Definition of Color:

  1. Color is an options "greek" that measures the rate at which gamma will change over time. More specifically, it is the third order derivative of an option's value, once to time and twice to the option's price. Gamma measures the change in delta in response to a one unit price move in the underlying asset, and delta measures how a derivative moves in response to a price change in the underlying.

  2. Color is also known as gamma decay or the derivative of gamma with respect to time (DgammaDtime).

  3. Law: Plausible but sham, or giving a false appearance of, authority, claim, justification, office, or right.

  4. General: (1) Hue, as opposed to black, white, or gray. (2) Visual appearance of (a) hue, lightness, and saturation for objects, or (b) hue, brightness, and saturation for light sources.

Synonyms of Color

Adrianople red, Alice blue, Arabian red, Argos brown, Bordeaux, Brunswick black, Brunswick blue, Burgundy, Capri blue, Cassel yellow, Chinese blue, Chinese white, Claude tint, Cologne brown, Columbian red, Congo rubine, Copenhagen blue, Dresden blue, Dutch orange, Egyptian green, English red, French blue, French gray, Gobelin blue, Goya, Guinea green, India pink, Indian red, Irish green, Janus green, Kelly green, Kendal green, Kildare green, Klangfarbe, Lincoln green, Majolica earth, Mars orange, Mars violet, Mexican red, Mitis green, Montpellier green, Nile green, Paris green, Paris yellow, Persian blue, Persian red, Pompeian blue, Prussian blue, Prussian red, Quaker green, Roman umber, Saint Benoit, Saxe blue, Saxony green, Schweinfurt green, Spanish green, Spanish ocher, Tanagra, Tangier ocher, Technicolor, Titian, Turkey red, Turkey umber, Tyrian purple, Vandyke red, Vienna green, Wedgwood blue, Wedgwood green, Absinthe, Acid yellow, Acier, Acorn, Acting, Action, Adjunct, Adorn, Adornment, Affect, Affectation, Air, Alabaster, Alesan, Alibi, Alizarin brown, Allow for, Allowance, Amber, Amethyst, Amidonaphthol red, Anagnorisis, Aniline black, Aniline blue, Annatto, Anthracene brown, Anthragallol, Antique brown, Antique gold, Any color, Apology, Appearance, Apple green, Apply paint, Apricot, Aqua green, Aquamarine, Architectonics, Architecture, Argument, Arrangement, Array, Arsenic yellow, Ash, Ash gray, Atmosphere, Attitude, Attitudinizing, Aureolin, Autumn leaf, Avocado green, Azo blue, Azo-orange, Azulene, Azure, Azurite blue, Baby blue, Background, Badge, Balance, Banner, Barium sulfate, Bat, Bearing, Beautify, Bedaub, Bedeck, Bedizen, Begild, Belie, Bend, Benzoazurine, Beryl, Beryl green, Besmear, Besprinkle, Bias, Bice, Biscuit, Bister, Blanc fixe, Blanch, Blazon, Bleu celeste, Blind, Blond, Blood, Blue black, Blue turquoise, Bluff, Bluffing, Blush, Bone black, Bone brown, Bottle green, Bracken, Brand, Breathe, Breed, Brew, Bright color, Bright rose, Brightness, Brilliance, Brow, Brush on paint, Brushwork, Buff, Bunny brown, Burgee, Burgundy, Burlesque, Burnt Roman ocher, Burnt almond, Burnt carmine, Burnt ocher, Burnt rose, Burnt sienna, Butter, Cadet blue, Cadmium orange, Cadmium yellow, Cafe noir, Calamine blue, Calcimine, Camouflage, Canary, Carbon black, Cardinal, Caricature, Carmine, Carnation, Carnelian, Carotene, Carriage, Cartoon, Cast, Cast of countenance, Catastrophe, Celadon, Censor, Cerulean, Chalk, Chamois, Champagne, Change color, Character, Characterization, Charcoal, Chartreuse, Chartreuse green, Chartreuse tint, Chartreuse yellow, Cheating, Chestnut, Chrome, Chrome black, Chrome lemon, Chrome orange, Chrome oxide green, Chrome red, Chrome yellow, Chromogen, Chrysophenin, Chrysoprase green, Ciba blue, Cinder gray, Cinnabar, Citron green, Civette green, Clan, Clang color, Claret, Clematis, Cloak, Cloud gray, Coat, Coat of paint, Coating, Cobalt, Cobalt green, Cochineal, Coconut, Color filter, Color gelatin, Color patterns, Color up, Colorant, Colorfulness, Coloring, Colors, Complexion, Complication, Composition, Conceal, Continuity, Contrivance, Copper, Copper