How To Wear A Bandana?

How to wear a bandana? There are several methods to wear Bandana. It can be used to wear as Hair Accessory by placing Bandana on table, wrapping and giving it band like appearance and then wear it on head to cover hairs.

Bandana wear on Head

Bandana can be also we worn around the neck as an fashion outfit to enhance look. Place the bandana on your neck. Make a triangle of it and do a tie knot. Drape it over your shoulders. Take the corners of bandana and tie them and then leave it at front side for better look.

Another easy way to ear bandana is to wear it around wrist to decent and attractive look. You can ear it on wrist as a replace of watch. It is very simple, just fold bandana around wrist and then tie it. Bandana wearing is very straightforward and traditional in style because it looks fashionable.

:scarf: Methods of wearing Bandana as Hair Supplement

There are many types of bandana styles for hairs looks because bandana is that kind of cloth to which you can use where ever you want. Some of the bandana hair styles and their methods are;


Wearing bandana as a headband is one of the unique and modern style. Bandana on head covers your hair and take them in a manner. Your hairs will not disturb in any way after placing bandana on head. Some of the style and methods of wearing bandana on as headband are;

:one: Make a Headband

  • Place the bandana on a flat surface in a way that it gives diamond like appearance. Then folds the bandana up-to the top which will give large triangle appearance to bandana. Then fold the upper corner and let the top meet the base of bandana.

  • Bandana will give wide pentagon shape. Fold this pentagon shape into half wide length. It will give rectangular band like shape. Repeat this process of folding strip until it 1 ½ inches in length.

  • Carefully pick the band as it should not unravel and place it at the center of your head. Take the both corner ends to take back of neck under from hairs.

  • Tie the both corners in a knot and is this kind of hairband, always tie it under your hairs.

:two: Pin-up Style Headband

  • Pin-up head style of bandana follows the same steps of folding the bandana and giving it pentagon shape.

  • Just slight change is that instead of placing the middle of bandana at the top of hair. Place the middle of bandana at the nape of neck.

  • Tie both corners in a knot at the top of head and leave the knot to hang. In this way bandana is worn as Pin-up style headband.

:three: Hippie or Crown Style Headband

  • In this style, Bandana is placed like a crown on head as it goes over your hair. Fold the bandana into a band strip.

  • Place the middle of band strip at the front of forehead in the middle. Take the two corners to the back of head.

  • Tie the both ends in knot in a way that the knot comes beneath your hairs. Hairs fall over the bandana and it will give crown like appearance.

:four: Ponytail Style

  • Lay the bandana on a table and spread it with no folds.

  • Bunch the bandana from the middle in a way that it comes into long rope. Give some curling folds to loop.

  • Tie a loose knot like open knot of the rope shaped bandana. After this, comb your hairs back and tie them in a 50’s ponytail style with elastic rubber.

  • Now take the open knot of bandana and slide it on your pony. Tie the knot of bandana around your hair until it snug. It will give you good look as scarf-like bandana.

ponytail bandana knot

:five: Hair Wrapping Style

  • In this style of bandana wearing, firstly you need to up-do hairs and clear bangs of hairs.

  • Turn the bandana from corners and make a large triangle of it.

  • Place this triangle shape on your shoulders and take the two corner up to the top of head.

  • Take the behind corner of bandana and tuck it under the top two corners of bandana. After this, tie a knot of all these corners on the forehead.

  • Bandana will cover all your head and hairs and your bangs will fall at the front to enhance look.

Wrapping style bandana

:six: 90’s Style Bandana

90’s style bandana is one of the most popular style because it looks so attractive and fashionable that every one who likes bandana, try to wear in this way;

  • Firstly, make the bandana into a large triangle shape. Then, place the middle of bandana on your forehead.

  • Take the two corners at the back of head at the nape of your neck. Then, tie them in a knot.

  • Back corner of bandana should be at the top of your hair. If your hairs are long, then tie the knot under your hairs.

90's style bandana

:scarf: Wearing Bandana Around Neck

There are several methods to wear Bandana around neck. Bandana around neck looks so great and it enhances the outlook of your outfit. Some methods are;

:radio_button: Wearing Bandana as Front Tie

  • It is the simplest and easy way to wear bandana.

  • Fold the bandana into corners to make a triangle.

  • Cover you shoulders with triangle bandana.

