons, celebrity hairstylist or Nature Lab Tokyo diplomat, agrees that the bob is the going to the be the this haircut of the 2020. Except it’s not the super-sleek, polished bob; it’s the soft, tousled, or relaxed version. when you forget to the wear yours elastics one day, don’t double up the next day, just continue to the wear them as instructed.

If you leave yours elastics off for the more than an hour each day, yours teeth will move very slowly, when at the all. The rubber band acts as the daily reminder of the yours biggest aim, or when you move this you’re basically rewarding yourself for the taking yours daily step within the right direction. This trick may work for the more than just paying down debt, though. Clockwise root rubbing may be helpful to the knot the hair at the the base of the the fear. Place the roots of the the dreadlock between two fingers or rub this against the scalp within the clockwise direction.

A light sprinkling of the Dread Dust on yours finger tips whilst doing this may textures the hair or help encourage knots to the form. When you place the tight, solid wrap on the less-than-mature dreadlock, this compresses the dreadlock, but this also eliminates any friction which, again, halts the locking process or causes weak spots.

Cute Rubber Band Hairstyles for the Straight Hair:

Rubber band may be damaging to the the hair, especially when you pull them through yours hair. to the remove the rubber band without the risk of the damage lift the rubber band up with the the bobby pin or the end of the rat tail comb, then take some scissors or cut the rubber band off.

Is this good to the put rubber band within your hair?

No matter how convenient they are to the use, the rubber band is the not the hair tie. this pulls yours hair too aggressively, causing breakage.

How long may you keep rubber band within your hair?

1 to the 2 days

So, how long may you keep rubber band within your hair? Rubber band are the bad for the yours hair or you should take them out after 1 to the 2 days to the avoid further damage. Contrary to the common belief, rubber band won’t help yours hair grow any faster.

Why are the rubber band bad for the yours hair?

Elastic hair ties may grip hair too tightly or cut into the hair shaft, causing fraying when they are the repeatedly used within the same spot. So, throwing yours hair up within the quick pony for the gym every once within the while is the okay, but when you’re using the ponytail as yours go-to hairstyle every day, this may become the problem.

Does the rubber band method cause breakage?

The rubber band may still cause tension or breakage. Box braids are the beautiful but they’re too damaging.

Trendy rubber band hairstyles:

Another enemy is the the rubber band. Never, never, use one of the rubber office elastics to the tie yours hair, even when there’s nothing else available. They may stick to the the hair fiber or get tangled up the strands or break them. Instead, use the hair tie made of the fabric, they’re much gentler.

Rubber band hairstyles are one of the most rolling trends that have been the perfect option for especially summer hairstyling which makes hair look more trendy and fun. When we talk about rubber band it is a tiny piece of elastic that is strong enough to hold to hair tightly, comes in different attractive colors, patterns, and sizes which can help you style into various types of hairstyles like puffs, ponytails, braids, and more. There are two types of hair tying bands one of them is scrunches which are now trending again and are called hair cloud these are rubber band covered into the cloth which gives your hair a prettier look other one is basic elastic rubber bands.

Thousands of years ago hair tying was introduced in the 18th century when women use to hold up their hair with a piece of cloth or leather straps the ancient Mayan civilization used latex to make rubber. Latex is extracted from various plants, rubber plants, and from morning glory together it makes rubber more elastic. Later in the 1800s, the English inventor named Thomas Hancock introduced the rubbery industry. The invented machine called masticator helps in shredding rubber scraps, also he introduced rubber gloves, shoes, stockings.

Now the styling with a rubber band is the most popular way for a woman as there are several ways you can pull off a rubber band style.

  • Rubber band Ponytail hairstyles

Styling a ponytail with a rubber band is always a hit choice whether it be a sleek ponytail that would give a glam look or a messy one that you can carry at your ease.

  • Cute rubber band hairstyles for making Braid

It can be styled in different ways pigtails or Rapunzel braid, one of the most basic yet versatile looks can be introduced with braid which would standout when complimenting them with a colorful rubber band. School, gym, office, or while hanging out braided hairdo gives you a trendy chic look.

  • Rubber band and bun hairdo

What’s better than a bun? Make it two or just a neat single, it may be a messy one too. Buns are the comfiest hairstyle that you can most commonly style up for day parties or the workplace.

The best part would be choosing your favorite color to bun it up not those common whites and ■■■■■■.

  • Half up half down rubber band hairstyle

Half up half down hairstyle is a forever trend as it gives a cool look of a bun with the casual vibes of loose down hairstyle. Easy to do without taking extra time plus makes you look cool enough to draw some attention. Perfectly fit for school or picnic.

  • Updo hairstyle

Want some extra touch of glamour to add rubber bands to an updo hairstyle, while sectioning hair to make patterns at the front area and inside the area, then twisting up the remaining hair.

  • Rubber band hairstyle with straight hair

Make a bubble ponytail with naturally straight hair or even with some wavy hair, its simplest yet super cute starting it with a high pony then placing bands in sequence to style. Best for daytime events also for a night out. Make it more cheerful by adding on different rubber band colors.

  • Crisscross rubber band hairstyle

The best hairstyle is crisscross. To give this look firstly section the side or front crown into whatever pattern like triangles or diamonds, then secure hair according to the sections with a rubber band. Lastly connect the hair while they overlap crisscross pattern once it is done now you can choose what you make a ponytail, buns, or a puff hairdo.

Cute rubber band hairstyles are common and popular among babies to youngsters, particularly teenagers. Cute hairstyles can be easily made using rubber bands and normally rubber bands that are made for pulling your hair up are available at reasonable prices.

What is a rubber band?

Rubber band is a flexible and stretchable loop of elastic.

Rubber bands were particularly made to tie and hold multiple things together such as notes etc, the same idea was used for tying hair.

Rubber used for hair tying is made up of two types.

  1. Natural rubber

  2. Synthetic rubber

It was patented by Stephen Perry in England on 17 March 1845.

Rubber band sizes

Hair rubber bands come in different sizes which are appropriate for almost pulling together all types of hair thicknesses.

Usually, hair rubber bands come in the following sizes with their respective measurements.

1. Hair rubber band size


Measurement (inches)

2.5 - 2.9

2. Hair rubber band size


Measurement (inches)

3 - 3.4

3. Hair rubber band size


Measurement (inches)

3.5 - 3.9

4. Hair rubber band size

Extra large

Measurement (inches)

4 - 4.5

Note :point_right:

Less thickness of elastic band makes it more stretchable. Therefore, they should be between 2,4 and 5 millimeters.

Different names for rubber band

As rubber bands come in different styles for hair tying to give a cute and pretty look, thus their different types have different names which are as follows.

  1. Hair band
  2. Twistie
  3. Bobbin
  4. Nubby-doo
  5. Liga
  6. Rubber band
  7. Doof
  8. Scrunchie
  9. Hair binder
  10. Woogie
  11. Chongo
  12. Ribbon
  13. Hair deals
  14. Hair thing
  15. Hair knick knacks
  16. Hair elastic band
  17. Binder
  18. Ding ■■■■
  19. Hair up
  20. Whiztinger
  21. Hair lacky
  22. Hair Bow
  23. Bobble
  24. X-Twist
  25. Dooflatchee
  26. Hair elastic
  27. Bands
  28. Elastic band
  29. Gogo
  30. Dodoggle
  31. Hair holder
  32. Ponytail holder

Cute trendy rubber band hairstyles

There are at least 21 most trending cute hairstyles for 2020 to 21.

