Level 6 Hair Color

Level 6 Hair Color is another name for light brown hair. It is very common in box dye. Level 6 hair can also refer to bright shades of medium red hair. Most medium auburn shades are 5 or Level 6. Level 6 can be flattering for anyone with natural hair color from level 3 to level 9.

Level 6 Hair Color

The Level System in Hair Color

Have you ever wondered where the numbers are in hair color? When your stylist refers to the numbers when talking about your hair, you are referring to the level plan.

What does the level system mean?

Level system is the light or dark color of your hair. These numbers usually range from 1-10, but I’ve noticed some color lines go up to 12. Not all hair color lines will translate evenly on the board either. In one line you can be 5, but in another you can convert to 7! It is therefore important that you trust your stylist when he uses a number for you that may sound very simple or dark compared to another stylist.

Numbers and Letters in Hair Color?

In standard level system 1 it is dark, and 10 or 12 is the simplest blonde line of normal, permanent hair color.

1 – Black

2 – Darkest brown

3 – Dark brown

4 – Brown

5 – Light brown

6 – Dark blonde

7 – Blonde

8 – Light blonde

9 – Very light blonde

10 – Ultra light blonde

:black_medium_small_square: Hair color letters mean color tone. So 5R means the red standard of 5.

:black_medium_small_square: Some color lines do not use letters, they use numbers instead. This is useful for lines that want to translate into different languages so that they are universal and not confusing to others.

:black_medium_small_square: On these lines, 5R would be 5.6. So, the first number is level 5, and then the second, 6 after this time refers to the color tone, red.

Importance of Level System in Hair Color

In hair color, level system is very important. Before doing any coloring service, the first thing a good stylist do is check the quality of natural hair color. This tells him what he needs to do to get you to the level you want. The quality of your hair color also determines what tone your hair can be. You can’t have 3 level platinum silver hair. The hair will need to be raised to 10 to pick up that tone.

Going up in hair color levels

Going up in hair color levels means that the hair is lightened. If your hair is a virgin material, this happens with permanent hair color, up to a few levels (each line is slightly different).
But hair that was previously colored cannot be promoted at all with permanent hair color. Bleach (lightener) should be used. (This is why it is so important to be honest with your hair stylist about having a previous color in your hair). And you can’t get the highest level of lifting with permanent hair color, 1-3 levels. High hair color is the next step, which will make 3-5, and a light bulb should be used if you want to raise five or more levels.

Going down in hair color levels

Going down in hair color levels means that the hair is darkened. While this may seem simple, this is where most of the problems arise from ignorance. If you want to style your hair in dark brown hair at level 3 from level 10 platinum blonde, you cannot just throw a level 3 brown at blonde. The hair would turn brown and could quickly fade into a frenzy.

Importance of Level System in Hair Color

Hair color levels

Hair color level program is a universal system used by colorists, cosmetologists, and hair color manufacturers to make hair color charts the standardize. Your level simply indicates how light or dark your hair color is, if the number is low, the hair is dark. The permanent hair colors range from level 2-10, with 2 being darkest black and 10 being lightest “natural” blonde.

When we talk about hair color, talking about standards can help clarify things, because standards are not the kind of general language that everyone is referring to, no matter what the hair color is called or how it is defined. “Medium brown hair” means different things to different people, but the level is the same (or the same enough) on the board. That’s why it’s so important to know what level of hair color you have now, and what level of hair color you want after coloring, to get a hair color shade that checks all of your boxes.

What level is my hair?

Knowing your current level of natural hair color is the best way to help you find the best hair color shade you can use to get the results you want. Here’s how to find out what level of hair color you currently have:

  1. Select a section of your hair and hold it up, extending it away from the rest of your hair. (Hair always looks darker when it is under some of your hair and no light can penetrate the section.) For best results, make sure you stand in natural light.

  2. The category you have selected should appear in the farthest part of the crown that you can explore. Your hair is always the lightest in front of your face, where it is beautiful and gets a lot of sunlight. If you use the roots right next to your hair as your guide, you will probably come back thinking that your hair is much lighter than it is (which can cause your hair color to appear darker than you expect or want).

  3. Take a good look at the hair shade coming out of your roots, near your head. If what you see is too gray, look for a color in the middle of gray. Tons of people think that “natural hair color” means what color they were born with, or what color their color was in childhood, but our hair often changes color as we grow older. Usually, our hair grows darker as we grow older. So, while you may remember that you once had light hair when you were a child, you want to know what your color is right now, so you can choose a shade that will give you the results you want.

  4. If you are looking for easy or dark walking, that’s another story. Hair color suggests 1-2 easy levels for example, if you are at a natural level 4, the easiest you will be able to pick up your hair is the standard

  5. Walking in the dark? Although it is always easy to take your color black, we recommend doing it every step of the way and going from one shade to black at a time (for the health of your hair). If your color is not dark enough, you can always go darker next time!