  • Take the two corners at the front of neck and tie them in a knot to wear Front tie bandana.

front Tie Bandana

:radio_button: Wearing Bandana in front of Face

  • Place the bandana on table and give it a diamond shape. Then, do the half of bandana from the middle as it gives triangle shape look.

  • Wrap the triangle around your mouth in a way as both corners meets at the back of head.

  • Tie the knot of two corners at the back and then from front side take the bandana and stretch it to your nose.

  • It will give you edgy look and covers the half of your face.

Front Face style of bandana

:radio_button: Cowboy Style

Cowboy bandana style is the most glamorous gaze for anyone who wears it. Method to wear cowboy style of bandana is;

  • For wearing cowboy bandana. You should follow the same steps as for the bandana to wear in front of face.

  • Tie the knot of both corners at the back of head.

  • The slight difference from previous style is that you should keep bandana like a scarf on your neck at the front instead of placing it on face. It will be pointing towards down.

  • For matching and alluring look, choose red bandana in cowboy style and wear blue jeans with it. You will look beautiful and modern.

Cowboy bandana style

:radio_button: French Knot Bandana

French knot bandana is the style mostly used in winter parties to enhance looks and
to cross culture your outfit. The method to wear this kind of bandana is;

  • Fold the bandana from one corner to another corner in order to make a triangle.

  • Take the longest side and fold the triangle more and more until it comes into a band shape.

  • The band should be 4-5 inches thick. Grasp the center of the band to neck and take both corners to the nape of neck.

  • Tie the knot their and then look in mirror, it will look like a necklace.

:scarf: Other Styles of Bandana

There are lot of styles and other ways, in which bandana can be worn. Bandana is piece of cloth, you can fold and mold it in anyway or style according to your desire. Some styles are;

:arrow_forward: As a Bracelet

Wearing bandana as a bracelet is also fashionable and it give handsome looks. The method to wear this class of bandana is;

  • Fold the bandana into triangle shape. Then make it further half by folding more and more.

  • Folding gives it a band like shape which is almost 5 inches thick.

  • Wrap the band around your wrist and tie the knot on inner side of hand.

  • Make sure not too tie the knot tightly because tightness may restrict blood circulation in veins.

  • You can fold the handing corners of bandana into wrist if you don’t like them hanging.

:arrow_forward: Wearing Bandana Around Thigh

Wearing bandana around thigh gives you rocking and roll vibe look. Wearing it over your pants or on bare legs depends upon the outfit you want to wear. The method to wear bandana around thigh is;

  • Turn the bandana into band of 4 inches thick size same as for wrist or head band.

  • Place the band across your thigh and then tie the knot at opposite side.

  • You can keep the knot at front side or slide it at the back of thigh.

:arrow_forward: Wearing Bandana around Ankle

It is not an official style to wear bandana around ankle. But it can gives you stylish look because bandana over casual shoes gives your outfit a classical look. The method to wear bandana over ankle is;

  • Similar way as above, fold the bandana into a band shape.

  • Place the bandana onto ankle and tie it at the back of ankle.

  • Tie the knot and wear cropped or short pants to show bandana.

:scarf: How to wear Bandana exactly?

Above illustrated methods are the best ways to wear bandana in different styles. But if you want more styles and techniques to wear bandana with modern clothes, then here is a video clip. Watch it, hopefully it will properly tell you every method to wear bandana. 7 ways to wear bandana are shown-well. These ways are;

:eight_spoked_asterisk: What does bandana mean?

A Bandana is piece of cloth which is also known as long handkerchief. Usually, they are patterned and are colored brightly. Bandanas are used for many purposes but one of them most common way to use bandana is to wear it on head, It is worn on head to cover hairs and to hold them in their place. Bandana can also be used to wear on neck to protect skin from sun rays.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: What’s the purpose of a bandana?

As we know, bandana is a square piece of cloth designed colorfully. Bandana is used for dressing and protective purposes as it is worn on heads or around necks to enhance outfit look. Bandana is worn by both men and women of today world to make their attractive personality. People wear bandana at writs, around the wait and they even use bandana as pocket square.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Is it disrespectful to wear a bandana?

No, wearing a bandana is not disrespectful. Bandana is simply a square piece of cloth which enhances your beauty. It promotes the gaze of your outfit. It is not disrespectful from any point. Every possible situation in which we wear bandana is perfectly normal and casual.