Following is the list of names of most trending rubber band hairstyles currently.

  1. Double Bubble Ponytail

  2. Wavy ponytail

  3. Pigtails with rubber bands and a bow

  4. French braids with rubber band ‘x’ pattern

  5. Jumbo box braids with rubber bands

  6. Rubber band afro

  7. High bun

  8. Low puff with rubber bands

  9. High puff with rubber bands

  10. Bubble ponytail

  11. Mini bubble ponytails

  12. High ponytail with rubber bands

  13. Sleek ponytail with rubber bands

  14. Half-up top knot with rubber bands

  15. Rubber band cornrows

  16. Rubber band mini cornrows with curls

  17. Side parted afro with rubber bands

  18. Side criss cross twists with curly hair

  19. Half-up bun

  20. Double high puff with rubber bands

  21. Side swept bun with rubber bands

Difference of polyband from rubber band

Polyband hair ties are widely used nowadays and available everywhere.

Polyband are different from regular rubber bands as they provide a softer touch to hair without making them slip off which is why hair tie production companies stress more on this point to market their polybands to increase their product purchase.

Can we DIY hair rubber band, particularly scrunchies?

Yes, it is very easy to make at home, which is fun and you can utilize your creative side making interesting hair ties for yourself or just to gift your loved ones.


You just need to follow these basic steps and then you have the option to recreate and utilize any accessories you have to make them.

Time to make it

It would hardly take you 6 to 10 minutes in making them, especially if you are a newbie :slight_smile:

Step 1

First you need a simple elastic band. You can use the elastic band which is already in your use.

Step 2

Select the cutest piece of cloth which you love and it could be found at home, maybe at granny sewing station :wink:

Step 3

After finding some cute piece of cloth, fold it and then just cut it 20 inches length wise, and keep 4 inches of width.

Step 3

Now just sew that piece of cloth length wise.

Step 4

Now take any elastic and cut it half way shorter than the length of the piece of cloth you just sewed.

Step 5

Cross the elastic inside the sewed cloth. After its crossed, sew both ends of elastic together.

Step 6

Now seal the opened ends of cloth by sewing it. And it would give you a cute scrunchy.

You can always add and play with cute accessories and items by attaching them with the cloth.

Accessories to make cute hairstyle

Before making any hairstyle, there are few must have accessories.

Firstly, make sure to comb your hair thoroughly because without detangling hair, it would get extremely hard to make a hairstyle with lots of irritating tangles which makes us feel frustrated.

Following is the list of basic hair accessories you need other than rubber band before making a hairstyle.

  1. Comb

  2. Hair mousse

  3. Hair setting spray

  4. Hair styling gel (especially in case if you have baby hairs)

  5. Hair pins


Let us see few faqs which people have asked related to cute rubber band hairstyles.

1. What can you use instead of rubber bands for hair?

You can use other hair tying accessories which are traditionally used for tying.

These are the following.

  1. Chopsticks

  2. Pencils

  3. Bandanas

  4. Hair bands

  5. Ribbons

  6. Hair clips

  7. Bobbi pins

  8. Heck

2. Are rubber bands recyclable?

Yes, they can be recycled if they are tree derived means made by natural rubber.

For recycling purposes you just need to put them in some shopper, close it and clearly mention over the shopper that it contains a rubber band. In this way, it would make it easy for recyclers to get to know what it contains and utilize for recycling purposes.

3. Are rubber bands bad for the environment?

Natural rubber is eco friendly and can be recycled but synthetic rubber cannot be recycled instead it just increases the waste and is a cause of pollution on earth that is why synthetic rubber is bad for the environment.


  1. Making cute hairstyles using rubber band are common in babies, teens and young adults.

  2. Rubber band is used for hair tying. They called by different names.

  3. Rubber bands come in different sizes and shapes. They are made up of either natural or synthetic rubber.

  4. At least 21 cute hairstyles are trending in year 20-21.

  5. You can use alternatives to rubber bands for making hairstyles.

  6. To make a cute hairstyle, just having rubber band is not enough but you also need few important hair accessories and hair products to achieve them.

Word hairstyle is very common and frequently used by anyone but this word itself has its own world. The word hairstyle can be define as “the way of cutting, arranging, splitting and making your hair is your hairstyle”. selecting or making hairstyle is little bit tricky, it should be pick according to occasion and most important according to your face cut. Not every hairdo can go with all type of face shape. For example: waves, curls, updos and high buns are the hairstyles can pick for rectangular face, blunt bob, long straight hairdo for oval face, layered bobs and side layers are best match with square face and the list goes on. But beside these “Cute rubber band hairstyle” is suitable for every type of face shape and hair but with some variations.

Rubber band hairstyle according to texture of hair:

  • Curly hair: if you want to show-off your big bouncy curls along with cute rubber band hairstyle then the criss-cross rubber band hair style is just perfect. It not only gives you fun and fresh look but also maintain the beautiful features of your face.
  • Straight hair: the bubble ponytail is the best option for straight hair. You just need to start with high ponytail and then add rubber bands after intervals then pull hair to give the bubble effect. It also gives the volume of your hair.

Rubber band hairstyle according to face shape:

  • Round face: a high pony tail along with some criss-cross is the best matched rubber band hairstyle of round shape faces.
  • Square face: make partitions and lots of tiny braids is suitable on square shape faces, let most bread fell onto the face so that the jawline and forehead cannot enhance.
  • Oval face: tiny ponytail from the front and let all hair fell of is easy and pretty hairstyle on oval shape face.

Rubber band hairstyle for babies:

There are many elastic products which are cute and color full which we can add in cute rubber band hairstyle on babies hair, i.e French ponytail, criss-cross with color full rubber bands, simple ponytail, criss-cross with cute little bun are the cute hairstyles for babies.

Rubber band hairstyle for adults:

Bubble ponytail, tiny ponytail, tiny braids, criss-cross along with massive bun, center updo are for cute rubber band hairstyles for adults.

Rubber band hairstyles for men:

Undercut with braids along with rubber bands, double man bun braid are common in men. It also enhance the features of men face.

Rubber band hairstyles of 90’s:

Lets go to the 90’s with these amazing rubber band hairstyle:

  • Center partition and pony tail along with tiny braids along with each side.
  • Criss-cross hair partitioning along with long straight ponytail.
  • Little fun with bun (just make as many tiny braid as you can then finish it with a massive bun)

Trending cute rubber band hairstyle:

The cute rubber band hairstyles are trending in every era. Following are the hairstyles which are most common now a days.

  • Box partitioning along with bun.
  • On side straight one side criss-cross with open hair.
  • Criss-cross with center bun.
  • Mix braid and pony tail along with bun.
  • Bubble ponytail.

Every hairstyle is good just make sure you picked the correct one.

rubber band hairstyles

Rubber band hairstyles are perfect when you are looking for a playful and cute summer hairstyle. A “rubber band” is actually a small, thin, strong-holding hair elastic (usually colorful) that you can use to create amazing patterns and sections on your hair. It can also be used to enhance or decorate simple hairstyles such as puffs and ponytails.