  6. It is important to note: permanent hair color cannot lighten hair that has already been treated with color. So, if you recently dye your hair with a level 5 shade, applying a level 6 shade above it will not lighten your color.

What level is my hair?

What does the numbers on hair color stand for?

Knowing a few things about how hair color works will actually help you better understand the options presented to you at your professional hair salon.

:small_blue_diamond: It all starts with the hair color numbering system

:small_blue_diamond: The first number is the base color and indicates how light or dark the color is.

:small_blue_diamond: 1.0 is black, 5.0 is light brown, 6.0 is dark blonde, 7.0 is medium blonde and 10 is the lightest blonde.

:small_blue_diamond: After choosing the base of your color, your colorist will look at the second number in the system that comes after the period mark.

. :small_blue_diamond: 1 is Blue, .2 is Violet, .3 is Gold, .4 is Copper, .5 is Mahogany, .6 is Red, .7 is Mat, .8 is Mocha.

:small_blue_diamond: If your hair color is with 2.7 it would be a dark brown with mat or green tones, and a 9.2 would be a light iridescent blonde.

This system also allows your colorist to neutralize the coloration, so to avoid a blonde hair color from turning too warm, they could add more .2 - Violet or .1 - Blue to counteract the yellow or orange tones.

How to Get an Ash Blonde Hair Color

Think that gray hair dye belongs to you? Here’s how to get this pretty color.

:arrow_right: STEP 1: Get your inspiration

If you are planning to go into a salon to get ashes blonde hair, having a photo is a great way to show your color what it looks like. If you are planning to make a DIY, it is still important to have a goal in mind while coloring. Telling your color that you want the keys to the ashes or collecting any old hair dye box is not enough. After all, there are several variations of the ash blonde practice.

So, take the time to take a look at ash blonde hair ideas and find one that fits your style! Can’t decide? Here are some of favorite ash hair color styles right now.

Trend# 1: mushroom blonde hair

One of the most popular shades of ash hair color, mushroom blonde hair is a medium color consisting of ashy gray blonde hues and dark undertones. It’s a beautiful combination of blonde-meets-brunettes!

Trend# 2: grey ash blonde hair

Want to go really ashy? A light brown hair color can be a great option for you. This is a great way to test the water if you are curious to try the silver hair color trend.

Trend# 3: ash blonde balayage

For less care take white ash hair, try ash blonde balayage. As you can probably guess, color uses the process of highlighting a balayage with simply a natural look that will not lead to any solid lines as your roots begin to grow.

Trend# 4: white ash blonde hair

If you are a platinum fan, try white ash blonde hair dye. It features beautiful, bright, ashy tones that blend well with the dark base of the dark ash.

Trend# 5: Dark ash blonde hair

Speaking of dark black ash, it is one of favorites who take the practice of dark hair color! The hue is perfect for those with a black mane who aren’t ready to go for a full blonde. Consider a combination of dark brown and light brown ash tones.

:arrow_right: STEP 2: Decide the appropriate dyeing

Depending on your first basic color, you may want to seek professional help. That’s because bleach can make a number in your hair, and it’s a very powerful chemical to treat at home. Also, if you start with black locks, it may require multiple braking sessions to achieve your favorite color. You can still get there! It will only take more time and effort, so it is usually best to leave the bleaching in the hands of a professional.

Maybe you’re a master of hairdressing at home, or you just don’t want to take a trip to the salon, and that’s okay!

How to Get an Ash Blonde Hair Color

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some frequently asked questions related to level 6 hair color.

1. Which hair color is darker 6 or 7?

The first number is the basic color and shows how light or dark the color is. 1.0 black, 5.0 light black, 6.0 blonde black, 7.0 medium blonde and 10 very light blonde.

2. Can you tone level 6 hair?

If your hair is at level 6 or below, you need to lift with an Ugly Duckling Lightner, and then a tone. You can also replace the tone with a full and deep color effect. For all of the above effects, the better you lighten the hair first, the better the final result.

3. What does Level 7 hair color look like?

Level 7 is a term used for dark brown hair, but can also refer to other bright auburns / reds. It is common to find 7 shades in hair dye. Level 7 haircuts can be flattering for people with natural hair color from level 4 to level 10.


The first number is the basic color and indicates how light or dark the color is. Level 1 hair color black, level 2 hair color is second darkest black, level 3 hair color is brown / black, level 4 hair color dark brown, level 5 hair color light black, level 6 hair color is dark blond, level 7 of hair color is dark blonde, level 8 hair color is medium blonde, level 9 is light blonde and level 10 is white / platinum.

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