Although in just one condition, wearing of bandana is seen with look of doubt and that is if you wear bandana at mouth. Wearing bandana at mouth is properly normal and is stylish but some thieves wear bandana at the time of robbery to hide their identity. So, if you are wearing bandana in night on street. A cop might stop you for investigation.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Is it appropriate to wear a bandana?

Yeah, it is totally appropriate to wear bandana and it is also the traditional style to increase the beauty of outfit you are wearing. People wear bandana from centuries with matching suits. Traditionally, people wear bandana on heads and around necks. Both men and women of past and today world use this clothing style. People also wear them in several course of actions like around wrists, as necklace.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Are bandanas still in style?

Bandana wearing is a style that can never end and that’s why it is on trend now. Head bandana trend like scarf is on its peak right now. All designers of all brands like GUCCI are preferring bandana style for modelling and fashion designing. Bandana offers a modern edge to the outfit you are wearing. it is said that clothing styles repeats after every 60 years. Bandana style was always in run and is still.

:scarf: What does a bandana around the head mean?

Bandana has it’s origin in Old French Times means that a Kerchief which ‘‘Cover Head’’ Kerchief is also named as Bandana which is a triangular square piece of cloth used to wear on head to cover hairs. Bandana around the head can be worn for decorative purposes to intensify gaze. It can also be used to cover hairs at construction or public places. Women mostly wear bandana around head to gold hairs from falling on face. People also wear bandana around heads at fashion shows for modelling and designing purposes. But in simple words, bandana around the head means a Kerchief.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Does a white bandana mean anything?

Yes, white bandana is a signal of affiliation with a particular association. White bandana in old times, symbolizes bonding with any gang. On one side, it may ally the taste of a sexual ■■■■■■. Many other bandana colors are associated with different gangs and it is also the signal of gang seminar where people wear same colors of bandana to symbolize unity of their gang. The main example of this type is INDIA, in Indian state, Hindus and specially Sikhs wear simple orange colored bandana for religious duties in Temples and Gurduwara’s. The show religious faith by wearing this color of bandana.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: What does purple bandana mean?

Purpled color bandana represents the Grape street Crips. Grape Street Crips is the sub-set of Crips gang. In the same way, many other colors show different symbols and meanings. Blue color of bandana shows Gangsters disciplines while light blue colors shows Neighborhood Crips. I know, bandana is just a piece of cloth used for matching outfits but in some cultures, it is often related with some association.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: What do different bandana colors mean?

Actually, bandana is a thing which is used to look fashionable. But in old times, bandana became associated with gangs because of popularity and trend in common people. As bandana is a fashion which is affordable to every common man. That’s why gangs adopted Bandana for shows their symbol. Most common bandana colors associated with gangs are; red, grey, blue, black, white and yellow. Bandana of these colors are worn by people on head and even they place it in pockets of pants hangings out and symbolizing them with their gangs.

:scarf: What year were bandanas popular?

In the early 90’s, bandana came into trend and become fashionable to wear. Actually, bandana is a fashion friendly that remains in action some years and then stay behind for couple of years and after this, again pop-out into fashion. You can catch 90’s bandana fashion at any time from the mainstream of fashion. The 90’s artists like 2Pac and Aaliyah are those who love bandana tradition in their working.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Can I wear a bandana if I’m white?

A culture is the representation of many things happening inside it. A bandana is just a garment which is used to give fashionable looks. Bandana is not linked with any particular culture because it is free of culture. People from any state or any country can wear bandana . People of one culture always follow the style and fashion designs of another culture to give modernistic stares. Definitely, you can wear bandana if you are white. You can also wear bandana if you’re black. Bandana tradition is almost everywhere in the world where people desire to look attractive.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Can I wear a bandana to school?

No, actually it is the rule of worldwide schools that they do not allow students to wear any headwear or bandana type thing in school. Similarly, ball caps and other bandana styles are also not allowed in schools of world because these things are often related with gangs and religious associations.

Only in one situation, bandana is allowed in schools when they offer religious prayers or do acts which are allowed by their religion. Religion is the far-most thing which is taught in every school and that’s why there is no thing important as religion. In this case, bandana can be allowed in schools for prayer time otherwise it is restricted.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: What does a black bandana in the back pocket mean?

Bandana can be worn in the anywhere on the body you desire. Actually, it is just a piece of cloth and you can mold it in any shape. Bandana’s are worn on outfits in the form of bands, necklace or wrist bands. Black bandana in the back left pocket of pant simply means S&M top. This is its original meaning while another one I heard is hard ■■■■■■■. These are the two concepts of wearing bandana in the back pocket.