  1. Rubber band hairstyle for short natural hair

  2. Rubber band hairstyle for long natural hair

  3. Medium natural hair rubber band hairstyle

  4. crisscross rubber band hairstyle

  5. Rubber band straight ponytail hairstyle

rubber band method bun

  1. Loose top van with colorful rubber bands

  2. Rubber band hairstyle with high buns and accessories

  3. Smooth dumplings with short 4c hair Simple rubber band hairstyle

  4. Dumpling all-round square rubber band

  5. Random bread cornrows and rear rubber band hairstyles

  6. Front sweep rubber band hairstyle with defined edges

  7. Yellow rubber band on TWA4c hair

  8. Top knot Chris cross rubber band

funky hairstyle meaning

fashion in an unusual and noticeable way

box braids with rubber bands at the end

To secure each section for braiding, take a separate section of hair and secure it with a rubber band. Repeat this procedure until all natural hair is neatly secured with a rubber band and ready to be braided.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: What does a rubber band do to your hair?

No matter how easy it is to use, rubber bands are not hair ties. It pulls your hair too hard and causes damage.

Q: Do rubber bands help hair growth?

It’s a common misconception that rubber bands help your hair grow. So how long can you keep a rubber band in your hair? Rubber bands are bad for hair, so you should remove them after a day or two to avoid further damage. Contrary to common belief, rubber bands do not help your hair grow any faster.

Q: How do you loosen the tight rubber bands on your hair?

Take a warm or cold shower. Cold water provides relaxation almost instantly, and hot water opens the hair shaft and makes the hair more elastic and loose.

Q: Is banding bad for your hair?

This type of stretch is harmless to your hair if done correctly. It does not use heat and minimizes tension when banding the hair. The process takes a little longer as the fingers loosen when adding the product to the hair.

Q: How long should you keep a rubber band in your fear?

4 weeks

Many sources recommend rubber bands at the base and tip of the new dreadlocks to help keep things fixed at the root and prevent the knot from moving from the tip of the baby’s horror, at least 4 weeks. We are proposing to wear it.

Q: Is Little Rubber Bad for Your Hair?

If you overtighten the hair tie and pull the hair back, the hair follicles will be damaged. If the traditional elastic ponytail is too tight, the hair shaft will be cut and frayed. To make matters worse, when the hair is pulled back much tighter, it causes hair loss from the roots. Don’t sacrifice your hair for beauty!

Q: Is it bad to wear ponytails every day?

Danger of ponytail

Hair Breakage: Placing hair on the same ponytail every day can stress the hair where the elasticity meets the hair, especially if you are wearing the ponytail very tightly. The constant rubbing of the strands can lead to fraying and breakage, which can cause crimps and splatters.

Q: How long do you soak the rubber band in olive oil?

3-5 minutes

Try soaking the rubber band in olive oil for 3-5 minutes to prevent it from being damaged or caught by the elastic. This may reduce the elasticity of the rubber band, but it won’t hurt your hair!

Q: How long does it take for a tight blade to loosen?

1-2 days

The tight box blade will loosen over time. It usually takes a day or two to find relief in a tightly knitted style.


Rubber band hairstyles are very popular nowadays and girls love it. They try different styles from the rubber band and can make unique style everyday. Rubber band hairstyles are perfect when you are looking for a playful and cute summer hairstyle. A “rubber band” is actually a small, thin, strong-holding hair elastic (usually colorful) that you can use to create amazing patterns and sections on your hair. It can also be used to enhance or decorate simple hairstyles such as puffs and ponytails.

Cute Rubber Band Hairstyles Hairstyles with rubber bands are a great option if you’re seeking a lighthearted and attractive summer appearance that’s also full of energy. You can use trim, thin, strong-hold hair elastics (sometimes colored) to create beautiful patterns and parts in your hair with the term “rubber band.”

1 - Hairstyles using Rubber Bands for Short Natural Hair

You can use rubber bands to style your hair after a huge chop if you’re looking for ideas. You can wear them to create a fashion statement and to spice up the look of your hair. Because they are so simple to do, rubber band hairstyles are great if you don’t have much time to devote to your hair. This hairband-like appearance is one of the most eye-catching styles. Section your hair in the front like you would for box braids, but keep the rest of your hair loose. The result is adorable, feminine, and sexy.

2 - The Rubber Band Hairstyle for Natural Hair with Long Length

Injecting brilliant color into your hair with rubber bands is a terrific idea. Make a statement with a '90s-inspired look by adding rubber bands to your braided hair if you have long natural hair that has been braided. Braids should have elastics woven in at varying intervals rather than just at their ends. Finally, accessorize with brightly colored hair clips to complete the appearance. Because the rubber bands are readily removed, you can use this as a stylistic alternative to mix up your braids for a single day.

3 - The Rubber Band Hairdo for Natural Hair with Medium Lengths.

If you have medium-length natural hair, a rubber band hairstyle is an excellent option for styling. If you want your hair to have a finished and distinct pattern, you must use rubber bands in the front to show off your natural curl. To get the best results from this method, divide your hair into sections, braid or twist each section together with an elastic. Glamorize your look with some beads or rings, then spritz your hair with an oil mist to produce voluminous curls that are lustrous and full of bounce. When you’re attending a significant event, such as a homecoming, wedding, or prom, this is the perfect look.

4 - Criss-Cross Rubber Band Hairdo

The cross-cross is one of the most popular rubber band hairstyles. Patterned hairstyles like a ponytail look great with this hair accessory because it’s so eye-catching. It’s also a lot more fun than the traditional rubber band hairstyles, which have a boxy shape. You can divide your hair into triangles or diamonds on either the front and crown or the side to achieve the appearance. After that, use a hairband to keep each section of hair in place. This is done by connecting sections of hair diagonally in an overlapping, criss-cross pattern from the front to the rear. Finally, secure the hair in a bun, ponytail, or puff once you’ve worked your way back.

5 - The Rubber Band Hairstyle Is So Easier Than You Thought.

If you don’t have time for a complicated haircut, try a rubber band hairdo. Also, it frames your face beautifully and takes less time than more complicated rubber band hairstyles. As long as your hair is long enough, it looks great on various hair types and curls patterns. Work from the left to the right to achieve the hairband effect. Then, using a rubber band to hold the first portion in place, twist the hair into the second section. You’ll be ready to show off your new hairdo in no time.

6 - Rubber Band Straight Ponytail Hairstyle No.6

Any hairdo may be jazzed up with the use of rubber bands. Rubber band patterns are a great way to add interest to a neat and straight ponytail. We promise that you’ll get to enjoy a little bit of both worlds. To create a fun rubber band pattern at the front and crown of your head before braiding in extra-long extensions to build the ponytail, your hairstylist can create the rubber band pattern. Instead, you can use a clip-in ponytail extender to speed up the process of putting it together.

7- The Natural Rubber Band Ponytail Hairstyle.

When worn with a curly natural ponytail, the rubber band hairstyle is just as chic as it is when worn straight. You can spice up this hairdo for a night out by using metal beads or rings to cover up the rubber bands. Tribal braids can be used as part of the ponytail or as a way to frame the face for a more fashionable look.

8 - Curly Hairstyles for Women

Your large, bouncy curls can be showcased with rubber band hairstyles. Flat rubber bands contrast with the fullness of your hair, making you the focus of attention in a crowd. Adding a criss-cross rubber band design to curly hair is a fun and festival-ready look. It’s not only entertaining and fresh, but it also frames your face so that your features don’t get obscured by your hairdo.

9 - Straight Hair Rubber Band Hairdo

Rubber band bubble ponytails are a go-to for women with naturally straight hair. If you have a weave or hair that has been chemically relaxed, this is also a possibility. A bubble ponytail is an easy and adorable way to style your hair for a daytime festival or a night out. It’s best to use bands that are a similar shade to your hair and space them evenly along the length of your ponytail. To achieve the “bubble” look, gently pull each part horizontally.

