Natural Ponytail Hairstyles

Natural hair ponytail styles are a cherry on top of your personality and giving a chic and sophisticated aura to it. The best thing about ponytails is that it can be easily styled and carried to any fashion whether graceful or wild.

Natural Hair Ponytail Styles


Enlightening upon the history of the ponytail, it is said to be derived from the Greeks. According to the Archaeologists, ponytails can be seen in the ancient Paintings worn by both men and women. Later in the 17th century, it became staple hairstyles for Manchu men of Northeast China. They used to shave the front and sides of the head, leaving long hair in the middle which is then tied into a high ponytail. In the 18th century, France made it mandatory for the male soldiers to tie their hair in ponytails. According to these facts, ponytails were actually initiated by men as it was used to be a sense of hyper-masculinity and power. Females were prohibited to tie their hair until in the 20th century when the Hollywood industry was at its peak, it inaugurated the ponytail fashion in females.


Although the new trends and fashion have brought many new hairstyles to carry on a plethora of events, ponytails will always have a place in heart for

girls. Here, we share some impeccable natural hair ponytail styles which can be carried in every event and climate.


Ponytails are highly popular and trendy in summer. They can look good on all textures and lengths.

1. WISPY BRAID PONYTAIL: Making a low wispy braid with a sleek ponytail looks chic with casual wear in summer parties.

Natural Hair Ponytail Styles


Pinup a gem wire on the crown of the head and tie it with a sleek ponytail. Wrap a strand of hair around the band to give it a graceful spark to it.


Making high ponytails and tying sections with multiple bands to give a bubble buns look which is pretty cool and intricate. It has been highly inspired by Jasmine in Aladdin.


Take out bangs at the front and make a high sleek ponytail. You can also add a braid at the side to give a funky look to it.

Natural Hair Ponytail Styles


Mohawk braids are the recent trends that are being carried in casual parties and events. Make a voluminous Mohawk braid on the crown head and end the braid with a wavy ponytail.


Ponytails can be carried in formal as well as official events which add some graceful vibes to your personality. Here, we share a few hairstyles to help you get inspiration are as follows:


Adding some volume at the crown and a deep swoop sleek ponytail gives an immense 60s vibes. It can be carried with maxis and a sparkly dress to give it a more retro look.


Make a small middle section between long bangs and let them fall on your sides of your face to give it a good frame. Make a little volume at the crown and tie a wavy ponytail to give a softer look to your personality.
Natural Hair Ponytail Styles


Make a middle section and part your hair to the sides, tying them into a lower ponytail which gives a chic look to your formal official events. It can be done with both short and long hair.


From the top, take two sections and twist them to give some dimension to your hairstyle, ending up with a lower ponytail.


It is one of the simplest and the most alluring hairstyles. You just need to make a simple ponytail, high would be preferred and adorn the tying part with the gold wire which gives cool Egyptian vibes to it.


The best thing about these ponytail hairstyles are they are not confined to only one texture. They can be worn on curly, wavy, or Afro-curly waves and gives a really good dimension to your face structure. Other than that, curly hair can be tamed for styling by using different hair waxes and mousses in order to avoid frizziness on hair.


Wearing ponytails are a pretty useful hack to avoid hair coming to your face. But wearing for a long-term can cause headaches and sometimes triggers migraines as the epidermal layer contains highly sensitive nerves under these hair follicles. It can further cause Allodynia, which is a condition when the lightest of touch seems to be painful on your scalp. There are other many factors that makes the hair sensitive such as over stress, lack of sleep and menstrual cycles.

Natural hair ponytail styles are easy to carry. There are a plethora of innovative styles that add sparkles to these ponytails. The best thing about them is that it can be made on all types of length, textures and can be worn at any events or parties. Although, it was adopted by the males but became a fashion trend in females as the cultural shift occurs after the inauguration of Hollywood industry.

5. FAQ’S:

5.1 Can guys wear ponytails?

Of course, they can be carried by them too. Actually, we can say that they’re the ones who initiated ponytails in history as it was associated with a manly style. So, guys can also rock ponytails.

5.2 Are ponytails bad for hairline?

Honestly speaking, yes. Wearing extremely tight ponytails for a long time can force or stresses the hair follicles to pull out of the pores. It can exaggerate the hair fall and damage.

5.3 Is ponytail good for hair?

Generally, it is good to wear in humid and hot weather but wearing tight ponytails for the long term can cause hair breakage and hair fall. It can also further cause alopecia in the future if it is not taken into the consideration.


Ponytails are the never-ending fashion. They are always trending with a plethora of new innovations in accordance with the shift in society. They’re also a lifesaver for girls when they’re having their bad hair day. Just tie it into a ponytail and then rock at any events.

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The natural ponytail hairstyles are the simplest to make for any length of hair. The ponytail can be casual for a bohemian style or more classic for a more chic look. This hairstyle is good to go for any occasion!

:white_check_mark: The ponytail, is a classic hairstyle that never goes out of style. From the gym to social attire, the ponytail looks super-classy and gives a modern look. Get inspired by these ideas of trendy ponytail hairstyles that are full of charm to compose party looks on warmer days. The general tip is to invest in the preparation of the threads, to gain movement and texture, and end it according to your style. In addition to being sexy and stylish, the ponytail shows accessories, worked necklines and other details of the look.
With the passage of time and the different techniques that appear every day in the area of beauty, even women with short hair can bet on the ponytail as a hairstyle.

