Dying My Hair

Dying my Hair means the process of coloring your hair or changing the color of your hairs. Hair dying is the practice of hair coloring. People dye their hair because of many reasons. Some dye their hair to cover their grey and white hairs. Some do this for cosmetic reasons means that they dye hair to become fashionable. People desire to look attractive and fashionable so they dye their hair. We know that if we dye something, we change its color. Similarly dying my hair means changing hair color or restoring the original hair color from white or grey color.

:red_circle: What does dying my hair mean?

When you do bleaching on your hair, your hair color changes into light brown color. And when you color your hair into different color to become more fashionable and desirable in looking, you need to dye your hair for this purpose and dying my hair means that coloring my hair. We also color our hair to make them black from grey or blonde to get original color of hair. That’s what is meant.

:black_small_square: Does dying your hair strengthen it?

Dying my hair simply means coloring your hairs to look attractive. Dying hair does not make your hairs healthy and does not fix your hair loss problems. because dying hairs only give color to hairs. It just changes the appearance of your hairs. But dying hairs can make your hairs look healthy. For Example: if your hairs got grey, then it shows that your hairs are not healthy. And if you color your hairs into black then they seem healthy.

:black_small_square: Does hair dye get darker the longer you leave it in?

It depend upon the formula of the color you applying to hairs. Because some color don’t have developers and they show light color in the beginning and they become darker and darker with the passage of time when you leave them. But some colors contain developers and by applying this type of color, you see changing in your hair rapidly and new color comes quickly to hairs. But this color will faint with passing time.

:black_small_square: What happens if you let hair dye sit too long?

If you let your dye stay too long, then it results in making hairs lines very progressive and make some lines darker in color and they kept on getting dark and dark. Some people use long hair dye treatment because they want their hair color to stay long. But if your hair dye stay for too long, then it may damage your hair by weakening its strength and making it less healthy.

:red_circle: How to dye my hair?

There are many ways to dye hairs. Every person adopts different way in dying hairs. One of the way which I’m going to show you is a video of HOW I DYE MY HAIR from black to brown color;

:black_small_square: Is dying your hair starts hair loss?

Dying my hairs is the coloring process of the hair. In dying, we use many colors and developers and use many other techniques on our hairs and sometimes these things have negative effects on hairs that they weaken our hair. Hairs get rough and dry and lessen their strength. In this fact, hair loss starts and hair falls while combing or bathing. Excess dying may results in hair loss. To prevent hair loss, try to do hair dye in limits.

:black_small_square: How to make hair grow if dye affected your hair?

If dying of hair has affected your hair and your hair got dry and started to fall due to dying. Then you should stop dying your hairs because dying has lessen your hair strength. So, you should stop dying hairs and let your hair become healthy again. You can use remedies for hairs to grow faster and make your hairs healthy and shiny by applying oils and lotions.

:black_small_square: What happens to your hair when you stop dying it?

When you stop dying hair, your hairs get healthy and strengthen. Because no matter how much technique or new colors you use, all colors and developers always affect your hair because of chemicals and colors present in it. So, when you stop dying, hairs might become grey but they will be healthy.

:red_circle: How to prevent greying of hairs naturally without dying?

Dying also results in some damaging effects on your hairs. So, we will discuss that how to prevent greying of hairs naturally without dying. There are three step to prevent this hair issue;

  1. Massaging - By massaging your hairs regularly with oil, you can prevent greying of hairs because oils give health and strength to hairs and prevent greying. Giving massage to the scalp, best way to prevent premature greying of hairs.

  2. Brushing - Brushing your hairs 3 - 4 times daily also prevents greying and loss of hairs because by brushing hairs come in movement and blood rushes into hairs and they become healthy with circulation of blood.

  3. Healthy Diet - By maintaining healthy diet, your hair become healthy and prevents greying of hairs and reduces hair loss.

:black_small_square: How can I darken my hair without dying it?

To darken your hair without dying, here are some methods;


  • Take two cups of coffee. Cool it down to room temperature
  • Mix two cups of conditioner with 4 tablespoons of ground coffee. The mixture should look smooth
  • Soak your hair with the coffee
  • Use your fingers to add the mixture to your hair
  • Leave the mixture in your hair for an hour.

:black_small_square: How to treat Dry hairs after dying?

Hair Treatment or coloring of the hairs may result in Drying of the hairs. Because in dying we use many developers and other colors which cause rough hairs and dry them. So, we should remove dye color before hairs get rough and dry. Because dry hair may start to fall off. That’s why you should treat dry hairs because they become damaged. You should Home Remedies to prevent dry hairs. You should apply oil on daily bases on hairs and massage them regularly.

:o2: Summary

Dying my hair simple means the coloring of hairs to change the trend and look of the hairs to become fashionable because it is trend in present world to change black color of hair into blonde or light brown. Some people do hair dye to cover their white and grey hairs because they have lost their black original color of hair and they dye hair to look healthy and young.

:arrow_right: Frequently Asked Questions

Some people select wrong hair color and some people hairs are not suitable for dye. So they ask many questions, some of them are;

:black_small_square: Does dying hair black make it healthier?

If you have light color of hairs for years, then doing black color dye to your hairs will show that you have healthy hairs because black color is shiny and seems healthy. Black color also fits proper in pores and black is also the original color of hair. So, it seems healthy than grey.

:black_small_square: What happens if you leave hair dye in for 2 hours?

If you leave hair dye for 2 hours or more then it will just make mess and nothing else because it will dry out hairs and make them hard and rough because of chemicals. In this condition, you will face difficulty in washing your hair color out because hairs will get messy. That’s why leaving your hair dye for more hours results in damaging your hairs and will cause difficulty.

:black_small_square: Do you wash hair dye out with hot or cold water?

Washing your hair dye with Hot waters may rinse your hair color out because hot water opens the pores of the hairs and hair color fades. But on the other hand, if you are washing your hairs with cold water, then your hair color will stay because cool water does not open pores and allows the color to stay.

:black_small_square: Should you comb through hair dye?

Firstly you should apply the hair dye color to the roots of the hairs because these are the main parts of the hair and from roots hairs become healthy and less healthy, white or grey. That’s why apply the dye firstly on roots and then distribute it over all hairs through comb. By combing in dying hairs you will apply the color to all hairs and and all hairs will give same result.

How can I lift my previously colored hair?

To remove previous hair dye, you need to apply stronger volume of new dye to lighten the coloring effect of previous. When you will use high volume color and developers, then it will fade the previous and show the results of newly apply dye. Because high volume contain ingredients which reduces the effects of last one.

:o2: Conclusion

Dying my hair means that color your hair with new style which is in trend. Dying your hair into brown and blonds is trend in this fashionable world. People dye hairs because they want to look more fashionable than others. Some people also dye hair to look young because they have grey or white hairs before age. Dying My Hair is the way to change hair color.

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