10 - Styles of Hair Updos

For a simple updo hairstyle, rubber bands can give it an extra dose of elegance and charm. Twist your hair or hair extensions into a bun using the sectioning technique to create patterns at the front, side, and back of your head. Contrast is crucial, so keep the bun simple so that the rubber band pieces may add interest and contrast. Your face and jewels will be highlighted even more by the rubber bands you’re wearing.

11. Rubber Band Hairdos in Colors

Choose bright rubber bands for your rubber band hairdo to add a lively and youthful touch. If you have dark hair, pastels, neons, and brights will make you stand out from the crowd. However, if you don’t want to look like a '90s costume or a youngster at a playground, you need to keep the rest of your look beautiful and not overuse the rubber bands. Look polished with matte lipstick, dewy highlighter, and neatly shaped brows.

12 - A Hairstyle with a Rubber Band in the Middle.

Half-up, half-down hairstyles are popular because they combine the elegance of a bun with the effortlessness of a free-flowing 'do. To add a personal touch to your traditional half-up, half-down hairstyle, try using rubber bands. They are quick and easy to use. Additionally, the use of white or brightly colored bands might draw focus on your face. If you’re looking for a fun and flirty outfit, this is the one for you.

13 - Hairstyle with Rubber Bands and a Bun

Adding a rubberband pattern to your bun is a quick and easy way to express your individuality. No matter, where you decide to place the pattern, it will make a striking visual difference whether it’s on the side or throughout the entire piece. If you’re attending a formal function, use hair bands that match your hair color to keep your look smooth and refined. If you’re going out on a date, a pair of elastics in a soft, feminine color like link would be ideal.

14 - Hairstyle with Rubber Bands and Two Buns

Even better than one bun is two. Two! Rubber bands are a great way to draw attention to your puffs or double buns. This hairstyle is perfect for a festival or day party because it exudes a lively and carefree vibe. Having your hair held in place with rubber bands also helps the buns stand out more. Make the haircut even more cheerful by using brightly colored rubber bands instead of plain black or white ones.


Rubber bands add a unique touch to plain pigtails. From school to the gym and even a date, this is one of the most flexible hairstyles. The idea is to tie the bands in diagonal parts that pull the attention back to where your pigtails begin. The result is a subtle Dutch braid appearance minus the braids that finish and personalize your hair. Staying on top of your beauty routine will help you achieve this appearance.


Following are the questions that people also ask.

1 - For how long should rubber bands in your hair be left in place?

Tightness of the rubber bands. You can use rubber bands to keep knots from migrating out the ends of your baby dreads for at least four weeks after you’ve started dreadlocking, according to several sources.

2 - What is the name of the rubber band hairdo?

The criss-cross rubber band hairstyle is one of the most popular. If you’re looking for an eye-catching hairdo, this pattern is a great choice. As a bonus, it’s a lot more fun to wear than the typical rubber band hairstyle’s box pattern.

3 - Is it true that rubber bands might cause hair breakage?

In particular, if you pull rubberbands through your hair, they can be harmful to your hair. After damaging your hair, there is nothing you can do to get it back. So when it’s time to remove those braids, be patient and patient.


You will love the first hairdo that we have to show you. A rubber band ponytail is featured here. Mid-length ponytail with a portion of hair divided and knotted into four rubber bands on the side of the head. It’s a lovely haircut that’s ideal for summer. A curly ponytail is an alternative to the braided look you see here.

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2 - Cute Rubber Band Hairstyles For Girls

Cute rubber band hairstyles are among the most popular hairstyles for adding a unique, summery touch to your locks. Children, particularly adolescent females, are huge fans of these thin, colorful rubber bands, which they use to create unique hairstyles and patterns.

:shield: Cute Rubber Band Hairstyles

If you’re looking for a technique to add a little pizazz to your hairstyles, here is the place to go. We have a gallery of creative rubber band hairstyles for your viewing pleasure. To put it simply, these hair ideas are precisely what they appear to be. A piece of your hair will be bound with rubber bands regardless of the style you choose.

Common rubber Band Hairstyles
1 Curly Hair Rubber Band Hairstyle
2 Braids hairstyles for long hair
3 Afro hairstyles with rubber bands
4 cross-hair rubber band hairstyle
5 Hairstyle with rubber band ponytail

:small_blue_diamond: Rubber Band Hairstyle

We’re in love with this style since you can make so many different designs and be as subtle or intense as you like. On the other hand, Rubber bands come in a wide range of colors, allowing you to create a genuinely distinctive haircut. Take a look at the many designs, hair types, and styles. These are ideal for the spring and summer months ahead.

:small_blue_diamond: Fashionable And Easy Styles

Fashionable And Easy

It is so fashionable and easy to wear that we’d like to show you the first hairdo. The rubber band pattern on this sleek ponytail gives it a sporty look. Hair is pulled back into a mid-length ponytail and secured with four rubber bands on the side. It’s a lovely hairstyle for the warmer months ahead. You may either recreate this look or go with a wavy ponytail.

A criss-cross pattern is the next one you may make using rubber bands. The hair has a rubber band design in the middle and is sleek on the sides. It’s a fashion-forward and eye-catching style. There is a long, wavy ponytail at the back of her head. You can see this hairdo from various perspectives on the Instagram page linked below.

Next, we’ll show you a different ponytail. Hair is arranged high on the head, with a long, curly ponytail dangling from it. Two braids run through the center of the rubber band segment, which is similar to the one above. It’s a stylish and daring hairdo that’s sure to turn heads.

:small_blue_diamond: Rubber Band Hairdo

This rubber band hairdo is both complex and stunning. Each strand of hair has been separated and divided into box sections. A corset-like effect is achieved by tying together the various departments. If you’re looking to make a fashion statement, this is the haircut for you.

One of our favorite hairstyles is the one shown here. This ponytail features an ombre effect. As a result, the hair begins black before fading to a vibrant blue. Rubber bands and hair cuffs are used to style the upper area of the hair. It’s a fun and fashionable hairstyle. You can either copy this or experiment with a different ombre hue.

:small_blue_diamond: Fewer Rubber Bands

Fewer Rubber Bands

Fewer Rubber Bands

The hair in this photo is silky and long. On the other side, you’ll find a lovely, more understated design. This hairstyle is effortless to wear, and it looks great on virtually any woman.
A second ultra-high ponytail follows next. Braids and rubber bands are used to secure different sections of the hair.

The entire head of hair is then pulled back into a sleek ponytail worn at shoulder length or higher. This hairdo is fun, bold, and adorable. If you can’t get your hands on this, we’d love to see it in color. The braids would look fantastic if red were woven into them.

:beginner: Summary

Punks love it because it adds a funky cool touch to their vintage hairstyles. With the necessary, multiple hair section designs, it can be applied to the crown head. On short hair, styles like Bantu knots, flat twists, and fake hawks look their finest.

:shield: Rubber Band Hairstyle For Kids

Hairstyles for young girls can be enjoyable and practical, depending on the mother’s personal preferences and the child’s needs. This is especially true when it comes to school-appropriate looks. A hairband effect is created by tying the hair to the scalp and keeping free strands at the rear of the head.

A funky 90s mood is achieved by braiding the strands thinly in an African way and then adding colored elastic bands at the end. Braiding done in a cross-and-weaving pattern is also quite popular.

Please take a few strands of your hair from the front and pull them back slowly and methodically. Make two ponytails with the ends tied in a criss-cross weaving pattern and secure with elastic bands.