red, Coptic, Copy, Corbeau, Cordovan, Cornflower, Countenance, Cover, Cover story, Cover-up, Cramoisie, Crash, Crayon, Cream, Cresol red, Crimson, Crocus, Crosshatch, Crystal gray, Cucumber green, Cyan, Cyanine blue, Cypress green, Dab, Dahlia, Damask, Damson, Dandelion, Dandify, Darken, Dash off, Daub, Dead leaf, Dead-color, Deception, Deck, Deck out, Decoct, Decontamination, Decor, Decorate, Decoration, Deep-dye, Delft blue, Delineate, Delusion, Demeanor, Denomination, Denouement, Depict, Description, Design, Designation, Development, Device, Diagram, Diminish, Dip, Disguise, Dispose, Dissemblance, Dissembling, Dissimulation, Distemper, Distort, Dizen, Doeskin, Doll up, Doodle, Double-dye, Dove gray, Drab, Draft, Draftsmanship, Draw, Dredge, Dress, Dress up, Drier, Drop black, Duck green, Dun, Dye, Dyestuff, Ease, Edit, Eggshell, Elaboration, Embellish, Embellishment, Emblazon, Emblazonment, Emblazonry, Emblem, Embroider, Embroidery, Emerald, Emeraude, Enamel, Engild, Enrich, Ensign, Entincture, Episode, Erythema, Exaggerate, Excuse, Extenuate, Extenuating circumstances, Extenuation, Extenuative, Exterior paint, Fable, Facade, Face, Facial appearance, Faded rose, Fake, Fakery, Faking, Falling action, False air, False front, False show, Falsify, Falsity, Fast-dye, Favor, Feather, Feature, Features, Feigning, Feint, Fiesta, Fig out, Fir, Fire red, Fix up, Flag, Flame, Flat coat, Flat wash, Flavor, Flax, Flesh, Flesh color, Flesh red, Floor enamel, Floridity, Floridness, Flourish, Flower arrangement, Flush, Foliage brown, Form, Four-flushing, Fox, Fraud, Fresco, Front, Frown, Fuchsia, Fuchsine, Fudge, Furbish, Furniture arrangement, Gaiety, Gamboge, Garb, Garble, Garnish, Garnishment, Garniture, Garter blue, Genre, Genus, Gild, Gilding, Gilt, Gimmick, Glare, Glauconite, Glaucous, Glaucous blue, Glaucous gray, Glaucous green, Glaze, Gloss, Gloss over, Glow, Glower, Gnarl, Golden pheasant, Gonfalon, Gorgeousness, Grace, Grain, Grape, Grass green, Green ocher, Grege, Ground, Grouping, Grow red, Growl, Guise, Gules, Gun metal, Gussy up, Handle, Hatch, Hazel, Helianthin, Heliotrope, Henna, High color, Holly green, Honey, Honey yellow, Hue, Humbug, Humbuggery, Hyacinth, Hyacinth red, Identification, Identity, Ignore, Ilk, Illuminate, Illumination, Imbrue, Imbue, Imperial purple, Imposture, Impregnate, Incarnadine, Incident, Incline, Indigo, Indigo white, Induce, Infiltrate, Influence, Infrared, Infuse, Ingrain, Instill, Intensity, Interior paint, Iron gray, Iron red, Isamine blue, Ivory, Ivory black, Jack, Jade, Japan, Jockey, Jonquil, Jouvence blue, Kidney, Kin, Kind, Label, Lacquer, Lake, Lame excuse, Lampblack, Lapis lazuli blue, Lavender, Lavender blue, Lay on color, Lead, Lead gray, Leaf green, Leather, Leaven, Lemon chrome, Lessen, Light red, Lilac, Limn, Line, Lineaments, Lines, Liver brown, Livid pink, Lobster, Local color, Locus standi, Look black, Look daggers, Looks, Lot, Lower, Loyalties, Madder, Madder blue, Madder crimson, Madder lake, Madder orange, Madder pink, Madder rose, Madder yellow, Magenta, Magnify, Maize, Make, Make allowance for, Malachite green, Mallow, Mallow pink, Mandarin, Manner, Mantle, Maple sugar, Marigold, Marine blue, Mark, Maroon, Mask, Masquerade, Massicot, Mauve, Meadow brook, Medium, Melon, Meretriciousness, Metanil yellow, Methyl green, Methyl orange, Methyl yellow, Methylene azure, Methylene blue, Mien, Mignonette, Milori green, Mince, Miscite, Miscolor, Misconstrue, Misdirect, Misinterpret, Misquote, Misrender, Misreport, Misrepresent, Misstate, Misteach, Misuse, Mitigate, Mitigation, Mold, Moleskin, Monsignor, Mood, Moonlight, Moss green, Motif, Mouse gray, Move, Movement, Mulberry, Mummy, Murrey, Myrtle, Mythos, Naphthol yellow, Nature, Navy, Navy blue, Negro, Neutral tint, New blue, Number, Ocher brown, Ocher orange, Ocher red, Oil yellow, Old blue, Old gold, Old ivory, Old red, Olive, Olive brown, Olivesheen, Opal gray, Opaque color, Orange chrome yellow, Orange lead, Orange madder, Orange mineral, Orange ocher, Orchid, Orchid