Definition of Instructions:

  1. Rules, requirements, or guidelines. When she received her new computer, she first read the instructions so she would know how to set it up properly. He left specific instructions on what needed to be completed in his absence..

Synonyms of Instructions

ALGOL, COBOL, FORTRAN, Alphabetic data, Alphanumeric code, Angular data, Assembler, Binary digit, Binary scale, Binary system, Bit, Briefing, Bug, Byte, Command pulses, Commands, Compiler, Computer code, Computer language, Computer program, Control signals, Controlled quantity, Correcting signals, Data, Directions, Error, Error signals, Feedback pulses, Feedback signals, Film data, Final instructions, Hexadecimal system, Information, Input data, Input quantity, Machine language, Message, Multiple messages, Noise, Numeric data, Octal system, Orders, Oscillograph data, Output data, Output quantity, Play, Polar data, Punch-card data, Random data, Rectangular data, Reference quantity, Ruly English, Signals, Single messages, Unorganized data, Visible-speech data

How to use Instructions in a sentence?

  1. You should always follow the instructions so that you know you are doing things in the correct order and way.
  2. The instructions were written on the back and that made us really happy cause we were bad at baking cookies.
  3. We must follow the instructions found in the toys box in order to put it together for Ryans birthday tomorrow.

Meaning of Instructions & Instructions Definition

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Instructions Definition:

  1. Before the deliberations begin, the judge explains to the jury the questions that must be answered and the applicable legislation. The jury is also called the culprit.

Meanings of Instructions

  1. Address or order.

  2. Detailed information on how to make or operate an object.

  3. Teaching

Sentences of Instructions

  1. Instruct the sheriff

  2. Always read the instructions given.

  3. Teach the Roman Catholic faith

Synonyms of Instructions

discipline , mandate, tutoring, charge, bidding, schooling , tuition , directive, key, stipulation, chalk talk , andragogy, ruling, guidance , edict, dictate, enlightenment , tuition, schooling, commandment, lesson , information , grounding , coaching, pronouncement


How Do You Define Instructions?

Instructions means: The judges explained to the jury that this was a question that needed to be answered and that applicable law would govern the case. It is also called a jury indictment.

Meanings of Instructions

  1. Detailed information about making or running an object.

  2. Teacher education

Synonyms of Instructions

demand, priming, teaching, handbook, edification, drilling, reference manual, rescript, bible, specification, vade mecum, guide, tutorials, requirement, classes, diktat, ABC, enchiridion, preparation, education, pedagogy, say-so, manual, booklet, behest, companion, training, subpoena, writ, warrant