:small_blue_diamond: Always Take Care For your Hairs


Rubber bands from the hardware store may damage your hair more than braiding elastics, which are tiny, thin, strong hair elastics used to make rubber band hairstyles. However, if misused, they might weaken the hair shaft, especially if your hair is Afro-textured or curly. Give your hair a rest to prevent it from fraying and breaking.

Avoid leaving your rubber band hairstyle in overnight, tying your elastics excessively tight, or putting the elastic in the Best wifi adapter for prime position each time you style your hair. After Aladdin’s Jasmine inspired the bubble braid trend, it’s all the rage.

:small_blue_diamond: Colourful Elastic Bands

Using colorful elastic bands to tie the parts together can provide a whimsical touch. The most adaptable way to carry pigtails around at college and the gym is by securing them with colored elastic bands.

Hair must be French braided from the middle outward, and rubber bands must be added diagonally until the pigtail is formed. Summer celebrations and daytime events call for meshing the crown of your head with box sections and criss-cross braids, as well as adding those bright bands. A high ponytail or a bun can be added to the style to make it more fashionable.

:small_blue_diamond: Rubber Band Hairstyles For Newborns

It’s impossible to generalize hair texture because it varies from person to person. Silky and curly or wavy are two different types of hair. Elastic band hairstyles are suitable for all hair lengths, including short and long hair. These hairstyles are famous for curly hair groups since they keep their hair in place and prevent it from becoming frizzy.

Rubber band hairstyles for newborns, such as the French ponytail, criss-cross with color-full rubber bands, a simple ponytail, and criss-cross with a lovely tiny bun, can be done with a variety of elastic items.

:beginner: Summary

You may wear rubber band hairstyles at any age and add a dash of color to your braids and designs. They may be worn with a wide variety of hair types and lengths, which is why they’re so versatile. During the 20th century, the practice of hair tying grew increasingly widespread.

:radio_button: Types of rubber band hairstyles

rubber band

Consider using elastic bands as a fantastic option to style your short regular hair now that you’ve had the major hack. They express something and give your hair a fun, eye-catching look. You won’t have to spend much time fixing your hair because elastic band haircuts are simple to produce.

One winner’s ‘hairband’ style is making a significant design influence. Leave a section of your hair free at the front, as if you were about to put it in box plaits. The result is enchanting, feminine, and awe-inspiring.

:small_blue_diamond: Elastic Hair Bands

Elastic groups are a great way to add a burst of color to your hairstyle. Aim to incorporate elastic bands into your style if your hair is longer than usual or has been meshed. This will give your look the '90s feel.

The elastics should be placed at various points on the plaits, not only at the ends. Finally, finish the style by adding clasps in complementary colors. In addition to the fact that you can easily remove the elastic groups, it’s a versatile styling option for a day.

:small_blue_diamond: Smooth Elastic band

Smooth Elastic band

Try a smooth elastic band hairstyle if you have medium to thick hair. When styling your hair, it’s essential to show off your natural twists while still creating a neat and textured pattern with elastic bands in the front. Hair should be arranged into boxes or triangles, then interlaced or rotated with elastics.

With the addition of globules or rings, next spritz the rest of your hair with a light oil fog to create sparkling, colorful twists. If you’re attending a special occasion, such as a homecoming, wedding, or prom, this is the perfect attire.

:small_blue_diamond: Hairdos and Pigtail

The confound is one of the most popular elastic band hairstyles. The example is a beautiful addition to many hairdos, such as a pigtail. This hairstyle is more entertaining than the typical elastic band hairdos that come in the box.

:small_blue_diamond: Procedure

You can divide your hair into triangles or precious stones at the front and crown to achieve the style. A hairband can be used to fix the hair in each section.

Finally, connect the separated hair from the front to the rear in a crosswise pattern from corner to corner. As soon as you’ve worked your way back, secure your hair in a bun or braid.

:small_blue_diamond: Keep Simple styles

Simple styles

To keep things simple, try a hairband-effect elastic band hairstyle. If you are looking for a hairstyle that not only looks good on you but is easy to maintain, then this is the one for you! In addition, if your hair is long enough, it can be worn on various surfaces and in a variety of twists.

Work from the left to the right to get the most out of the hairband. An elastic band can secure a small section of hair, which can then be bent into the next part. You’ll be able to show off your new hairstyle in no time at all.

:small_blue_diamond: Best and Easy Bands

Elastic groups are a great way to add personality and whimsy when it comes to hairstyling. It’s possible to change a braid that is too straight and smooth using an elastic band design. If you succeed, you’ll confound the two universes.

For example, your hairdresser can create an outstanding box or befuddle plan at the front and top of your head before plaiting in extra-long expansions to shape the tail. It’s possible to shorten the style by inserting clasps into braid augmentations.

:beginner: Summary

Pigtails with primary strands are spiced up with rubber bands. Your bands should be tied in diagonal sections that draw the eye toward your pigtails. The result is a mild Dutch braid appearance without the braids that complete and personalizes your hair.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

These are the most asked questions about rubber bands and hairstyles,

:one: Do rubber bands help hair growth?

Regarding hair growth, rubber bands are a frequent myth. To minimize further damage to your hair, you should remove rubber bands after a few days. Rubber bands do not speed up hair growth.

:two: How do you loosen the tight rubber bands on your hair?

The choice is yours. Instant relaxation is provided by cold and hot water, which expands the hair shaft and makes it pliable.

:three: Is banding terrible for your hair?

If done correctly, this form of stretch is safe for your hair., Unlike other hair banding methods, this one does not require heat. It takes a little longer since the fingers get a little looser as the product gets applied to the hair.

:four: How long should you keep a rubber band in your fear?

For at least four weeks, several sources advocate using rubber bands at the base and tip of the new dreadlocks to hold things in place and prevent the knot from slipping. It’s something we’d like to wear.

:five: Is Little Rubber Bad for Your Hair?

The hair follicles will be harmed if the hair tie is overtightened and the hair is pulled back. The hair shaft will be cut and frayed if the typical elastic ponytail is excessively tight. Because of this, when the hair is snatched in a tighter ponytail, the roots of the hair are damaged. Staying beautiful isn’t worth losing your hair for.

:six: Is it wrong to wear ponytails every day?

Stressing your hair by wearing it in a ponytail every day can lead to breakage, especially if you wear the ponytail too tight. Fraying and breakage can result from the frequent rubbing of the strands, resulting in crimps and splatters.

:seven: How long do you soak the rubber band in olive oil?

To avoid the rubber band being destroyed or trapped by the elastic, bathe it in olive oil. Your hair will be unaffected by this, but the rubber band may lose some of its suppleness.

:eight: How long should you keep your rubber bands in?

Rubber bands must be worn for at least 20 hours each day, which means you must wear them to bed. Wearing rubber bands while eating or brushing your teeth is not necessary.

:nine: Are rubber bands the final stage of braces?

Rubber bands can be used to realign your bite. Because your braces won’t come off until your taste is perfect, your participation in wearing the rubber bands faithfully is crucial to completing treatment as quickly and efficiently.

:keycap_ten: What happens if you wear rubber bands too long?

Rubber bands lose their flexibility over time. As a result, the amount of pressure they put on your teeth and jaw will gradually diminish. Rubber bands have to be replaced frequently because of this.

:books: Conclusion

It’s a hot trend right now, and girls are swooning over it. They experiment with various rubber band techniques and create a new look every day. Rubber band hairstyles are a fun and flirty option during the summer months.