rose, Oriflamme, Oriole, Ornament, Ornamentation, Orpiment, Orpiment red, Ostensible motive, Ostentation, Otter brown, Outward show, Overcharge, Overdraw, Overpaint, Overstate, Oxblood, Oxide brown, Pad, Paint, Paint a picture, Painterliness, Pale, Palladium red, Palliate, Palliation, Palliative, Pansy, Pansy violet, Parget, Parody, Parrot green, Partridge, Patina green, Peach, Peachblossom pink, Peacock blue, Pearl, Pearl gray, Pebble, Pelican, Pencil, Penetrate, Pennant, Pennon, Pepper-and-salt, Peripeteia, Permeate, Perspective, Persuade, Persuasion, Pervade, Pervert, Philamot, Phosphine, Phylum, Physiognomy, Picture, Picturize, Pigment, Pigmentation, Pink, Plan, Platinum, Plausibility, Playacting, Plot, Plum, Plumbago gray, Pompadour green, Ponceau, Pontiff purple, Poor excuse, Poppy, Port, Portray, Pose, Posing, Position, Posture, Powder blue, Powder gray, Prank, Prank up, Predispose, Preen, Presence, Pretense, Pretension, Pretext, Prettify, Prime, Prime coat, Primer, Priming, Primp, Primp up, Primrose, Primuline yellow, Prink, Prink up, Prompt, Protestation, Public motive, Puce, Pumpkin, Pure color, Purple lake, Purree, Put-off, Put-on, Pyrethrum yellow, Qualification, Quince yellow, Race, Raisin, Raw sienna, Raw umber, Realgar, Realgar orange, Recognition, Red, Red lead, Red ocher, Red pink, Red race, Redden, Reddishness, Redecorate, Redness, Redo, Refuge, Refurbish, Regal purple, Representation, Reseda, Resorcin dark brown, Richness, Rising action, Roan, Roccellin, Rose, Rose pink, Rouge, Royal pink, Royal purple, Rubine, Rubor, Ruby, Ruddle, Rufosity, Russet, Saffron, Salmon, Sand, Sap green, Saturate, Saturation, Scarlet madder, Scheme, Scowl, Scratch, Screen, Scumble, Sea blue, Sea-water green, Seal, Season, Secondary plot, Seeming, Semblance, Serpentine green, Set off, Set out, Shade, Shading, Shadow, Sham, Shamrock, Shape, Shell pink, Shellac, Shocking pink, Show, Silver, Simulacrum, Simulation, Sketch, Sky blue, Slant, Slop on paint, Slur over, Smalt, Smarten, Smarten up, Smear, Smoke blue, Smoke gray, Smoke screen, Snap, Snapdragon, Snarl, Soft-pedal, Soften, Soften up, Softening, Solferino, Sort, Species, Speciousness, Spit, Spruce up, Squirm with self-consciousness, Stain, Stalking-horse, Stammel, Stammer, Stamp, Stance, Stand, Standard, Steel blue, Steel gray, Steep, Stencil, Stil-de-grain yellow, Stipple, Story, Strain, Stratagem, Straw, Strawberry, Streamer, Stripe, Structure, Style, Subject, Subplot, Subterfuge, Suffuse, Sulfur, Sunflower yellow, Suntan, Sway, Switch, Symbols, Taint, Tangerine, Tartrazine, Taupe, Tawny, Tea rose, Technique, Temper, Tempera, Tenne, Terra cotta, Terra sienna, Terra umbra, Terre-verte, The like of, The likes of, Thematic development, Theme, Thinner, Timbre, Tinct, Tinction, Tincture, Tinge, Tint, Titivate, Toast, Toluidine red, Tonality, Tone, Tone color, Tone quality, Topaz, Topic, Torture, Trace, Traits, Transfuse, Transparent color, Travesty, Treatment, Tribe, Trick, Trick out, Trick up, Trim, Trimming, Trypan blue, Turn, Turn color, Turn pale, Turn red, Turpentine, Turps, Turquoise, Twist, Type, Ultramarine, Umber, Undercoat, Undercoating, Understate, Values, Variety, Varnish, Vehicle, Veil, Verd gay, Verdant green, Verdet, Verdigris, Vermilionette, Violet, Viridian, Viridine green, Visage, Vividness, Warp, Wash, Wash coat, Wear down, Weigh with, White lead, Whiten, Whitewash, Whitewashing, Window dressing, Wine, Wine purple, Woad, Work, Wrench, Xanthene, Xanthin, Yellow madder, Yellow ocher, Zaffer, Zinc orange, Zinc oxide, Zinc sulfide, Zinc white

How to use Color in a sentence?

  1. Color is important for gamma-hedging as it shows how gamma will change.
  2. Color is a third order derivative measuring gamma, and gamma measures changes in delta. Delta is the sensitivity of the price of an option to changes in the underlying asset's price.
  3. Color measures the rate at which gamma will change over one year. It can be converted to a daily amount by dividing by the number of days in a year.

Meaning of Color & Color Definition