Definition of Feature:

  1. Means of providing benefits to customers. A feature is a distinctive characteristic of a good or service that sets it apart from similar items. Customers, however, want a benefit and do not care much about the features which are touted by every supplier as unique or superior.

  2. Have as a prominent attribute or aspect.

  3. A newspaper or magazine article or a broadcast program devoted to the treatment of a particular topic, typically at length.

  4. A distinctive attribute or aspect of something.

Synonyms of Feature

Article, Piece, Item, Report, Story, Column, Review, Commentary, Criticism, Analysis, Write-up, Exposé, 3-D, Cinemascope, Cinerama, Technicolor, Western, Act, Adjunct, Advertise, Affection, Air, Angle, Animated cartoon, Appurtenance, Aroma, Article, Article of commerce, Article of merchandise, Aspect, Attribute, Authoritative, Badge, Be, Be a gas, Be a hit, Be into, Be strong in, Bearing, Best part, Bill, Birthmark, Black-and-white film, Bomb, Brand, Brow, Cachet, Call attention to, Carriage, Cartoon, Cast, Cast of countenance, Causerie, Character, Characteristic, Chiller, Cinema, Circumstance, Color, Color film, Column, Commodity, Complexion, Component, Configuration, Confine, Confined, Constituent, Contents, Countenance, Creepie, Cut, Demeanor, Descant, Detail, Dial, Differentia, Differential, Discourse, Discussion, Disquisition, Dissertation, Distinctive feature, Documentary, Documentary film, Dramatize, Draw, Drawing card, Drug, Earmark, Educational film, Effect, Eidolon, Element, Emphasize, Essay, Etude, Examination, Excursus, Expert, Exposition, Face, Facet, Facial appearance, Factor, Fail, Fashion, Favor, Featured, Features, Figure, Film, First approach, Fixings, Flavor, Flick, Flicker, Flop, Follow, Form, Garb, Gestalt, Go in for, Guise, Gust, Hallmark, Headline, High point, High spot, Highlight, Homily, Horror picture, Horse opera, Hype, Idiocrasy, Idiosyncrasy, Image, Imago, Impress, Impression, Index, Individualism, Individuality, Ingredient, Integrant, Introductory study, Item, Keynote, Kisser, Knowledgeable, Lead item, Leader, Leading card, Light, Likeness, Limit, Limited, Lineaments, Lines, Look, Looks, Loss leader, Lucubration, Main feature, Major in, Make a hit, Makings, Manner, Mannerism, Map, Mark, Marking, Melodramatize, Memoir, Mien, Minor in, Mold, Monograph, Morceau, Motion picture, Motion-picture show, Mount, Movie, Moving picture, Mug, Narrow, Nature, Newsreel, Note, Nudie, Odor, Open, Open a show, Outline, Outstanding feature, Pan, Pandect, Paper, Paragraph, Part, Part and parcel, Participate, Particular, Particularity, Peculiarity, Perform, Phase, Phasis, Phiz, Photodrama, Photoplay, Physiognomy, Picture, Picture show, Piece, Play up, Point, Pornographic film, Port, Posture, Preliminary study, Premiere, Presence, Present, Preview, Produce, Product, Prolegomenon, Promote, Property, Publicize, Puff up, Pursue, Puss, Put on, Quality, Quirk, Reference, Regard, Research paper, Respect, Restrict, Restricted, Savor, Scenarize, Screed, Seal, Seconds, Seeming, Semblance, Set the stage, Shape, Short, Side, Silent, Silent film, Simulacrum, Singularity, Sketch, Skin flick, Slant, Smack, Sneak preview, Spaghetti Western, Special, Special article, Specialist, Specialistic, Speciality, Specialize, Specialize in, Specialized, Specialty, Spotlight, Stage, Stamp, Stance, Standard article, Staple, Staple item, Star, Stress, Study, Style, Succeed, Survey, Taint, Talkie, Talking picture, Tang, Taste, Technical, Term paper, Theatricalize, Theme, Thesis, Thriller, Token, Total effect, Tract, Tractate, Trailer, Trait, Traits, Treatise, Treatment, Trick, Try out, Turn, Twist, Underground film, Underscore, Vendible, View, Viewpoint, Virtue, Visage, Ware, Wise, Characteristic, Attribute, Quality, Property, Trait, Mark, Hallmark, Trademark, Present, Promote, Make a feature of, Give prominence to, Focus attention on, Call attention to, Spotlight, Highlight, Accent

How to use Feature in a sentence?

  1. Safety features like dual air bags.
  2. When viewing ideas I tend to judge the feature of the element firstly and foremost, because this is what matters most.
  3. The main feature of this office space, is that it has two large conference rooms that will each hold 50 people.
  4. A feature on Detroits downtown fishery.
  5. Although there were several short films on before the feature film, it was apparent that everyone was just waiting for the feature film to show.
  6. The hotel features a large lounge, a sauna, and a coin-operated solarium.

Meaning of Feature & Feature Definition

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