You may make stunning hair patterns and sections by using “rubber bands,” which are hair elastics that are small, thin, and powerful. Puffs and ponytails can also be enhanced or decorated with the help of this product.

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You may love these cute rubber band hairstyle designs because they allow you to create a variety of patterns and be as subtle or strong as you choose. Not only that, but rubber bands come in a variety of colors, allowing you to create a truly unique haircut.

Cute hair band hairstyles

These hairstyle suggestions are exactly what they sound like.

1. Criss cross
2. Curly high ponytail
3. Long low ponytail
4. High ponytail with braids

So you can have many hairstyles, in which a section of your hair will be secured with rubber bands. Take a look at the various patterns, hair types, and styles available. These are ideal for the spring and summer months ahead.

Step by Step hairstyle making.


Are you looking for straight hair rubber band hairstyles? It’s time to familiarize yourself with the bubble ponytail. This ponytail is both trendy and classy, and it’s the ideal way to break out from your conventional pony. The best part is that it takes only a few minutes to put together. This is how you do it.


Make a ponytail with your strands as you normally would.


Then, around one inch down the length of your ponytail, twist a rubber band. To build a bubble, gently tug at the corners of the part you just made. Place rubber bands along the length of your ponytail, fastening them approximately an inch apart until you reach the ends. Feel free to experiment with other color combinations.


It’s time to secure your bubble ponytail now that it’s in place. Spray the Elnett Satin Hairspray Strong from L’Oréal Paris on your hair. Holdover your mane to give your strands a long-lasting hold and luster.


Have you had your fill of the bubble ponytail? Why not give your mane a little extra oomph with a double bubble pony? This is a fantastic way to inject some fun into your ensemble. Begin by splitting your hair in the center. One side should be clipped out of the way. Make a ponytail with your strands and bind it with a hair elastic.

Place your rubber bands about one inch apart down the length of your ponytail, carefully twisting each portion to create a bubble effect. Reverse the process on the opposite side, and you’re done.


Mini bubble ponytails are ideal for anyone who enjoys a classic haircut. This hairstyle, which is a variant of the popular trend, is all about adding a colorful twist to your hair and looks especially lovely on tiny girls.

It’s also useful for giving your mane a fuller appearance. Begin by dividing your hair into inch-wide sections to achieve the desired effect. Take the first section and fasten it at the roots with a hair tie. Then, about an inch apart, insert small rubber bands down the length. Rep until you’ve created a head full of little bubble ponytails.


Do you want to go for a super-high hairstyle? The perfect hairstyle is a high ponytail with a rubber band pattern. Begin by creating a top and bottom portion by splitting your hair from ear to ear.

Clip the top layer out of the way, then horizontally split the bottom layer to create a top, middle, and bottom part. The center and bottom sections should be clipped out of the way.

Create inch-wide, box-shaped sections on your top layer, then bind each component with a rubber band. Make a row of small ponytails using these.

Removing the central piece and separating the hair into smaller chunks with box-shaped parts, repeat the process. After that, join those portions with the first row’s length and bind each with a rubber band. Gather the rest of your hair into a high ponytail that you clipped out of the way. Voila!


Isn’t this one of our fave rubber band hairstyles? The wavy ponytail, of course! You can’t go wrong with this terrific approach to flaunt a wavy appearance with rubber band embellishments.


To begin, dampen strands and add an egg-sized amount of curl mousse, such as L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle CURVE IT Elastic Curl Mousse. Scrunch your hair and let it air dry.


Divide your hair into two even layers, then two more pieces in the top layer. Remove the bottom part by clipping it out of the way.


Create inch-wide box-shaped portions on the topmost layer. Each one is held together with a rubber band. After that, repeat the process with the layer beneath it. After you’ve fastened those portions, join them with the sections above to form a crisscross pattern. Each one is held together with a rubber band.


Release the rest of your hair and tie it up in a ponytail with your crisscrossed portions. All that’s left to do now is fluff your strands and flaunt your fashionable style!


The bubble ponytail is both trendy and classy. The best part is that it takes only a few minutes to put together. The perfect hairstyle is a high ponytail with a rubber band pattern.

Create inch-wide, box-shaped sections on your top layer of hair and bind them with rubber bands. Add an egg-sized amount of curl mousse to dampen strands for a wavy look.

Hairstyles using Rubber Bands That You Must Try

This is the place to go if you’re searching for a way to spice up your braids, ponytails, or other hairstyles.

We’ve got 23 beautiful rubber band hairstyles for you today.


The first hairstyle we’d like to show you is fashionable and simple to wear. A sleek ponytail with a rubber band style is shown here. The ponytail is mid-length, with a split side piece of hair that is secured into four rubber bands. It’s a lovely haircut that’ll be ideal for the summer. You can copy this look or go for a wavy ponytail.


Rubber bands can be used to make a variety of patterns, including a criss-cross pattern. The hair has a rubber band design in the center area and is smooth on the sides.

It’s a very elegant and eye-catching style. The ponytail is long and wavy in the back. On the Instagram page below, you can see numerous views of this haircut.


Next, we’ll show you another ponytail. This time, the hair is done high on the head, and the ponytail’s loose hair is long and curly.

The rubber band portion is similar to the one above, except it includes triangle pieces instead of squares, and two braids go through the pattern’s center. It’s a stylish and daring hairdo that will turn heads.


If you want to make a statement with your hair, this is the style for you! We have an awesome and complicated rubber band hairstyle here.

The hair is separated and divided into box sections. The sections are then laced together to produce a corset-like appearance. It’s a unique and beautiful hairdo that will set you apart from the crowd.


This is one of our favorite hairstyles! We’ve got an ombre ponytail here. As a result, the hair begins black and gradually fades into a vibrant blue hue.

Rubber bands and hair cuffs are also used to style the upper area of the hair. This is a fashionable and playful hairstyle. You can copy this or use a different color for the ombre.


Are you looking for a more understated rubber band hairstyle? If that’s the case, you should take a look at this. We have sleek, long hair here. A gorgeous and more low-key pattern may be found on the side.

This type of hair is simple to style and would look great on any woman. Not to mention the fact that this is a wig! On youtube, there’s a small video that illustrates the hairstyle in further depth.


Next, we’ll show you a stylish half-up hairdo. Black and brown tones are mixed in the hair. Half of the hair is pulled back into a high ponytail, while the other half is left long and silky. A charming rubber band segment with braids on both sides is also included.

This is a fashionable, fun, and unusual appearance. This laidback hairstyle is ideal for the summer. Choose two separate hues or go for a multi-toned effect. This hairstyle will also look amazing on single hair color.


Are you a fan of ponytail hairstyles? Then take a look at what follows. We’ve got a long, sleek ponytail here. There’s also a short bit of hair put into rubber bands on the side. The rubber band pattern resembles a cross.

This is another simple look that would work for any occasion. You can recreate this look or go for a shorter hairstyle. A curled ponytail is also an option.


The next hairstyle is both glitzy and adorable. This look is stunning because of the bold high ponytail. The top half of the hair is braided, while the side is tied in a criss-cross pattern with rubber bands.

It’s a stunning hairdo that’s both elegant and edgy. Hair like this is ideal for a variety of occasions, including parties, weddings, proms, and other formal events.


Following that, we have yet another sky-high ponytail. As a result, some of the hair is braided, while others are smooth and secured with rubber bands. The hair is then gathered into an extremely high ponytail.

This is a fun, daring, and adorable hairdo. We think it would look great with a splash of color if you recreated it. The addition of red to the braids would be stunning. On the Instagram page below, you can see several more rubber band hairstyles.


