Good faith

Good faith,

Definition of Good faith:

  1. Honesty or sincerity of intention.

  2. Effort made, information given, or transaction done, honestly and without a deliberate intention to defraud the other party. However, good-faith does not necessarily mean without negligence. Also called bona fides, it is implied by law into commercial contracts.

Synonyms of Good faith

Honesty, Genuineness, Truthfulness, Good faith, Lack of deceit, Integrity, Probity, Trustworthiness

How to use Good faith in a sentence?

  1. The details contained in this brochure have been published in good faith.
  2. You should always try to make every deal and give your best good faith effort to make sure to keep to what you said.
  3. We operated in good faith when conducted business based on the hand shake contract with the new business partner from Texas.
  4. Although the homeless man showed a good faith effort to stop drinking and using drugs, he was still arrested for vagrancy and drug abuse.

Meaning of Good faith & Good faith Definition

Good Faith,

Definition of Good Faith:

Good faith refers to a condition in which a person honestly and correctly believes that certain facts or circumstances are exactly what they say.

Act honestly, without taking unfair advantage of others. This term applies to many types of transactions.

Literal Meanings of Good Faith


Meanings of Good:
  1. Okay fine

  2. Which is morally fair.

  3. Someone's benefit or advantage.

  4. Like or Approve

  5. They have the features required for special tasks.

  6. Possessing or displaying moral virtue.

  7. Provides pleasant or satisfying happiness.

  8. Filled.

  9. (Of the ticket) is correct.

  10. It is used in the name of God or with phrases related to it, such as expressions of surprise or extreme anger.

Sentences of Good
  1. The mysterious balance between good and evil

  2. He persuaded his father to use his talents for the benefit of humanity

  3. Good quality of life

  4. The school here is good

  5. I met a lot of good people who embarrassed me for my own shortcomings.

  6. The streets are full of people who want to have fun

  7. Look around

  8. Tickets are good for travel from May to September

Synonyms of Good

amusing, authentic, pleasing, ethical, honourable, guiltless, welfare, unimpeachable, upstandingness, incorruptible, upright, cheerful, sociable, festive, satisfaction, lively, clean, convivial, merry, unbribable, moral, pleasurable, diverting


Meanings of Faith:
  1. Complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

  2. Strong belief in God or the teachings of a religion based on spiritual understanding rather than evidence.

Sentences of Faith
  1. Give confidence to political politicians

  2. Grieve for the one who has shown the greatest faith

Synonyms of Faith

persuasion, doctrine, religion, teaching, creed, ideology, religious belief, church, confidence, dependence, reliance, dogma, religious persuasion, denomination, credence, conviction, belief, sect, code of belief