Definition of Synthetic:

  1. (Sentence) which contains truth or error, which can be determined through experience.

  2. Made by synthesis and not made in a natural or organic way. Examples of synthetic materials include some fabrics, building materials and oils. The cases that cover the sofas are made of synthetic materials, so stores can sell them at a reasonable price.

  3. (Substance) produced by chemical synthesis, mainly to mimic natural products.

  4. Artificial means financial resources that are used to mimic other devices and at the same time change important features. The strategy often provides investors with cash flow models, schedules, risk profiles, and more. The plastic structure is designed to meet the needs of investors.

  5. (Language) is characterized by the use of inflation rather than the continuity of words to express a grammatical structure.

  6. There are many different reasons for creating an artificial position. For example, like other financial instruments and financial instruments, an artificial position can be taken to gain benefits. A trader may choose to use artificial short positions to create options, as it is much easier to borrow and sell shares. This also applies to long positions, as options allow traders to replicate long positions in proprietary shares without having to buy shares.

  7. Synthetic or chemical materials, especially textile fibers.

Synonyms of Synthetic

Mock, Thermosetting plastic, Man-made, Fake, Ersatz, False, Artificial, Molded plastic, Ersatz, Cellulose plastic, Pseudo, Substitute, Resin plastic, Polymer, Imitation, Faux, Synthetic fabric, Synthetic rubber, Sham, Cast plastic, Extruded plastic, Bogus, Synthetic, Protein plastic, Imitation, Plastic, Simulated, Thermoplastic, Adhesive, Counterfeit, Laminate, Manufactured, False, Mock, Fake, Spurious, Molding compounds

How to use Synthetic in a sentence?

  1. Artificial is a system designed specifically for large investors.
  2. Artificial positions allow traders to take positions without capital to buy or sell assets.
  3. Plastic is an investment designed to mimic other investments.
  4. Deviant language is an artificial language that consists of different types of a word, many of which contain a suffix to indicate its verb.
  5. Synthetic rubber.
  6. Kant argued that, although most mathematical theories are artificial, regardless of sensory experience, they can be recognized as a priority.
  7. 20th century technology has opened up a treasure trove of textures and materials ranging from space-age plastics to handmade straw.

Meaning of Synthetic & Synthetic Definition