Rubber bands can be used to make a variety of patterns, including a criss-cross pattern. Ombre ponytails are one of our favorite hairstyles. A unique corset-like hairdo will set you apart from the crowd.

The hair is separated and divided into box sections. Long, sleek ponytails with rubber bands and a gorgeous low-key pattern on the side.

Hairstyles with Tight Rubber Bands for a Magical Look

Here are some hairstyles that can be made with tight rubber band.
1. Yellow Rubber Bands on Two Loose Braids

2. Three teeny-tiny braids at the top

3. Three-Banded Cornrow Braids

4. Gorgeous Blonde Goddess Braids with Rubber Bands

5. Blue Rubber Band Patterned Wavy Hair

6. Braids with rubber bands tying them together

7. Cornrow Braids in a Variety of Colors with Color Combo Rubber Bands

8. Rubber-banded top knot

9. Hairstyle with Colorful Rubber Bands and a Single Wavy Pony Tail

10. Braids Braided with Rubber Bands

11. Rubber Bands with A Top Knot Intricate Design

12. Yellow Rubber Bands Tied into Blood Red Hair

13. Hairstyle with a purple rubber band and a purple bow

14. Glittery Cornrows with Intricate Rubber Band Space Buns

15. Stunning Faux Locs Secured with A Rubber Band

16. Crochet Locs with Rubber Bands

17. Locs with Short Hair

Frequently asked questions

People usually ask the following questions.

1. Do rubber bands cause your hair to fall out?

A rubber band is not a hair tie, no matter how handy it is to use. It yanks on your hair too hard, causing breakage. Consider using loose, smooth rubber bands or hair ties instead of ones with any kind of metal clasp (I’m looking at the one on your wrist right now).

2. Are hairbands harmful to your hair?

To avoid damage, the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) suggests using coated rubber bands developed specifically for hair styling. This means that any elastics or rubber bands that aren’t covered in fabric shouldn’t be used in your style regimen.

3. Is it true that scrunchies are unhealthy for your hair?

While elastics damage and tear hair, a well-made scrunchie adds an extra layer of protection with the extra fabric. “Your hair gets damaged largely during the detangling process,” says famous hairstylist Cash Lawless.

“When you remove traditional hair ties, your hair is mostly damaged during the detangling process.”… A well-made scrunchie, on the other hand, will not.

4. Is it better to sleep with my hair up or down?

If your hair is short, sleeping with it down is the best option. It also allows air to freely circulate through your hair, allowing you to sleep more peacefully. If you have long hair, however, it is recommended that you tie your hair to avoid knots and breakage.

5. Is it OK to wear a ponytail daily?

No, wearing a ponytail for a day won’t cause your hair to fall out in clumps, although doing so too frequently or too tightly can cause issues. The most important thing to understand about ponytails is that they repeatedly apply pressure on the same follicles and strands.

6. Is it acceptable to go to bed with wet hair?

Sleeping with wet hair can be harmful, but not in the way your grandma advised. To prevent the danger of fungal infections and hair breakage, you should go to bed with totally dry hair. Sleeping with wet hair may cause extra tangles and a wacky mane to deal with in the morning.


You can wear a variety of hairstyles, but a piece of your hair will be held in place using rubber bands. We adore these patterns because they allow you to create a wide range of patterns that can be as subtle or as bold as you want.

Rubber bands are also available in a wide range of colors, allowing you to design a distinctive haircut. Examine the different patterns, hair types, and available styles. These are perfect for the upcoming spring and summer months.

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**Cute rubber band hairstyles can be made in different ways in which a piece of your hair will be held in place using different colored rubber bands.**People adore these patterns because they allow them to create a wide range of patterns that can be as subtle or as bold as they want.

Different Rubber band hairstyles

Here are some hairstyles that can be worn:

1. Pigtails with rubber band and bow
2. Sleek ponytail with rubber band
3. French braid with rubber band in X design
4. Jumbo box braid with rubber band
5. Half up top knot with rubber band


Pigtails are a great way to bring the hair rubber band trend to life. This style can be worn in medium and long lengths.

To start

  • Part your hair down the middle, splitting it into two sections.

  • On one side, create an inch-wide part at your hairline and secure it with a rubber band, making sure it sits close to your roots.

  • Continue creating parts and securing pieces with rubber bands.

  • Next, gather the sections into a ponytail and secure them with a hair elastic or larger rubber band.

  • Place a hair ribbon around the base of your ponytail and create a bow. Repeat on the other side to even out your look.


Fancy a sleek ponytail? Get ready to take your look to new heights with rubber band detailing. Not only will a sleek layered pony call attention to your gorgeous features, but it’ll also keep your strands stylishly tucked away.

  • Simply create a two-inch-wide part on either side of your head, and clip the rest of your hair out of the way.

  • Create a triangle-shaped part and secure it with a rubber band.

  • Continue with another triangle-shaped part, but connect this one with the length of your first
    rubber band section before securing it with a new rubber band.

  • Continue the pattern until you have a section filled with rubber bands. Part your hair to create two more rows and repeat the process. When you finish, you should have three rubber banded strands.

  • Release the rest of your hair and add a touch of hair gel, like the L’Oréal Paris Studio Line Clean Gel, to your roots.

Smooth the sides of your hair and gather everything into a ponytail. Mist strong-hold hair sprays over your mane, and you’re ready for your close-up.


Searching for a classic hairstyle to embellish with rubber bands? Look no further than French braids with a rubber band ‘X’ pattern. A great way to branch out from your traditional French braid, once you try this style, you’ll never go back to the basics.


Start by parting your hair down the middle, creating two sections. Clip one side out of the way. Next, part your hair to create an inch-wide section and clip the smaller side out of the way. Then, create an inch-wide box-shaped part.


Now, secure that section you just created with a colored rubber band and braid its length. Create another part across from your first section and connect your hair and the length of the first braid with a rubber band.

Repeat on the opposite side, and you’ll be left with a braided ‘X’ shape with a small strand of hair.


Release the small section, separate your hair into three equal strands, and weave a French braid. As you make your way toward your ends, incorporate the length of hair from the rubber-banded X-shape to hold everything in place. Once you reach the ends, secure with a hair tie, and create a matching French braid on the other side.


Give your mane an even spritz of hairspray, and your look is complete.


Want to give your box braids a little more oomph? Jumbo box braids with rubber bands are a great place to start.

The perfect way to flaunt a woven pattern with a burst of color, you won’t be able to get enough of this style. Simply tie rubber bands throughout your braids to achieve the look. Now that’s what we call simple styling!


Pigtails are a great way to bring the hair rubber band trend to life. Simply create a two-inch-wide part on either side of your head. Add a hair ribbon around the base of your ponytail and create a bow for extra style flare.

French braids with a rubber band ‘X’ pattern are a great way to branch out from your traditional French braid. L’Oréal Paris Studio Line Clean Gel is perfect for this style, as is strong-hold hair spray for extra luster.


Looking for a way to combine the classic top knot with the rubber band trend? Consider the half-up top knot with a rubber band detailing your golden ticket. This style allows you to flaunt a classic look with a modern spin.

To start

  • Part your hair into a top and bottom section, and clip the bottom half out of the way.

  • Create an inch-wide horizontal part at the front of your head and clip the rest of the top layer out of the way.

  • Next, part your hair into box-shaped sections that are an inch-wide in size.

  • Secure each section with a rubber band.