We selected 6 different ways to use the ponytail as a hairstyle, valuing each face shape and hair type. Check it out below:

:one: Ponytail with Braid:

The braid can change the look of any hairstyle, including the ponytail. To innovate and give a more elaborate look to your hairstyle, choose to finish the tail with a braid, or simply make some thin braids before locking the hair. The effect is incredible. You can use the braid to finish the fringe if you want to keep it stuck. Use your creativity and rock your braided ponytail.

:two: Low ponytail:

The low ponytail has become a fever in recent seasons. With a more modern look, the hair stuck low and glued to the scalp was the highlight of many shows and it didn’t take long for the famous to also join the trend. However, special care is needed for this hairstyle, as it leaves the ears very much in evidence if you don’t like yours or prefer to emphasize another part of the face chooses another type of ponytail.

:three: Messy looking ponytail:

The messy ponytail is suitable for those who want a more stripped and modern look in their hair. The preparation of this hairstyle is a little more complicated because you have to deconstruct the hair and then build it again. The comb is the best ally to leave the hair frayed. A volume spray also helps to give a more armed result for those who have thinner hair.

:four: Ponytail for those with bangs:

The bangs can often enhance your ponytail, as it does not leave the forehead in evidence, for those who prefer a more discreet hairstyle, the bangs give subtlety to your ponytail. If you don’t have bangs, but want to keep that effect more subtle, try using the bangs. They make your hairstyle look amazing and all without having to use scissors.

:five: Simple ponytail:

The simple ponytail is the easiest and quickest to perform. So a good tip is to use it in sudden events, where you don’t need a lot of accessories or a lot of time to prepare your hairstyle. It is important to remember that whichever ponytail is chosen it is necessary to pay attention so that it has a good finish.

In this case, it is important that women with wavy and curly hair, make a brush beforehand to keep the hair looking smoother. You will need a good fixing spray to keep the wires all in place throughout the event. To finish, the most common is to use the hair itself wrapped in the ponytail.

Ponytails aren’t just for long hair either. If you have medium or even short hair (think a lob cut), you can still jump into action, especially if you have the right styling products. Another advantage of the ponytail: You can wear it anywhere. Depending on how you style your ponytail, it can look just as good at a business meeting or wedding as it is at the gym. (Did someone say braided ponytail hairstyles?) All you need to achieve a braided ponytail hairstyle is a little inspiration (and, of course, the right styling products). Scroll on to see all the ponytail hairstyles you can try to enhance your ponytail.

:six: Ponytail for curly hair:

If you think the ponytail can only be used on straight hair you are wrong. Wavy and curly hair looks great if it is tied in the right way. The important thing is to know the desired effect. If you want to keep only the ends curled, smooth the root. If you prefer to keep it looking natural, just use your fingers to keep the curls intact. For those who have straight hair and still want to look curled in their ponytail, using Babyliss is the easiest and fastest way to get the desired result.

:seven: High Ponytail:

Super simple to reproduce and still gives an imposing and modern look. So check it out!

Comb the strands well using a fine comb preferably. Bring all the hair to the top of the head and secure it with the help of elastic at the very top. If your hair is curly, you don’t need to comb it, just straighten it. If your hair is very thin and without volume, try to stick a clip in the elastic and go around it, leaving the clip standing on the axis of the ponytail. This will give more structure to be high. If you want, use a little hair gelatin to line up the frizz on the top of the head.

:eight: Ponytail with unicorn braid:

A hairstyle that is pure style and attitude! By the way, it will win your heart! So, take a look.

Separate a portion of hair from the front of the head, right in the centre. Comb the rest of the hair that is loose, or untangle it with your fingers. Start making a braid embedded in the strand that separated, always remembering to add more strands to the braid. Do this until you reach the end of the head, before the neck. Join the braid with the rest of the hair and tie it in a ponytail. If you prefer, use a clamp to secure the braid to the top of the head.

:nine: Ponytail with fringe:

No secret to making this hairstyle at home, however, the bangs give a super romantic and passionate touch.

Separate the part of the fringe using a comb, bringing it all to the front. Comb the rest of the strands very well. Secure using an elastic band. Here you can choose between a tall, common or short tail, those that are right at the end of the neck. The side is also cool!
Ah, if you have curved strands, you don’t need to comb the strands, just straighten them out with your hands.

:keycap_ten: Ponytail with tuft:

The ponytail with tuft ensures a distinctive and seductive touch to the look, perfect for the first date, or even a wedding party. Here’s how to do it!

Reserve a portion of hair from the front to the tuft. Comb or straighten the rest of the strands that were loose, make a ponytail and fasten. Take again the portion of hair that you separated and divide it into two parts, an upper and a lower strand. Separate the lock from top to front, towards the forehead. Using a fine comb, ■■■■■ the strands from the bottom to the root, creating a type of “cushion” made of hair. Then, pass the upper strand over the bristled strand, leaving the result well aligned, but voluminous. Secure with clips and finish with fixing spray.

If there was a popular hairstyle contest, ponytails would be the absolute winners. Ponytail hairstyles are a classic for several reasons: They’re comfortable, easy to create, and incredibly cute. Plus, you can make a ponytail without repeating the exact same hairstyle over and over again. You can customize them as you please. From a braided ponytail to a side ponytail hairstyle or a fringed ponytail, the options are endless.