Definition of Culture:

  1. In general, the social wealth of a group (community or organized society). It is a pattern of response that has been discovered, developed or developed in the history of an Governing Body for the problems arising from the interactions between its members and them and their environment. This answer is thought to be an appropriate way to understand, feel, think and act, and is conveyed to new members through immersion and teaching. Culture determines whether it is acceptable or unacceptable, important or unacceptable, right or wrong, achievable or unattainable. This includes all assumptions, beliefs, knowledge, principles and values ​​and learned and shared, clear or comfortable, as well as behavior, behavior, dress and language. See also organizational culture.

Synonyms of Culture

Rake, Nationality, Acheulean, Intellectualism, Cultural drift, Key trait, List, Suavity, Bluestockingism, Plowing, Book madness, Gentleness, Strain, Daintiness, Education, Force, Subtlety, Acculturation, Grow, Bibliolatry, Ethnic group, Cut, Agricultural geology, Tillage, Good breeding, Till, Cation, Way of life, Sophist, Customs, Classical scholarship, Run, Acquired taste, Gentility, Culture trait, Humanism, Dressing, Excellence, Hydroponics, Bibliomania, Breeding, Humanistic scholarship, Azilian, Culture pattern, Cultivated taste, Dryland farming, Dig, Delve, Erudition, Choiceness, Finesse, Keep, Nation, Civility, Fertilize, Taste, Farm, Community, Farming, Solutrean, Folkways, Enlightenment, Civilized taste, Tilth, Listing, Fallow, Thremmatology, Fallowing, Aurignacian, Subsistence farming, Intensive farming, Contour farming, Stock, Breed, Pedantism, Graciosity, Society, Hatch, Strip farming, Grace, Savoir-faire, Gracefulness, Intellectuality, Eolithic, People, Literacy, Cultivate, Prune, Reading, Cultivation, Discrimination, Culture complex, Gentlemanlikeness, Rural economy, Feed, Appreciation of excellence, Thinning, Rear, Weed, Culture center, Trait, Mixed farming, Delicacy, Background, Thin out, Culture conflict, Dress, Nicety, Sophistication, Dry farming, Grain farming, Paleolithic, Refinement, Savoir faire, Quality, Genteelness, Agrology, Trait-complex, Class, Spade, Fatten, Civilizedness, Furrowing, Geoponics, Agrarianism, Raise, Culture area, Sharecropping, Tank farming, Polish, Enculturation, Dirt farming, Tastefulness, Cultivating, Book learning, Nurture, Backset, Pruning, Ranch, Husbandry, Thin, Socialization, Good taste, Bookishness, Fruit farming, Race, Eruditeness, Harrowing, Work, Weed out, Speech community, Gracility, Mores, Tilling, Donnishness, Graciousness, Letters, Agronomics, Chellean, Agronomy, Plow, Civilization, Till the soil, Weeding, Ladylikeness, Complex, Contour plowing, Hoe, Learning, Working, Pedantry, Culture contact, Classicism, Learnedness, Agriculture, Hoeing, Bookiness, Ethos, Elegance, Niceness, Harrow, Gentlemanliness, Discernment, Truck farming, Urbanity, Fastidiousness, Mulch, Scholarship, Farm economy, Booklore, Neolithic, Pre-Chellean

How to use Culture in a sentence?

  1. Lemont and I often discuss important topics of depth and respect that others find difficult or difficult to discuss, such as stereotypes about African American culture.
  2. Although we all come from different tribes, our goal is to create a culture of working together and in harmony so that everyone here feels comfortable.
  3. American culture values ​​freedom, initiative, and self-confidence, perhaps because we have become pioneers in a new land because of our new history.

Meaning of Culture & Culture Definition

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According to sociology culture is a set of languages, customs, beliefs, knowledge, and collective identities made by the members of a group to make a meaningful environment. Sociologists study the groups and individuals of a culture by taking in view the social narratives, ideologies, practices, tastes, values, and norms as well as in collective representations and social classifications. Cultures help to differentiate societies from one another.

Culture is a complex bubble inside which people of same knowledge, beliefs, morals, laws and customs live as a whole society. These people have shared ideologies.

“The culture is social heredity which is transmitted from, one generation to other with the

the accumulation of individual experiences."


Universal culture:

This aspect of culture is same all over the world. E.g. Family system, storytelling, law.

High culture:

Allied and upper classes of society make them a routine. These are then known as high cultures e.g. Ghazal, Opera singing etc.

Popular culture:

These are usually the activities, products, and services of a culture that appeal primarily to middle class of society e.g. Common music by Michael Jackson .

Types of culture:

Material Culture:

Material culture based on the physical things that are created by a group of people in a society.
A strong material culture is based on production of certain items that become cultural identity of a certain society which makes them proud of their culture.


Germany makes quality cars, they drive their cars and use it as their identity. They are known for their quality cars.
Anything that a society physically creates is a material culture. Material culture does not mean that it is an object that is bought and sold; it can also be something that all members of a society make. For instance, art is a common thing we all did as children. It is something that is common enough to unite us and therefore part of our material culture.

Non-material culture:

Non-material culture is related to the abstract ideal & real culture is related to tangible objects things like emotions, attitudes, ideas and beliefs which we feel but cannot verify by observation.
The intangible things produced by a culture are known as non-material culture. It is the part of culture which you cannot touch, feel, taste, or hold.

Real Culture

It is that culture which can be observed in our social life.

Ideal Culture

The culture which is presented as a pattern or precedent to the
people is called ideal. It is the goal of the society. It is never achieved completely


• Language, Social roles, Ethics, Beliefs, Peace, war, marriage etc.