  • Release the middle section and combine it with the length of the mini ponytails you just created with your rubber bands, forming one big ponytail.

  • Take the length of the pony, wrap it around its base

  • Secure it with a few bobby pins. Release the bottom half of your hair, and get ready to turn heads.


Who says you can’t mix cornrows with the rubber band hairstyle trend? As we mentioned above, cute rubber band hairstyles work for all lengths and almost all styles. And with rubber band cornrows, you don’t have to worry about weaving any braids.

This style is really about getting the same tight styling and sectioning as cornrows, without having to braid your hair. In the end, the rubber bands are the star of the show.

To start

  • Part your hair from the hairline to the nape of your neck.

  • Then, create an inch-wide section and secure it with a rubber band.

  • Work your way down your length, placing rubber bands until your ends are secured with a rubber band.

  • Repeat the process so that you have “cornrows” throughout your mane.


Care to explore the world of gorgeous curls? Mini rubber band cornrows with curls make it oh so easy. Perfect for those who love sassy hairstyles, this look will add just the right amount of personality to your look.

Start by applying a healthy amount of curl-defining hair mousse to damp strands, scrunch, and let air dry.

  • Once your hair is dry, part your hair at your hairline, going from one end to the other, and clip the rest of your hair out of the way.

  • Create a half-inch wide section and secure it with a rubber band.

  • Work your way down, adding rubber bands every half of an inch or so, until you’ve gone halfway down the length of the section.

  • Repeat the process until the front of your mane is filled with these mini “cornrows.”

  • Then, you can release the bottom half of your hair, fluff your curls, and move on to makeup.


Calling all-natural hair girls! The rubber band afro is an excellent way to play with your texture while adding a trendy touch to your look. We also dig that this style only takes a few minutes to pull together.

Part the front of your hair into inch-wide sections and secure each, so you have a row of rubber bands. That’s all there is to it!


Interested in taking your afro to the next level? A side-parted afro with rubber band detailing will do the trick. A fabulous choice for those who love minimalist styles, this look will become your go-to.

Start by creating a deep side part on either side of your head.

  • On the side with less hair, part your strands into half-inch-wide sections and secure them with rubber bands.

  • Create another row and continue until the whole side of your mane has rubber bands.

  • Place hair clips on both sides of your part to keep your afro in place.

  • Mist a strong-hold spray evenly over your mane and let it sit for about 10 minutes before removing the clips.


With rubber band cornrows, you don’t have to worry about weaving any braids. This style allows you to flaunt a classic look with a modern spin.

From jumbo box braids to half-up top knots, these hairstyles work for almost all lengths and styles. The rubber band afro is an excellent way to play with your texture while adding a trendy touch to your look.


For showing off curly hair, the side crisscross twist will rise to the occasion. This style flaunts gorgeous twists on the side of your mane, along with curly strands for a look that won’t go unnoticed. Here’s how to get it done.


To start, add an egg-sized amount of curl mousse to your strands, scrunch, and let air dry. Once complete, you’re ready for the next step.


Create a two-inch-wide part on either side of your head. Clip the rest of your hair out of the way. Split the part further into an inch-wide section and set the rest of the hair to the side.

Next, split that section in half, secure each piece with a rubber band, and crisscross them to create an ‘X’ shape. Repeat the process and combine with the length from the first ‘X’.


Once complete, release the rest of your hair and fluff your curls.


Love pulling your hair into easy buns and updos? Consider adding the half-up bun to your list!

A great way to show off your length and keep your hair stylishly tucked away; it truly doesn’t get any better than this.

  • Part your strands from ear to ear and split the top layer into inch-wide sections, securing each with a rubber band.
  • Gather those mini ponytails into one large, half-up ponytail, then wrap the length of the ponytail around its base to form a bun, which you can secure with as many bobby pins as you need.


Now that you’ve got bun hairstyles on your mind, it’s only right that you consider a high bun. Start by parting your hair into inch-wide sections, and place a rubber band around each one. Next, gather all of those sections, and create a ponytail. Twist the ponytail to make a bun, and use bobby pins to hold it in place.


Ready to combine two trends into one? The side-swept bun with rubber bands will elevate your look. A unique style that blends edge and sophistication, you won’t be sorry you gave this style a try.

  • Start by creating an inch-wide side part on either side of your head, then clip the rest of your hair out of the way.

  • Part your hair into an inch-wide section with a box shape, and secure with a rubber band. Create another part and combine it with the length of the first section, bringing them together with a rubber band.

  • Repeat until you have two rows of rubber-banded sections.

  • Next, release the rest of your hair and brush your strands over to one side to create a swooped shape.

  • Then, gather all of your hair into a ponytail, using it to create a bun.

  • Pin the bun in place, and call it a day.


Want to keep your textured strands out of your face without skimping on style? The low puff with rubber bands may be your saving grace. This hairstyle flaunts the rubber band trend beautifully while giving your natural texture the chance to shine.


To start, divide your hair into two layers, and clip the bottom half out of the way.


Create a two-inch-wide part that goes from your hairline to your ends, and clip the rest of your up.


Part the section you just created to form an inch-wide box shape, and secure with a rubber band. Make another section, and combine it with the length of the first section, securing them together using another rubber band.

Continue creating sections and adding rubber bands to the top layer of your hair, until it’s full of rubber-banded sections.


Once you’ve placed all of your rubber bands, release the bottom layer, and gather your entire mane into a low ponytail. Secure with an elastic or a larger rubber band, and you’re done!


If you’re currently working with second or third-day hair, a high puff will come to your natural hair’s rescue. A great way to frame your face and highlight your features, there’s a reason why high puffs are a top pick among natural hairstyles.

  • Set the stage by creating a two-inch-wide part that sits at the front of your head. Clip the rest of your hair out of the way.

  • Next, create a small box-shaped part near your hairline, and secure it with a rubber band.

  • Split the length of the section into two and repeat, making sure to secure each with a rubber band.

  • Once you’re done, you should have three rubber-banded sections.

  • Release the rest of your hair and combine everything atop your head to create your high puff.

Frequently asked questions

People may ask these questions.

1. What is the duration of the rubber band method?

It could last anywhere from a month to six to eight months. Unless otherwise specified, you must wear your elastics for at least 24 hours each day. The following are the only times you should remove your elastics: Brushing your teeth

2. Why do you lubricate rubber bands with oil?

To avoid elastic breaking and snagging, soak the rubber band in olive oil for 3-5 minutes. While this may reduce the flexibility of the rubber band, it will not harm your hair!

3. What is the finest rubber band for hair?

With these ribbon-style hair ties, you may wear your hair up without worrying about creases.

  • Slip Skinnies are the best silk.

  • Invisi bobble is the best for workouts.

  • The Traceless Hair Ring is the original.

4. Which hairstyle promotes hair growth the most?

Stylish Natural Hair Protective Hairstyles are following:

1. Twists by Marley.

2. Braids in a box.

3. Knotless Braids are braids that don’t have any knots in them.

4. Senegalese Twists (Senegalese Twists)

5. Ponytail with Faux Three-Strand Braid


You can wear a variety of hairstyles, but a piece of your hair will be held in place using rubber bands. We adore these patterns because they allow you to create a wide range of patterns that can be as subtle or as bold as you want.

Pigtails are a great way to bring the hair rubber band trend to life. L’Oréal Paris Studio Line Clean Gel is perfect for this style, as is strong-hold hair spray for extra luster. The rubber band afro is an excellent way to play with your texture while adding a trendy touch.

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