Bandana Accessory

:eight_spoked_asterisk: How do you wear a bandana as a mask?

In the recent pandemic of COVID-19, every person in the world is required to wear face masks. It is necessary because masks stop the virus from transmitting person to person. Due to this cause, many people find dull and bad looks after wearing face masks. Because face masks are kind of surgical masks used in operation theatres. Regarding this concern, people try new styles of clothes to wear as face masks. One of them is Bandana. Bandana can be used as face mask and it will also give stylish and attractive looks.

If you want to know that how to wear bandana as a face mask, then see the video below; as it will help you understand the method;

:writing_hand: Summary

Bandana wearing leads us to different methods and levels of style you need for dressing. Bandana’s can be used on heads, around necks, on wrists and around ankles. You can wear bandana at any portion of body or outfit to look glamorous. As bandana is a square piece of cloth also known as kerchief. Mostly people wear bandana matching to their outfits to gives attractive looks. The popularity of bandana may vary from culture to culture or in religions people have chosen specific bandana colors for symbolizing their association.

:atom_symbol: Frequently Asked Questions

As we know, there are many methods to wear a bandana. Bandana can be used as Hair accessory. It can also be worn at writs on the place of watch. Some people also wear bandana’s on bare thighs instead of garter belt. Some people got confused about its method of wearing and ask many questions. Some of them are;

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Why did cowboys wear bandana?

Usually, cowboys wear those colors of bandana which are attractive, specially red color. That’s because cow runs towards red color more fast and cowboy has tricks to betray cow with red color bandana. Another reason is that cowboys wear bandana around neck draping over chest. Their knots on the nape of neck. They do this to protect sunshine from falling directly on neck or face. If sunshine falls on back of neck, they change the direction of bandana and the knot comes in front of neck.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Who started the bandana top trend?

In the early 70’s, a journalist who was from Manhattan Village, stated that instead of wearing keys on sides of belt loops, ■■■■ and other people should try to wear bandana’s to indicate favored sexual positions. In that era, the bandana trend was on its peak. Many industries and casting agencies adopted the style of bandana because it enhances outfit gaze. Bandana trend is still in the mainstream of fashion. You can catch the fashion of bandana at any time from market.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Can I wear a bandana as a mask on a plane?

As we know, recently there are strictness of wearing masks on plane. Travelling policies on planes requires face mask regularity. But if you don’t have face mask right at the time of flight then you can cover face with supplements like bandana’s because it is the above attribute, scarfs, collars of shirts or sweaters and other outfit things can be worn instead of face mask. But I will totally prefer bandana as face mask because it can also make you fashionable.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Are bandanas black culture?

Actually, bandana’s are deeply originated from INDIA, that’s because in Hindi the word ‘‘bandna’’ means to tie in any relation or in any other situation. But in the West, bandana culture is publicized by Chicano culture and in Africa by American community. But now a days in Today’s world, bandana can be worn in any culture at any place, at anytime because it is the part of fashion now. So, if you desire to wear bandana, just Go for it.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Is a bandana a Du rag?

Du rag is a stocking , nylon material which is known as short-■■■■■■■ form of bandana. Du rag can be solid or patterned. Du rag and Bandana both categories are used for headwear. Bandana are often used inside solid helmets like cricketers wear bandana under helmets for comfort and ease.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What does a GREY bandana mean?

As we know, in the 90’s Grey is the most liked color by all people and associations. Grey color of bandana is always affiliated with ETG gang. We know that East Terrace gang are not Crips while they have gang which are blood enemies and they might be related with Crips. But on the other side, ETG gang is color blind gang because ETGC may be corelated with Crips.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What culture wears bandanas as shirts?

In Japanese fashion, there is a trend of wearing paisley-print bandana shirts. Specially, among those designers who were influenced by Americana and US workwear. They featured content connected with bandana for example; in recent MR. PORTER, there is a paisley print bandana on a denim shirt across midriff. Japanese culture is the only who likes bandana printed on their shirts because of their good and fashionable looks.

:scroll: Conclusion

How to wear a bandana? It is very simple to wear bandana. There are many methods illustrated above which are easy to adopt and try. Bandana can be worn as head scarf. Bandana can also be worn around neck in different styles with slight change in methods. Bandana wearing is easy because it is a square piece of cloth and you can wear it in any shape. Bandana with jeans and T-shirts will give glamorous and rocking look.

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